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Glossary – Places, Restaurants, Clans

Names of Restaurants


Chinese English Chapter Definition
二狗胖蔥小龍蝦 Er Gou Fat Onion Crayfish 10 Shiyu’s restaurant at Qing Shan City
天香居 Celestial Fragrance Dwelling 44 (a) Signature dish: Vermillion Meat
 慶祥鋪子 Qing Xiang Place 167 Signature dish: Authentic Cold Serve Rabbit Restaurant
一品館 First Rate Pavilion 185 Signature dish: Crystal Pork Shoulder


Names of Clans

Chinese English Chapter Definition
神厨协会 Cooking God Society 37(b) Supposedly amazing society that has been dropped by author
风家 Feng Clan 37(c) of Feng City, fairly neutral and loyal clan
Zhang Clan 99 Joined hands with Xue Clan to attack Feng Clan during the Great Turbulance
Li Clan 99 Joined hands with Xue Clan to attack Feng Clan during the Great Turbulance
冒險者聯盟  Alliance of Adventurers 90 Alliance that gives out missions
雲逍宗 Leisurely Cloud Sect 103 Sect Master Yun of Leisurely Cloud Sect has a Thunder Seed
吳山祁家 Qi Clan from Wushan 135 Mister Qi, the skeleton with the Spirit Fire’s family
Shi Clan Same surname as Shiyu
Zheng Clan Major clan in Dawn City
Ding Clan City Lords of Dawn City
巡城司 City Patrol Division 224 Peacekeepers in the Imperial City

Names of Places

Chinese English Chapter Definition
青山城 Qing Shan City 2 City Zero, where the protagonist first appeared
妖兽山脉 Spiritual Beast Mountain Range 25 Mountain range filled with spiritual plants and beasts
东武帝国 Eastern Martial Empire 37(a) Where the Imperial Capital is located
帝都 Imperial Capital 37(a) Has an imperial family
帝国学院 Imperial College 37(a) Where MC went to study Cultication
六尺巷 Liu Che Street 37(a) Imperial Capital: Where the old man who makes good air-dried ham lives, his hands were chopped off…
宫宴 37(a)
风城 Feng City Where the Feng Clan has the most power
风宅 Feng House 37(b) House at the Imperial Capital
交易行 trading house 38 (d) Own by Mo Yin’s grandfather?
交易市場 Trading market 210 Ling Xiao Xiao’s father owns the largest
住宅 Villa/ Courtyards 39 Single houses at the College
神茶山 Divine Tea Mountain 46 Imperial Capital: Where the Tea of Enlightenment is said to be hiding
悟道峰 Enlightenment Peak 46 Imperial Capital: Tallest Peak at Divine Tea Mountain
仙府 Saint’s Dwelling 61 Fat Cat’s ‘house’ hidden within Shiyu’s Dantian
洗星湖時 Star Washing Lake 68 Lake in front of the College, San Pang was dropped there to catch fish
小鏡湖 Little Mirror Lake 76 Meng Li and Liu Yi had their secret rezesvous beside this lake
東海 Eastern Sea 83 Sea near Feng City, Great Turbulance
五指鎮 Five Point Town 90 Town near Spiritual Beast Mountain Range
玄楚帝國 Xuan Chu Empire 105 The homeland of Mister Chu
西秦帝國 Western Qin Empire 107 Where the ship that picked Shiyu up is heading
高嶺 Gaoling 109 Where Leisurely Cloud Sect is located
供飛行妖獸的點 Flying Beast Station 110 Rents out flying beasts
落霞山上 Setting Sun Mountain 110 Where Leisurely Cloud Sect is located, has 7 peaks
青霞 Qing Xia (peak) 110 Main Peak
赤、紫、白、玄、藍、烏 Chi, Zi, Bai, Xuan, Lan, Wu 110 Other Peaks
戒律堂 Hall of Discipline 111 Punishment hall at Leisurely Cloud Sect
奉賢山 Feng Xian Mountain 119 Where the Imperial Palace is located
觀禮大殿 Hall of Rituals 123 Where the Imperial Wedding is supposed to be conducted
Wushan City 135 Where the Qi Clan presides
臨江城 Linjiang City 143 Border City
曙光城 City of Dawn, Dawn City 151 Saw a vision of the city via the black paper, near Spiritual Beast Mountain but not in Eastern Empire
帝都中央廣場 Imperial Capital’s Central Square 193 Big square/stadium large enough to hold 200,000 ppl
孩兒巷 Hai’er Alley 222 Where a nameless girl is dying from heart disease
 坊市 side market 218 Market’ is probably fine, but ‘Side Market’ to indicate mundane people’s shopping area
    無極海岸 Wuji Coast 230 An area in the Eight Realm
    無極海 Wuji Sea 230 A sea in the Eight Realm
臨水城 Lin Shui City 235 Mentioned only
第九重天傳送陣 Ninth Realm’s Teleportation Gate 249 Teleportation array to Eight Realm
天玄帝國 Profound Sky Empire 266 Where the Teleportation Centre is Located

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