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Little Cooking Saint – 0247 – Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle (b)

Chapter 247 Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle (b)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


The two of them sat under the pavilion, the white oil paper umbrella with its ink painted pattern dripping water in a corner even as the rain continued to patter loudly around them. [1]

Suddenly, the continuous shower stopped and the sky cleared up. The sound of water dripping from leaves was very pleasant. Soon a breeze picked up and the scent of rain was carried to them.

[2] The repeated thwack! of arrows drew their eyes to where Qi Chuyun was still working hard with her bow and arrows.

“Qi Chuyun is really not bad,” she said solemnly. “It’s rare to see someone with such principle and diligence. She is against what the Qi Clan did in the past and is very invested in atoning for things that happened even before her time. I really admire her. Not many would have the courage to face the dark history in their family.”

Qing Chen glanced at the person practising her bow. [3] Finally, he said, “Those who are willing to work hard are naturally not bad,”

“A person’s life is long, I hope you can one day lay down your burdens.” Shiyu stood up from her seat and put her hand out to catch a water droplet falling from the [1] edge of the tiled roof. “Let’s go back, I came here to enjoy the sight of Imperial Capital under the rain. Now that it has stopped, we can go back.”


“Oh, and one more thing. Since we have Liu Suifeng, I won’t be participating in future battles,” she wanted to use her time to focus on her Cooking Cultivation.


After the Fire Wolves, the rest of their challengers were not very noteworthy. That could change eventually since people from other parts of the country would eventually come and challenge the Champions for fame and lucrative prizes.

Even people from outside the country were heading over too. Only, they would not be arriving very soon. Therefore, the pressure on the team was not great and Shiyu decided to let Liu Suifeng fight as her substitute.

Since Qing Chen is their team leader, he should be able to arrange matters now that she had informed him.


Back at the Villa, Shiyu was about go do her own thing when Xiao Qi came running over and cried, “Sister, what happened to the radish at the window? Did you eat it?”

Xiao Qi knew that Shiyu has a little friend with her that would randomly appear and disappear but had not connected that guy with the radish on the window. She just assumed that elder sister had planted the radish because she was bored.

“He left,”

“Left?” Xiao Qi’s face fell. “So, I can’t pull his whiskers off to play anymore?”

“???” wait, are you the reason why San Pang couldn’t transform until I added the extra Jade Petal Immortal Lotus essence ??!! “Wait whiskers? What whiskers? Where are they now?”

“I threw them on the window sill…”

Shiyu came over and saw that the window was littered with white [4] ‘whiskers’ scattered on the sill. She gathered them up and frowned.


These root hairs should have withered by now but… shrugging, Shiyu buried the collected ‘whiskers’ into the flower pot that San Pang had vacated. Since they still look fresh, San Pang might be able to make use of them later. Merge with them or something.

It cost her little effort to keep the root hairs on the window sill. Xiao Qi, who had plucked San Pang’s hair was just being naughty and San Pang did not seem to have noticed or cared. Let’s just put it aside and forget about it for now.

When San Pang returns, she’ll let him know about it.


If you must know, Shiyu really did inform San Pang about it later, the Radish Demon merely nodded in acknowledgement and did not appear particularly moved by the incident.

However, no one thought of another kind of possibility…


After Xiao Qi left, Shiyu entered the Saint’s Dwelling.

Within the Saint’s Dwelling, the plate that contained her share of the Crystal Leopard Meat had been left on the stone table. After advancing to Core Condensation 7, she had decided not to eat that portion immediately. Now was a good time as ever…


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The next day, Shiyu came out of her room and found that everyone had gathered together to discuss whether they should go out and play. Today was the Double Seventh Festival and the Capital was expected to be lively.

Everyone broke off their conversation and looked up when Shiyu came in.

[5] “You’ve broken through again?” isn’t this too fast?

“Core Condensation 9?” Qing Chen, as the one with the highest Cultivation level, was the first to perceive her true power level. [5]

“En,” Shiyu stretched her hands over her head and her joints crackled audibly. “I thought I’d stop at Level 8, but apparently I’m close enough to Level 9. It’s all thanks to Ocean Heart Flame,” Ocean Heart Flame had purified her body so much that it made it easier for her to incorporate the Spiritual energies into her core.

“Since you’ve broken through, how about we go out and have fun together to celebrate? It’s the Double Seventh after all.”

The regular night markets at the Imperial Capital were lively enough but, the Double Seventh Festival was different. Just like Western-style Valentine’s Day, it was one of the more anticipated days for young people.

Everyone agreed to the proposal. All of them had raised their Cultivation and, to be fair, even the most diligent of youngsters would like a break now and then. Some of them have been here for a long time and yet they haven’t really explored much of what the Imperial Capital has to offer.

While this group of talents could endure hardship and loneliness, it did not mean they would reject an opportunity to go out and have fun. Moreover, it was a trip proposed by friends. How lovely it would be to explore the crowded streets and create some precious memories together? They might be together now but that would not last forever.

In short, nobody disagreed and everyone waited eagerly for the evening to arrive.


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The sky gradually darkened.

[1] At a certain courtyard sat one Tan-Tai Chu who was getting distracted by the increasingly noisy sounds outside. She tapped her nails lightly against the table.

“What is happening today?” she asked a servant.

“It’s the Double Seventh,”

“The Double Seventh?” she stopped tapping. “That ‘love will find a way’ day? I trust it’s going to be lively?”

On such a lively day, surely those people would come out?

After some thought, she stood up and made her way towards the busiest area tonight. The Star Washing Lake. The lake itself was very large and somehow maintained its water level through the year regardless of rain or drought. The lake was very clear and was said to have existed even before the construction of the Imperial Capital. However, there was no other information about this place.

However, since the Imperial College was built close to Star Washing Lake, it became one of the Imperial Capital’s landmarks. The College itself was shrouded in mystery. However, it was still possible for ordinary people to hang around the Star Washing Lake and admire the impressive gates and towering trees of the College. Perhaps even catch a glimpse of their heroic young men and powerful beauties.

Thus, enterprising merchants built tall restaurants and tea rooms by the Star Washing Lake, just a mile beyond the Imperial College gates so guests could have their meal and gaze at the College at their leisure.

Later, someone noticed that the waters of the Star Washing Lake would occasionally flow into the College grounds. Thus, girls who fell in love with a handsome Cultivator would place floating lanterns on the Star Washing Lake during Double Seventh in hopes that their wishes would be carried into the Imperial College and reached their desired gentleman.

Once the first person did it, the rest quickly followed suit. Soon, it became a tradition to float lanterns on the lake.

Therefore, on every Double Seventh, the Star Washing Lake became a gorgeous festival of light.


[Gumihou: Author-san needs to work on her foreshadowing skills]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Adjusted Details for Logistic Purpose: Apparently they were sitting under the umbrella, on a wet rock, in the rain. Very romantic. Is it supposed to be romantic? Especially since Qing Chen ‘appeared with an umbrella on the side’ while Shiyu had been dripping just now. Or, did she utilize some ‘Cultivation’ and make rain not fall on her head? If so, why is Qing Core Condensation 9 Chen not using this technique but was carrying around a paper umbrella like a commoner instead?

Too many questions.

Let’s just keep the pavilion and rock for bench that Gumihou had provided in the previous chapter? Please?

[2] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: Added segue to Qi Chuyun topic

[3] Deleted stuff: …he knew that Shiyu was being objective and was not trying to fix the relationship himself and that person

…like, how did you know?

Transparent attempt to make Qing Chen, thus readers, think well of Shiyu. Delete!

Gumi knows because the nearly entire chapter before the break was under Shiyu’s POV except for this one little paragraph. Nope! Nope! Nope!

[4] Radish ‘Whiskers’ are probably roots that came out to seek moisture. The radish (or carrots) are still safe to eat but are less nutritional since some energy is spent growing the whiskers. The logic here is a little weird since ‘growing’ whiskers cost energy, so plucking them shouldn’t do anything… unless San Pang is growing whiskers roots to absorb Spiritual energy from the air but Xiao Qi kept plucking them away…

[5] Adjusted Details for a smoother delivery.



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