Kitchennovel is happy to inform that we are now translating not one, but TWO Japanese novels ~

Okonomiyaki Chain Store – A preppy Osaka Auntie was transported into a Western RPG Style fantasy world and was given the mission to Spread the Word of Okonomiyaki. It helps that her soul was transferred into the body of a beautiful blonde girl with maxed out, crazy status!
Okonomiyaki for the win! Come for the plot and stay for the food.

Tondemo Isekai Skill de Hourou Meshi – A poor Japanese salaryman was transferred into a Western Fantasy like setting as a… Hero? No, oops, you’re a mistake. Here’s some money and get out of our castle.
Follow Mukouda as he did his very best to run away from an awful Black Company-ish Kingdom and establish a life for himself with one of the only two useful skill he had been granted. The [Net Super]. Riches, here I come!



Love novels? Love food? Love culture and love how different people could be even in novels? Welcome and step forward into the our little library of stories.



Recipes translated from little known Chinese dishes. Look for food found in the novels next door. Make them for yourself or your friends and spread revolution of deliciousness.