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Little Cooking Saint – 0267 – Pan-Fried Shrimp Bun (d)

Chapter 267 – Pan-Fried Shrimp Bun (d)

Translated by Gumihou

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Shiyu smiled at his remark and said, “Are you going to say that I have successfully captured your interest next? I’m very busy… so I shall take my leave first,”

“Very well. Speaking of which, will you continue with your little hobby tomorrow?” When the little girl hesitated, he said, “Look here, I just came to the Ninth Realm and I don’t really know anyone here. I’ve only spoken to you and no one else. If you happen to come out tomorrow night, I’d like to spend a little more time chatting with you. As you can see, my Cultivation realm is pretty high. If you encounter any issues in the future, I can help you. Associating with me will only bring you good.”

Since he’s being so frank, Shiyu considered his words for a while. The other party must truly be interested in herself. After all, it’s not like she has anything worth scheming for considering their difference in power and status. In the end, she said, “I’ll continue tomorrow.“

At this answer, Huan Mo smiled, “Then, I shall wait for you here at the same time tomorrow night.”

“Very well,”

“By the way, what is your name?”

“It’s Shiyu. ‘Shi’ for time and ‘Yu’ for jade.”

“Very well, Shiyu. I shall see you tomorrow night.”

“Then, goodnight,”

Once she flashed away, Huan Mo’s heart shook a little before he too disappeared.

At the Ge Estate, Suo Lan was shocked when Elder Xuan suddenly appear out of thin air.

“Elder Xuan, you…”

“Investigate someone for me,” said Huan Mo quickly. “I don’t care what method you use but I want every single information you can pull on this person.”

“Elder, please give your order,” said Suo Lan respectfully.

“A girl called Shiyu, 17 or 18. A student of the Imperial College. Her current Cultivation base is Core Condensation 9.”

“I shall investigate immediately!”

Suo Lan left to relay the order to Patriarch Ge. When Patriarch Ge heard this, it was impossible for him to not recognise the name. Not only did he know this name but he was very familiar with it.

Had this Shiyu girl offended the person above and they are here to settle debts?

After some thought, Patriarch Ge had someone send all the details he had gathered on Shiyu to his honoured guests.

Because Shiyu was one of the Challengers, Patriarch Ge already had people investigate her. Therefore, information on Shiyu was quickly collected and sent to Huan Mo. Once in his hands, Huan Mo slowly took his time to look through it.

The more he read the more astonished he became.

“Looks like the Ninth Realm is changing,” he murmured as he studied Shiyu’s Cultivation speed. From Condensation Stage to Core Condensation 9 in just 2 years, many spent lifetimes yet were unable to reach her current stage.

He pondered over the matter many times and could only conclude that the environment under the Ninth Realm must have undergone some drastic changes. Surely there was no other explanation for this?

Even if she has some panacea or miracle luck to assist her, the Dao of Suppression would not have allowed such advancement. He had also looked into Shiyu’s Cultivation a couple of times and detected no false inflation. Her Cultivation was stable and solid with no sign of false enhancement.

Was this the result of using precious herbs?

After reading through the information, Huan Mo closed his eyes.

He was seriously deliberating about accepting Shiyu as his disciple. His previous invitations had been half-hearted and count more like a test of character. He wanted to see how Shiyu would react to the notion of becoming a disciple of a powerful master.

He did not have too high a requirement for his potential disciple. It’s enough as long as he likes them. And this Shiyu girl is to his liking.

Well, he still has some time to decide.

Opening his eyes, he called for Suo Lan.

“You, tell me what you’re doing here now,” he really did not want to get involved in troublesome matters but when he requested Shiyu’s information, it was delivered to him too quickly.

The people here couldn’t know what he wanted in advance. Therefore the only explanation was that this information had already been gathered for some reason. The fact that he wanted Shiyu’s information was a complete coincidence.

Why would anyone gather such detailed information on Shiyu?

After some deliberation, he concluded that only an enemy would want detailed information on their targets on the understanding of ‘Know thyself, know thy enemy [1]’.

Since Shiyu was being investigated, he naturally became interested.

Suo Lan had not expected Elder Huan to show interest in this matter. However, he had nothing to hide and said seriously, “The Patriarch ordered us to come and take control of the imperial dynasties of the Ninth Realm. This is for the convenience of future dealings. I have been assigned to this location, while others have gone to other empires.”

Huan Mo nodded. He roughly understood the situation now. Though he did not care about matters, it doesn’t mean he’s ignorant.

If the Tan-Tai Clan had issued such an order, the other elders must have acted as well.

The Enforcers…


Huan Mo shook his head, “Very well, I understand now. You go and settle your own thing.”

Suo Lan retreated.

Once he left, he carefully considered the elder’s expression and tone of voice. He did not seem angry. Moreover, the information he had ordered them to bring him was still in his hands.

If it was about settling debts or getting rid of someone, he should be angry or at least annoyed. However, judging from the elder’s behaviour, he had to rule that thought out.

Therefore, he could only conclude that this person had caught the elder’s interest.

He was still pondering over the matter when Patriarch Ge approached and greeted him, with a bow, “Great Lord, the person inside…”

“Who is this Shiyu?”

Taken aback, Patriarch Ge was speechless for a moment. However, he quickly replied, “She is a student of the Imperial College,”

“The information you collected, is there anything different or unusual about this person?” asked Suo Lan.

“Unusual?” Patriarch Ge frowned. “The only thing unique about her is her slightly faster Cultivation pace. It took her two years to go from Condensation Stage to Core Condensation 9.”

Suo Ran’s eye twitched.

This is ‘slightly faster’?

This is shooting to the sky on a rocket you know!?

“Have you feuded against her?”

“Ah… no…” Patriarch Ge’s eyes flashed around once. He was not sure why he was being asked these questions. “Great Lord, your meaning is…”

“Treat her with more respect in the future,” Suo Lan lowered his voice. “That person is looking for disciple… you understand?”

Patriarch Ge’s eyes widened.

Although he had some idea of this mysterious person’s status, if the reverent way Lord Suo Lan treated this guest was any indication… he never imagined that such a great person would come down to the Ninth Realm in search of a disciple. However, when he thought Shiyu’s explosive Cultivation rate… he pressed his lips together and made a ‘tsk’ sound.

How envious, ah!

How great it is to have a talent for Cultivation. The moment talent meets opportunity one could overturn even the clouds and rain.

He would have to quickly order people to not offend that one, maybe even be a little respectful.

“… …” surely there’s something wrong with his thinking?

No matter what, that Shiyu is a student of the Imperial College. Their opponents ah! Should he really order his men to treat her respectfully?

Forget it. When gods fight the little devils retreat. His position within this organisation is too small to really influence matters one way or other. It’s enough as long as he follows Lord Suo Lan. As for that Shiyu… let’s just maintain a neutral stance.

Just make sure to not offend when meet.


[Gumihou: Lol, I love how pragmatic Patriarch Ge is. Work hard and stay alive Patriarch Ge! Gumi believes in you~~]


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[1] Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy. A Thousand Battles A Thousand Victories – is the full quote


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