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Chapter 285 – Untitled

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Qing Chen waited until everyone left before saying, “I don’t like to meddle in other people’s business because it’s burdensome. I’ve been doing my best not to hate you, therefore please do not try and interfere by doing all these unnecessary things in the future.”

Qi Chuyun paled in an instant,” What are you saying? Are you accusing me of speaking out of turn? I was just-”

“Just don’t want to see me suffer a loss? Afraid that I’ll waste my good deed? Have you ever considered the fact that I might have done this without looking to gain benefits?” Qing Chen was clearly displeased. “Enough with your self-righteous actions, and don’t think that you need to treat me well. I don’t like it.”

Every single word struck Qi Chuyun’s heart deeply. Feeling a little angry, she replied, “I was just reminding her. She has already broken through to Divine Transformation realm. Once matters relating to the Eastern Empire’s affairs are resolved she’ll definitely leave for the higher realms. When the time comes, what would happen to you?

The Fortune Pill can only be taken once. It would have no effect if you take it again. Once she leaves, you can only stay behind and eventually the difference between you and she would be like the clouds and mud. At the very least, you should let her know what you’ve lost.”

Qing Chen was a little stunned by her outburst, he had not thought that Qi Chuyun brought up the matter as a reminder for Shiyu and not to demand something on his behalf.

His expression softened a little. “Thank you,” he said solemnly. “I thank you for your good intention, however, as I have said. I do not like it when people intervene in my personal affairs. I know what you wish to say.”

He turned to look down at the lush bamboo forest swaying at the foot of the mountain. “A Cultivator’s life is long and life is full of changes. Moreover, the world is ever-changing. How long can something like the so-called deep love last? A few years? A few decades? A few centuries? Many things might seem important or everlasting when one is in the midst of it but it is only later when one looks back to their early lives would they discover that they have persevered too long over a futile thing. [1] [1] In short, all the promises in the world are empty talk until they are fulfilled. If I wish to achieve something, I shall continue to strive for it. You say that our difference would be like the clouds and mud, however, I have never considered myself mud.”

This was his sense of pride.

Qi Chuyun looked at him closely and saw that his brows were clear and remembered the smile on his face that first day they reached the Imperial College.

A very light, warm and charming smile.

“Very well, I was in the wrong. I shall pay attention in the future,” Qi Chuyun sniffed. She hesitated but continued. “Then, will you tell me why you hate me? As far as I know, we have no connection to each other. I have never been at odds with you. I am not rude nor are you petty-minded. So, why do you hate me?”

This question had plagued her for a long time but she had never dared to bring it up until now. Since Qing Chen had spoken to her so frankly, she could not resist asking it.

Qing Chen was silent for a long while. Finally, he said, “My surname was Chu and my name Shao. My courtesy name is Qing Chen, but perhaps you are more familiar with my given name?”

Chu Shao…

Suddenly, [2a] Qi Chuyun’s eyes widened.

“Y- you…”

“The Qi Clan backed my uncle and killed my entire family. My father was struck by an arrow in his throne, Imperial Mother threw herself off a tall building to her death, my three brothers were forced to commit suicide, my sisters were all dragged and thrown into the grave with the dead. Not a single survivor aside from myself. Is this a good enough reason?”

Qi Chuyun pressed both hands over her chest. She had some idea why Qing Chen would hate her but she had never imagined the truth to be so tragic.

Chu Shao, of course. Of course, she knew this name.

She had seen this person as a child. When Chu Shao was younger, he liked to play pranks on people and was afraid of neither heaven nor earth. This little overlord teased her often as a child. Later, when they were engaged to be married, she had been rather dissatisfied by the decision for a long time.

Much later, when the Chu family was decimated, she thought Chu Shao had died in the massacre and… unable to get over his death, she never thought of marrying again.

To think that he was still alive…

No, it was not wrong for him to hate her, not wrong at all.

“The Qi Clan is gone, I no longer wish to tie myself down with any entanglements. The heavens have meted out their judgement, you take care too.”

With that final remark, Qing Chen turned around and went down the mountain.

Qi Chuyun was left to stand alone in place for a long while. Sadness weighted heavily in her heart.

It was only now, that she finally understood the gravity of the burden grandfather had left to her.


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Now that Shiyu had broken through to Divine Transformation Realm she could travel much faster than before. Still, it took her more than a day to reach Dawn City.

She left the Imperial Capital just as the sun was rising over the horizon. The sun was now at its zenith, but Dawn City still was shrouded in some kind of black mist. Inside, it was so cold that not even half a ray of sunlight could pierce the artificial gloom.

The people looking in from outside dared not approach the scene.

As for the people inside… they barely had the strength to stand up. their spirits and energy were slowly leeching out of their bodies and their mortal flesh withered. The streets and alleys were littered with bodies of people who had fallen when they ran out of their houses in fright and laid there until the blood was gone, leaving nothing but leather-covered bones behind.

Cultivators fared slightly better. However, they could not break through the barrier of black mist.

“Can’t get out!! Are we going to die here!?”

Within the city, there was mourning everywhere as the people waited for death.


Patriarch Shi felt as though he had fallen into a trance as the spiritual energy in his body rapidly dissipated away. His wife, a mere Core Transformation Cultivator, could hardly stand from dizziness. The maids and guards beyond their rooms were also struggling. The weaker ones were already beginning to dry up slowly.

“Madam Yun…” Patriarch Shi held his wife’s hand tightly, “are you afraid?”

Madam Shi forced a smile, her voice was weak, “Fortunately, Xiao Shu is not here.”


At the Ding Estate, Elder Ding had tried over 20 ways to break past the barrier. However, to no avail. He could not even weaken a small part of the wall. In the end, he sighed and slashed his palm with a knife and drew an Eight Formation diagram on the floor, took out all the beast core in his ring and placed them on the diagram.

“Qi’er, come in here,” he pointed to the middle of the blood array. “No matter what happens next, do not leave this place. Unless I call for you, do not leave. Understand?”

Ding Qi looked at the determined gaze of his grandfather and then the resolute eyes of his father and burst into tears, “No! I want to stay with you.”

“Qi’er, you must listen to me,” Elder Ding stroked his grandson’s head. “You are too weak. We will be challenging the barrier with others soon and will just be distracted by worry for you. Hide yourself here for our peace of mind. Whether our clan lives or dies is all up to you.”

City Lord Ding smiled lovingly at him, “Grandpa will not lie to you and neither will I. Go on, there’s no time left.”

Ding Qi did his best not to blink, determined not to let the tears fall.

“Yes,” he stepped carefully into the blood formation and sat down. Elder Ding immediately placed a large wooden barrel over him, blocking the young man’s view. Then, he slowly forced out his inner core.

The golden core slowly floated over the formation where Ding Qi was seated. It rotated in the sky creating a small golden dome, sealing Ding Qi within it…


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