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Little Cooking Saint – 0284 – Untitled

Chapter 284 – Untitled

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Gumihou: This untitled chapter, as well as the Tooth Bur Clover (a to d) could probably be named Soup (c to g) especially since we haven’t seen a single leaf of the rumoured clover.


“You…” everyone looked at him speechlessly.

What could they say? They could only admire the way he had unhesitatingly given up the opportunity to breakthrough. After all, even though they were all friends, not everyone could stand to hand over their opportunities to others so easily.

Qing Chen stood up, [1] and stepped off the roof, falling gracefully to ground level before all of them. There was some regret on his expression. “Man proposes but God disposes,” he said pragmatically. At their awkward expressions, he explained, “If the two of us struggled, one of us would end up injured. Therefore, it’s better to end things here and take a loss within bearable range.”

“Then, your Cultivation realm…”

“Nothing can be done about it for now,” under the Dao of Suppression, once the opportunity to breakthrough has failed, it is very likely that one would experience failure in the next round.

Qing Chen’s mental fortitude was good. He was not too depressed by his decision. He had voluntarily given up the opportunity and already prepared himself to face the worse result.

The others could only look at him and patted his shoulder without a word.

After all, what was done was already done. They could only look to the future and find a way to assist him later.

Now that Qing Chen had given up the opportunity to breakthrough, the rest would depend on Shiyu. For now, everyone’s eyes turned towards the mountain peak.


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On the surface, there was no change to Shiyu’s appearance. However, it was the first time that Ocean Heart Flame had fully merged with her core. With her Dantian encased by Ocean Heart Flame, the two Fire Seeds beside it were swallowed up.

The Spiritual energies of the heaven and earth around her were rapidly burning up, leaving only purified essence that was being slowly filtered into her core causing her Dantian to transform.

What had once been a golden sphere gradually took on a human form. Within her belly, a golden figure seated in a lotus position faced heavenward with eyes shut. At a closer look, the little figure looked exactly like Shiyu.

When crossing into Divine Transformation realm, the inner core will be transformed.

Once the little figure formed, Shiyu’s energies rose rapidly, an invisible pressure immediately spread out from her body, the coercive feeling squeezing people’s hearts.

“What the hell, someone is breaking through to Divine Transformation realm again!” someone snapped, annoyed, but also endlessly envious.

The pressure build and build and Cultivators with low Cultivation realm were unable to stand up against the pressure and could only sink to the ground. Like water droplets condensing into vapour and cloud, they all watch as the Spiritual energies all converge onto one point on the mountain peak.

The oppressive feeling kept building until it suddenly broke apart. Like a burst of powerful sunrays shining onto the land that melted all the ice and snow over land into nothing.

The pressure dissipated like ebbing tide that flowed back to the mountain and merged into Shiyu’s aura. Finally, she slowly opened her eyes.

She had reached Divine Transformation realm.

Upon stepping into this realm, she could finally feel the ever-present Dao of Suppression that everyone had been talking about. This was the most obvious difference between being a Core Condensation Cultivator and a Divine Transformation Cultivator. She now has a much keener perception of the invisible space around her.

Shiyu thought of her transformed Dantian and held out her hand. The flame she called out had transformed into light blue colour.

Back at the Qi Estate, Ocean Heart Flame that had cut off its memories had turned from a bright gold hue to transparent. Now that it has taken on a blue tinge, it must have been completely subdued by her.

She stroked the little blue flame, vaguely wondering just how far her soul could reach. She had not forgotten just how much Qi of Origin she had eaten up through soul projection.

Still, while she knew that her soul could break and leave her body as a condensed ball of consciousness, it cannot properly materialize a physical form yet. Who knows how long before she could reach the expertise of Second Master.

“Congratulations on your successful breakthrough!” the companions who had been waiting for her could not help but compliment her.

Shiyu opened her eyes and saw her comrades surrounding her. She also beamed, “I’ve finally reached this level. Lin Fan, you’ve broken through too? You’ve even surpassed me.” Looks like her luck is still inferior to the protagonist of this story. She turned to Xuan Yin and saw that she has reached Core Condensation 9.

No, one should say that of their little group, the one with the lowest realm was at Core Condensation realm. Feng Luo, and Qing Chen had already reached Core Condensation – Great Perfection Realm.

Clearly, she had not wasted the 10 beast cores refined with Spring of Life water, Qi of Origin as well as ten different rare herbs from the space to produce that nameless thick soup.

As expected, she had done her calculations right and the refined beast cores could really raise their Cultivation level this much.

“I was lucky,” Lin Fan smiled, “but…”

Before he could continue, Qi Chuyun suddenly chided, “You should thank Qing Chen for your breakthrough. Just now, Qing Chen was also about to breakthrough. However, because the timing clashed, he abandoned his attempt.”

While Shiyu was breaking through just now, she did feel as though someone was struggling to capture Spiritual energies but then the sensation quickly disappeared. At first, she thought that she must have interrupted some Core Condensation Cultivator but it turned out to be Qing Chen.

Shiyu looked at Qing Chen with grateful eyes, “Thank you!”

“It’s fine. It’s just a temporary setback. I don’t believe it’s something to be miserable about. Also, I trust you’ll help me,” it was said with great indifference. As though he was merely conceding a plate of food to a friend.

Shiyu nodded seriously, “Since I owe you this, I shall definitely assist until you breakthrough.”

“If we want to calculate clearly about who owes what, I am afraid I am deeply in your debt.”

Shiyu smiled. They were all frank and open-minded people and would not be calculative with each other. Nevertheless, she’s determined to remember this favour in her heart.

Shiyu’s breaking through was a happy event. While they were chatting happily (or watching others chatting happily [2]), the Dean appeared at the mountain peak with a group of elders who had been following tracking Shiyu’s breakthrough attempt. Now that they have confirmed that Shiyu had indeed broken through to Divine Transformation realm, it was time to focus their attention on those still in Core Condensation Realm, especially those on the verge of reaching the next level.

Knowing that this was a critical time for everyone, Shiyu realised how precious time was but there was a limit to what she can do to help. It was up to the Dean and the others to guide them now. For herself, she should pay a visit to Dawn City first.

Once she brought the Panda Brothers over they could increase their overall strength. Moreover, she could also travel to the Eighth Realm with the brothers… or maybe not. The Teleportation Gate has some really strict conditions… let’s just bring them over the Eastern Martial Empire first and think about other matters later.


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After returning to the Villa, Shiyu bade farewell to her comrades. She had to quickly go to Dawn City right away.

“Hope to hear good news when I come back!” Shiyu put on her human skin mask and quietly left the college.

Once Shiyu left, everyone also got ready to leave when Qing Chen suddenly said, “Chuyun, I need to speak with you.”

“Yes?” Qi Chuyun looked up in surprise.

Sending that some heavy conversation was about to happen, the rest quickly coughed and declared, “We’re going to Cultivate now, so we’ll leave first.” Before hunching their shoulders and fleeing the scene.

“What’s the matter?” asked Qi Chuyun nervously.

This was the first time Qing Chen speak to her about something unofficial.


[Gumihou: …not much to correct (yay!) except for those weird subtitles… Also, Gumi inserted a page break right in the middle of a sentence. It’s not noted, see if you could pick it up.]

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[1] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: Because Gumi put him on top of the roof in the last chapter.

[2] Can you seriously see Xuan Yin, Lin Fan, or Qing Chen ‘chatting happily’?


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