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Raising the Young Grand Secretary

When great traitor Official Xue Tingxiang regressed to his youth, it was a time when the Xue family was still so poor that for the sake of deciding who should be the family scholar, fights broke out and blood flow.

Also, that woman was still his child bride.

This time round, he decided to change his way of life.

The first and most important task is to treat her well. Treat her very well and find different ways to treat her and have lots of children with her.


Zhao’er was the Xue family child bride and knew that once the little man she marries come of age, they would be intimate with each other. However, her little man never liked her, disdained her and loathed her.

In one a flash, the little man underwent a great change. Not only does he treats her well, he even cling to her and hug her and nibble at her lips, th-th-th-this…


Traitorous Grand Secretary way of raising his wife

Wait, who is raising who, ah?


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