2023 Announcements!

2023 Release Schedules

– October 1, 2023-

Hello my dear readers,

I am happy to announce that we are now officially translating Reborn as Vending Machine! Yay!

On the other hand, due to lack of popularity for We Demon Kings (Gumi also finds this novel difficult to translate & edit various reasons), we have decided to put this one on hiatus…

– June 16, 2022-

We will eventually move the tier system for Advance Chapters from Patreon to kitchennovel.com

The reason for this is, well, Patreon charges pretty high interest to use their services and we received notice that that they plan to increase the interest via some kind of taxation system. Couple this with various transaction charges, we have decided to try and create our own tier system instead!

We will be beta testing the system using We Demon Kings, since that one’s pretty new. Please feel free to poke around and see what have in store~

Feedback will be welcomed too!