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Little Cooking Saint 0252 – Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle (g)

Chapter 252 Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle (g)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Tonight’s tournament ended early since the challenger was injured. When

Lin Fan and the rest of the injured were sent to the College to recuperate. Shiyu took the opportunity to look for the Dean.

When she finally tracked down the Dean, she found him still speaking to Elder Feng.

“… could you see through the Cultivation levels of those three? I had a glimpse but cannot see it clearly,” said the Dean gravely.

Elder Feng smiled helplessly, “Am I not the same as you? Thanks to the tournament we have more and more Cultivators entering the Imperial Capital. Therefore, it is not surprising to have powerful Divine Transformation masters bringing their juniors in to test their talents. However, that girl is so young and yet is already a Divine Transformation expert. Clearly, our Imperial College students are still far behind.”

Shiyu arrived just in time to overhear this conversation.

It was only then that she recalled something she had been too anxious to notice before… the old man that blocked her from reaching Lin Fan clearly has much higher Cultivation than herself but… somehow he did his best to stop her without hurting her at all. [1] Moreover, when he first saw her, he looked really shocked…

[1] Why was he so shocked to see her…

Just then, the Dean noticed her and stopped speaking with Elder Feng.

“Girl, why are you here? Don’t tell me you need more beast core,” laughed the Dean.

In truth, he valued this girl very much. She has a stable temper and a generous heart. Though there were times he could see through her thoughts… other times he found himself baffled by this girl’s actions.

Shiyu looked up. The Dean’s greeting pulling her out of her thoughts. She raised her eyes to the two seniors and approached them.

“Dean, Elder Feng,” she called out respectfully. “I’m here to give you something,”


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A little way beyond the Central Square, Tan-Tai Chu’s injuries had healed up quite a bit after taking the miracle pill that one of the old men gave to her. She could walk and move now but still cut a sorry figure due to the bloodstains and dust covering her person.

“Third Miss, you should return and let your injuries heal first,” the servant nearest to her urged.

All three of them were Cultivators who had sold themselves to the Tan-Tai Clan. If something happens to the Third Miss, they would find it very difficult to explain themselves.

“No need,” Tan-Tai Chu held up her head high and strode forward arrogantly. The stares from the people around her barely registered as she pondered over what had just happened.

How can this be? Her Cultivation was clearly higher than the other, so how could she be defeated?

The servants following her knew that she must still be upset about the result of the tournament. One of them stepped forward to say, “This is the Ninth Realm, with the Dao of Suppression governing this place, a large bulk of Third Miss strength has been suppressed. It is not unlikely to lose under such circumstances.”

Tan-Tai Chu stopped. For a moment, the servant was overjoyed, believing that his words had penetrated her sensibilities. However, after a long time, she made no move. Her eyes continued to stare fixedly forward, unfocused.

The evening had fallen. However, thanks to the night market and the tournaments, there were still plenty of people wandering the streets. A few of them pointed at Tan-Tai Chu and whispered to each other, “This little girl challenged the College Champions today. She’s very strong, but no matter how strong she is. She’s no match for Lin Fan.”

Thanks to the tournaments, the names of the Challengers were known to everyone within the Imperial Capital.

“Just who is Lin Fan? Few people could stand against him.”

“And then there’s Shiyu, but I haven’t seen her much lately. However, if she were to appear, she won’t lose either.”

The words of the passersby stung the ears of Tan-Tai Chu. Her hands slowly curled into fists. She wanted to let out a wave of destruction and shut these noisy people up. However, her body was so weakened that even the sudden fluctuation of emotion was enough to make her feel faint.

Seeing her body sway, the servants quickly rushed over to support her. “Third Miss, why don’t we send you home to recuperate first?”

“What’s the use of going back!” a trickle of blood spilt from her mouth. Shame flashed across her eyes.

“Still, it’s not good to leave your body in such condition. You must heal your injuries and Cultivate your body. Once you’re healed, you may do whatever you wish.”

Tan-Tai Chu looked at the three servants around her. Something unrecognisable flared in her eyes. However, in the end, she just slammed her eyes shut and said through gritted teeth, “Very well, we shall return first.”


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After Shiyu unloaded all the practised Crystal Meats to the Dean, she left. Her mind still busy pondering over something.

The Dean and Elder Feng stayed in place as they [2] stared numbly at the two empty plates before them.

They… they had just their Cultivation directly through beast cores?

Intellectually, [3] they knew that Shiyu had developed a method of using beast core on food raise a person’s Cultivation. They had seen it with their own eyes at the arena. Even so, it was still difficult to overcome years of common sense.

[3] Shiyu had given them the space ring, after withdrawing two plates of food. Both had tasted a piece of the Crystal Meats and felt the energy within their bodies increased, not by much, but it was enough that both Divine Transformation powerhouse masters knew that the piece of meat they consumed contained a lot of Spiritual energy.

“I have… [4] found a treasure?” said the Dean after a long silence.

“It is not you who [4] found the treasure, but we. As fellow [4] founders, we are both qualified a share!”

“Tch!, Tch! Tch! Go away!” the Dean quickly put the space ring into his pocket. “I am the one who gathered most of the beast cores. Moreover, she’s a student of the College. You want a share? How big is your face? The last time I went to your house and found you showing off various precious herbs, I don’t hear you use the phrase ‘all founders have a share’!”

“How could that be the same!?”

“How could it not!? I’m telling you, as long as that girl can produce these things for me, I can quickly nurture the next generation of Core Condensation experts in the shortest amount of time!” the Dean was very excited.

He fully understood Shiyu’s value to him and the College.

Right now the College only has a hundred or so Arcane Grade students. If Shiyu could use the thousands of beast core they had collected for her to improve these people’s Cultivation, then… these people would be propelled to Core Condensation at an unprecedented speed.

Elder Feng also understand this and did not make things difficult for this passionate educator. Instead, he straightforwardly said, “I believe you can forget about those who have not reached Core Condensation Stage yet. As you know, there are more and more people coming into the Eastern Martial Empire. It’s better to raise the level of students who have reached Core Condensation at least. Moreover, I shall select a few quality people from the younger generations and send them to the College. When the time comes, you must not reject them.”

The Dean smiled magnanimously, “Of course, priority will be given to those who are loyal to us. I promise to properly think over this matter. You speak to the Liu Clan for me?”

No matter what, they were allies in this. Therefore, it would not be good to hide such a good thing from them. By raising their strengths together, they could strengthen the bonds of people as well.

Aside from the Liu Clan, there’s the royal family as well.

With this weapon at hand, they could shorten their Cultivation time and become stronger as a whole. All the better to face the next turmoil that is sure to hit the Eastern Martial Empire next.

As long as they are prepared, they could easily deal with whatever comes their way.


[Gumihou: … isn’t Arcane Grade meant for Core Transformation Students and… never mind, Gumi will verify a few things first before making a note for this tidbit]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9



[1] ¯\_▒ – ﹏ – ▒_/¯

Author-san, the next time you want to make Shiyu appear intelligent, please remember you wrote this. Gumihou made zero changes. Shiyu’s inability to put two and two together is all on you.

[2] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: Describe what the Elders were seeing before their emotions are revealed.

[3] POV Elders: They’re in awe of Shiyu. Sure, I guess. At least make the ‘awe’ something that came out of a half plausible conclusion.

[4] Punny Jokes: The joke is 見者有份 which translates as ‘all witnesses have a share’ which pretty much translates to ‘finders keepers’. Went with ‘finders’ and ‘founders’ instead of ‘witness’ since that makes more sense under this context.


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