Glossary – Characters

Names of Characters in Little Cooking Saint


Chinese English Chapter Definition
时玉 Shi Yu 1 Protagonist who transmigrated into this world
二狗 Two Dog 1 Original writer of the story (male) likes harem
胖葱 Fat Onion 1 Hates harem, wrote a strong female character into Two Dog’s story
老爷爷 grandpa 1 Kind scholar who had fallen on hard times, takes in children even when he could hardly take care of himself
小七 Xiao Qi 1 Has potential to cultivate
学徒不言 Trainee Chef Bu Yan 2 Gave Shiyu fishbones. By the way, his name literally means ‘speechless’
李大廚 Chef Li 4 Chef Li, Bu Yan’s master. A bit opportunistic
小五 Xiao Wu 5 Most interested in cooking
小二 Xiao Er 5 No talent in cultivation, but wants to
陸墨 Lu Mo 12 LF’s ‘little sister’, no relation, likes him, later changed to Lu Yan in Chapter 14
趙上清 Zhao Shangqing 13 A typical low level bully
林衍 Lin Yan 13 Most promising student in the Lin Clan… before MC showed his power
Clan Head Lin Zhan 15 Lin Fan’s father
任大小姐 Great Miss Ren 28 A strong female character, one of original!Lin Fan’s many wives
柳逸 Liu Yi 30 Academy Student and Handsome Guy found injured by Shi Yu, full of himself
莫音 Mo Yin 31 Academy Student, Likes Liu Yi, a jealous idiot
非悦 Fei Yue 31 Academy Student and Mob Follower of Liu Yi, brainless female
风洛 Feng Luo 31 Academy Student, presumably sensible
梦璃 Meng Li 31 Academy Student, likes Feng Luo, an idiot
三胖 San Pang 32 Radish Demon opinionated and full of himself
 风老爷子 Old Liege Feng 41 Feng Luo’s grandfather
娉婷 Ping Ting 39 Instructor Ping Ting, sexy and aggressive
虛幻的老者 Illusion of an old man 39(d) Lives inside Lin Fan’s jade piece
李厨子 Young Chef Li C/VM (a) Young cook at Celestial Fragrance, made low grade Carmine/Vermilian Meat
王师傅 Master Wang Head Chef at  Celestial Fragrance, originator of the Carmine/Vermilian Meat
小三 Little Three Young cook at Celestial Fragrance, assisted Master Wang to make Carmine/Vermilian Meat
大长老 Great Elder 39 (b) Great Elder of auction house
甘平 Gan Ping 44 Owner of soup shop at the College Cafetaria, slices radish all day to practice his knife work
溫羨 Wen Xian 45 Poor guy who ate Gan Ping’s dark soup regularly
柳十一 Liu Eleven 46 Guy at Shiyu’s class
張越 Zhang Yue 48 First guy to buy sashimi
雪清歌 Xue Qingge 49 College beauty, mentioned only at 44, appeared at 49. Cold beauty, LF’s Elder Martial Sister, ex-harem member
師姐 Elder Martial Sister 49 Polite form of address
貓大爺 Sir Cat 50 The Fat Cat, Shiyu called him Sir Cat
柳長老 Elder Liu 51 Treasure Pavilion Gatekeeper, Liu Yi’s great-grandfather, younger brother of Patriarch Liu
柳家 Liu Clan 52 I wonder if Liu Eleven is also part of the Liu Clan?
雪清箬 Xue Qinruo 54 Xue Qingge’s younger sister, prideful idiot
顧爺爺 Grandpa Gu 60 Transparent Old Guy in Lin Fan’s jade pendant
九州 Jiu Zhou 61 Last powerful guy to die after the Human Race escaped to the 9th Realm
溫、顧、葉、周、李、沈 Wen, Gu, Ye, Zhou, Li and Shen, 61 6 prominent human race families before they were driven out of Heaven’s realm
菱筱筱 Ling Xiaoxiao 62 Appeared in Chapter __ as Miss Chilli Pepper, but named in Chapter 62, daughter of rich Ling Family
煉天一 Ling Tianyi 63 Ling XX’s father, head of Ling, good at making money
柳家主 Liu Patriarch 64 The other Elder Liu
趙家 Zhou Clan 67 Zhou Clan ally, ambushed on the way to support the Fengs
葉蛋 Ye Dan 73 Literally ‘Leaf Egg’, Shiyu’s deceased master, original owner of Saint’s Dwelling and Fat Cat’s master
孔雀族 Peacock Clan 73
火龍族 Fire Dragon Clan 73
樹靈 Tree Spirits 91
樹爺爺 Grandpa Tree 91 What Wen Xian called the ancient trees of the Spirit Beast Mountain Range
溫珩 Wen Heng 92 Wen Xian’s mysterious older brother, crafted by Fat Onion
玄音 Xuan Yin 92 Female Lead created by Fat Onion
祁先生/ 祁一諾 Mister Qi / Qi Yinuo 105 Dead guy at the bottom of Eastern Sea, from Xuan Chu Empire
青塵 Qing Chen 109 Cultivator on ship to Western Qin
Sect Master Yun
11th Martial Uncle
12th Martial Uncle
風燁 Feng Ye 118 Eldest Feng Brother, Feng Luo’s Eldest Brother
東方禛 Dong-Fang Zhen 118 Crown Prince
王老太爺 Esteemed Gentlemen Wang 119 Possible pedophile
趙公子 Noble Child Zhao 119 Possible pedophile 2
趙兄 Brother Zhao 121 Received suggestion to kidnap Xiao Qi (Unsure if related to above Zhao)
楊兄 Brother Yang 121 Gave out suggestion to kidnap Xiao Qi
時金 Shi Jin 129 Lao Er
時銀 Shi Yin 129 Lao Er’s suggestion for the sibling’s names
時銅 Shi Tong 129
時鐵 Shi Tie 129
紅玉 Hong Yu 135 Presumably maid of ‘girl in goose yellow dress’
祁一諾 Qi Yinuo 135 Mister Qi’s name
祁出雲 Qi Chuyun 136 The ‘girl in goose yellow dress’. Eldest daughter of main Qi family
 祁家主 Patrirarch Qi 136 Qi Chuyun’s grandfather (father’s side)
吳長老 Elder Wu 137 Elder in a medicine shop in Wushan. Has the ability to discern herbs over a thousand years old
張供奉 Zhang Gongfeng 143 One of the 3 elders of Qi Clan
天雷 Sky Thunder 152 Person or attack?
小舒 Xiao Shu 152 New character
時願舒 Shi Yuanshu 153 aka Xiao Shu
沈淩飛 Shen Lingfei 153 Xiao Shu likes this guy
雲朵 Yun Duo 162 Sensitive young maid of Xiao Shu
阿綠 Miss Green 162 Shiyu’s nickname for her
Bei Bei Eldest Bei
Jing Jing Second Jing
Huan Huan Third Huan
戴雲導師 Instructor Dai Yun 167 Deans of Dawn Academy’s contact with the Imperial College
熊老三 Third Panda Brother 168
丁岐 Ding Qi 170 Dawn City Lord’s son
 丁城主 City Lord Ding 170 Dawn City Lord
鄭老 Elder Zheng 173 Leader of mob that came to Shi Estate
穀老 Elder Gu 176 Elder Zheng’s friend
三小姐 Third Miss 176 Mystery person from the 8th Realm, has the same face as Shiyu
澹台長老 Elder Tantai 178 One of the 8 Elders of the Enforcers
澹台初 Tan-Tai Chu 178 Granddaughter of Elder Tantai aka ‘Third Miss’
王伯 Uncle Wang 189 Someone Tan-Tai Chu obviously respects, maybe Nascent formation stage
同境界無敵 Unmatched Amidst Peers 190 Master of Illusions, subordinate of Elder Tan-Tai, Huan Mo (249)
一隻耳 One Ear 203 Leader of bandits, Shiyu burnt one of their comrades to death before
葛家主 Patriarch Ge 203 Hires One Ear’s bandits for a job
七郎 Qi Lang 220 The emperor’s given name? Nick name?
蘇貴妃 Imperial Concubine Su 220 Dong-Fang Zhen’s mother
火狼隊 Fire Wolves 221 Rival tournament champions
Xiao Yun 223 Sick girl
幻陌 Xuan Mo 249 Master of Illusions, working with Tan-Tai Clan
林伯 Uncle Lin 250 One of the 3 servants Tan-Tai Chu brought with her to the Ninth Realm
林長老 Elder Lin 256 One of the top 5 forgers in the Eastern Martial Empire
青蘿 Qing Luo 265 Shiyu’s body’s mother’s twin sister
索蘭 Suo Lan 265 Leader of ‘black clad people on tiger-like beasts’

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