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Divine Culinary Broadcaster (Dropped)

A poor, down on his luck kitchen hand, Ye Fei was this close to thinking about sleeping with his landlady to avoid paying rent for his shabby little apartment when he was suddenly electrocuted while trying to turn on the lights.

Unexpectedly, he did not die. Instead, a strange voice appeared in his head, “Divine Culinary Broadcasting System has successfully bonded with the host.”

Excuse me, who are you? Why are you living rent-free in my head?!

Wait, where did that new laptop come from? Also, a 24-hour unlimited Internet access?

“So long as Host performs your task well, the System shall also provide rewards and care packages from time to time.”

The f*ck? Tasks? Are they like missions? Hold on, where did those ingredients come from?

Whatever, Ye Fei was too hungry to care. Let’s just follow the System’s instructions for now and hope for the best!

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