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Little Cooking Saint – 0207 – Grilled Buttered Corn (o)

Chapter 207 Grilled Buttered Corn (o)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


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Imperial College.

Bamboo Villa.

Shiyu and the rest of her teammates, not including Dong-Fang Zhen, were seated in the living room. Their skin was mottled with black and blue bruises, a great contrast against their stoic faces.

Dong-Fang Zhen was upstairs being treated by the Dean when the door was kicked open. The six of them eyed the [1] woman striding in. It was the Imperial Concubine. Without sparing a glance at them, she stomped upstairs. They could all hear it when she began to scold the Crown Prince.

[1] It was really awkward.

[1] She spoke for 10 minutes without pausing.

[1] It was quite amazing.

[1] Shiyu and the rest remained expressionless as the strident voice of the Imperial Concubine demanded, “How many times have this Imperial Concubine told you? Stop playing around with that savage woman and return to the palace. How can a noble and dignified Crown Prince of the country perform for the common people’s entertainment? You bring shame to this Imperial Concubine and your Imperial Father.”

“Imperial Father has already agreed to my decision,” Dong-Fang Zhen said weakly. “If Imperial Mother is merely here to humiliate us, please respectfully return.”

“No! This Imperial Concubine must bring you back today.”

“I’m not going.”

Seeing that her son was determined to be stubborn, she softened her tone and said, “You are this Imperial Concubine’s son and the Crown Prince of the Eastern Empire. In the future, you shall have a suitable crown princess as a wife and the entire Eastern Empire will be your domain. Surely there’s no need to humiliate yourself to chase after some fleeting fame?”

“Concubine Mother, are you afraid of me humiliating myself or making you lose face?” Dong-Fang Zhen said bluntly. “Return to the palace. The next time you come out, remember to greet Imperial Father first. If you believe that I, as the son, must show filial piety through blind obedience, kill me now. For I cannot do this. Moreover, Xuan Yin is not some savage girl, she is the most important person in my heart.”


Downstairs, they could hear every single word that was exchanged upstairs. They all looked at Xuan Yin who still wore her expressionless face. However, Shiyu, who was the closest to her could see her stiff hands relaxed.

A short while later, footsteps came downstairs and the Imperial Concubine appeared. She swept the crowd a bitter stare, glared at Xuan Yin once more, before leaving.

Once the door closed behind the Imperial Concubine, Xuan Yin stood up, “I’m going to see him,”

Shiyu shrugged and made shooing motion at her friend before turning to the rest, “We should have our injuries looked at too.”


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After a night of recuperation, Shiyu had recovered a lot. There were still some aches and pains, especially around her belly, but it was still bearable. Today’s plan was to make some herb-infused wine, especially since she has all those medicinal herbs sitting around… wait, she’d have to buy the wine first.

Although she did have wine, most of the wine used for cooking was light rice wine with low alcohol content. It was good enough to moisten the mouth but these wines did not have that pleasurable burning sensation that strong distilled alcohol would give. To make Medicinal Wine, it’s better to use something like Burning Knife [2].

Luckily, they have the distilled wine called Burning Knife in this world. Although whether it is similar to the one in the modern world remains to be seen. Still, there’s no harm taking a look.

Shiyu left the Villa to track down some distilled alcohol in the city.

When she reached the College gate, she found that it was unusually noisy outside. Screams of: “Cruel!”, “Inhuman!” and “Give explanation!” were among the chief things being thrown around.

Hmm, were these clowns calling their means cruel and wanted them to give explanation?

Shiyu tipped her head at the screaming crowd.

What a bunch of busybodies. If they had been in the champion’s shoes, would they dare to even raise their voices against One Ear about cruel means and justice?

Humph, the ones facing danger weren’t them, so what do they know?

Ignoring the screaming bunch, Shiyu made her way towards the liquor store. She immediately asked for Burning Knife and the very enthusiastic storekeeper led her to some jars of wine. Shiyu accepted a long-handle spoon and scraped the bottom of the wine jar.

“Ah, I see that miss is a knowledgeable person,” complimented the storekeeper.

Alcohol is lighter and less dense than water. Therefore, if unscrupulous shopkeepers mixed their alcohol with water, customers who only tasted the top bit might be tricked into paying for three quarters or even half a jar of wine.

Shiyu smiled and sipped the clear Burning Knife liquor.

She closed her eyes as the burning sensation went down her throat and into her belly, warming her up immediately.

“Good wine!”

Shiyu was not a true connoisseur, but she had always liked Burning Knife as it seems to give her strength and make her more energetic. If made into medicinal wine, surely her friends would like it too? They could drink wine, eat snacks and improve their Cultivation at the same time, what’s not to like?

“Boss, 10 jars, please.”

“Yes, miss! If you would leave your name, I’ll have them sent to you?”

“No need,” Shiyu waved her hand. “I’ll take them now.”

Once the 10 jars were taken out, Shiyu tasted the liquor from each jar before paying for them. As the slightly surprised shopkeeper watched, she placed everything into her space ring.

It was only after she had left and another customer remarked, “Hey, isn’t that girl one of the College Champions? She looks kind of familiar…”

At this, the storekeeper’s eyes lit up. Hohoho, I just thought of a way to make my shop famous!

Later, anyone who came to this store would be treated to storekeeper’s new spiel, “Even Cultivators praise our flavour of our Burning Knife, ah! Let me tell you, one of the seven Imperial College Champions came to our store, and would you know it? Once she tasted our liquor, she immediately bought 10 jars, ah!”

Shiyu had no idea how her presence had brought business to this very happy storekeeper. However, she really did like their Burning Knife liquor.

When Shiyu returned to the College, she found the entrance still block by those ‘do-gooders’. Rolling her eyes, she leapt over the walls and continued on her way. Why argue with a bunch of idiots? [3] [3] Shiyu hummed under her breath as she entered the Villa and heard raised voices.

[3] “I am so angry!” Xiao Qi’s voice was shrill as she yelled at whoever was listening. Shiyu came through the gate and saw her little sister with flushed cheeks and pursed lips. The people around her all looked pretty angry too, especially the younger ones.

[3] “Sister! You’re back!”

[3] “What are you so angry about?” although Shiyu could probably guess with 99.9% accuracy…

“Those stupid people at the gate! They make it sound like older brother and sister killed those bad people for fun and now they are here to demand justice for the bad people! They are not even the ones robbed by those bad people!”

[3] It was slightly incoherent, but Shiyu got the gist of it.

Rolling her eyes at the ridiculousness of the matter, Shiyu said carelessly, “If you’re so angry, why don’t you go beat them up?” To her, the matter was already over. Hmm, this fruit looks good, maybe they could have it as a snack with the wine…

“Good idea!” but then, Xiao Qi pouted. Her eyes darted over to some of her audience and she muttered, “Humph, some people say that if I beat them up, it would make it look like we’re really bullies.”

“Hm? What’s the use of trying to talk sense with idiots?” Shiyu bit into the fruit. [3] Sweet and tart, it’s a good season for this fruit. “The one with the biggest fist has the loudest voice. Since you can’t talk sense into them, you can try beating sense into their heads. If you can’t beat any sense in, you’ll still have the satisfaction of beating them up.”

“… …” what is this wise philosophy?! It’s not quite the same as what the teacher said, but it sounds very reasonable. Suddenly motivated, Xiao Qi rounded up her little gang up. In no time at all, second brother and Xiao Shu were recruited and pushed out of the house.

Shiyu watched as the little Lolita rushed out of the gate with a huge battle axe strapped to her back.


What is that weapon??!


[Gumihou: Lol, what are you teaching the younger generation, Shiyu!!]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] USMiC – Imperial Concubine: Dong-Fang Zhen’s mother. Probably won’t be good news, but at least give her a better entrance.

[2] Burning Knife or Shao Daozi is a type of baijiu.

Baijiu – Literally ‘White wine’ is clear distilled liquor between 35% to 60% alcohol content

The Shao Daozi or Burning Knife is apparently very popular in China as it comes in 4 litre bottles… Gumi kid you not.

[3] Adjusted Details for Dramatic Purpose: Mostly timing and dialogue things. As well as logistics and a tiny bit of embellishments. Shiyu’s humming for example.


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