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Little Cooking Saint – 0115 – Matcha Ice-cream (b)

Chapter 115 Matcha Ice-cream (b)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


The Imperial College.

Life went on as usual. Xiao Qi, Lao Er and Wen Xian attended their classes together while Lin Fan and Feng Luo studied or Cultivated on their own time. At noon, all five would meet at the cafeteria for lunch.

That’s right, without Shiyu, the cafeteria was their salvation.

On this very day, the five of them were having their lunch together when Lin Fan’s chopsticks suddenly stopped. He raised his head and looked towards the south. Feng Luo, noticing his unusual behaviour, stopped as well and looked in the same direction.

The three less experienced ones looked at these two curiously. “Brother, what’s going on?”

“Someone’s coming this way,” answered Feng Luo. “Their aura is very strong, not sure where they’re heading yet.”

He was still speaking when they noticed black spots on the horizon. These black spots grew larger and larger until they saw wings. Clearly, something was flying towards the Imperial College. The flying creatures eventually paused above the Imperial College’s airspace.

“Ah!!” Xiao Qi cried out. “Those are Immortal Cranes! How beautiful! Do you think they would land?”

She was just wondering out loud to herself, but the next thing they knew, the Immortal Cranes began to descend. Soon, they saw people on the backs of these creatures and knew these were flying mounts.

One of the people on the Immortal Cranes waved at them, “Xiao Qi~ Lao Er~” without waiting for the crane to fully descend, Shiyu leapt off its back and ran over to hug Xiao Qi. Shiyu rubbed her cheek against Xiao Qi’s and smiled at the rest of them, “It’s been such a while. Have you missed me?”

For a moment, they simply could not process what or who they were seeing. Then, suddenly, as though they had been electrified, everyone reacted.

“Still remember to come back!” Feng Luo nagged. “Make me Chilli Crab!”

“I want Squirrel Fish!” Wen Xian’s face was bright red with excitement.

“I want Sashimi,” even Lin Fan deigned to open his mouth.

“Humph! The only thing you miss is my cooking!” Shiyu said with fake anger, hands on her hips.

By now, the rest of the cranes have landed and the people dismounted. Quite a lot of College students have surrounded to watch the show or admire the beautiful cranes.

“These are…” Lin Fan prompted as he studied the people who travelled with Shiyu. Among them, there was one person dressed in all black and covered in a weirdly menacing aura.

Shiyu eyed the increasing crowd and said, “We should continue this back at the Villa.”


The whole group moved to the more private Villa.

Naturally, when the elders of the College heard that outsiders had landed within their College grounds, they were alarmed. Very soon, teachers and elders were dispatched to investigate the situation. However, when they saw that these people were here to meet with Lin Fan’s group, the elders merely exchanged a glance and withdrew.

They would observe the situation for now.

As the treasure of the Imperial College, there was little to no restriction on Lin Fan’s activities. When the Dean heard that these people were here to see Lin Fan, he passed down a judgment: As long as these people pose no harm to the College or the Imperial Capital, just close one eye to their activities.

Once they reached the Villa and have settled down around the garden, Shiyu quickly introduced Qing Chen and the rest of the Leisurely Cloud people to the College people and vice versa. At the end of the introduction, she openly asked Lin Fan, “Is Old Gu at the villa now?”

Lin Fan blinked at her curiously. Of all the people here, she should know best where Old Gu hung out. However, his face remained stoic as he said, “He’s not in.”

“Then, is he still at the Imperial Capital?”

“Perhaps, I shall make inquiries.”

Beside them, Feng Luo stared at these two people curiously. He had some idea what kind of character this Old Gu was, but he could not confirm anything yet.

On the other hand, as old friends and acquaintances, Lin Fan was able to play along with whatever plan Shiyu has in mind as she breathed an exaggerated sigh of relief and said, “That’s good. That’s very good. These people are here to seek Old Gu for treatment. Oh, and Feng Luo, these people are your grandpa’s martial brothers and sisters.” She turned to 12th Martial Uncle, “This is Grandpa Feng’s grandson.”

The delight on 12th Martial Uncle’s face was genuine. It had been decades since she and Senior Martial Brother Feng last met. To be introduced to his unexpectedly young and handsome grandson left her feeling a little choked up. After speaking to him a little more, she found that this young man has a good temper and a first-class Cultivation base. This made 12th Martial Uncle liked him even more.

As for Feng Luo, he would never have guessed that this beautiful and young-looking woman would be his grandfather’s Junior Martial Sister. However, considering that Cultivators of a certain skill could maintain their youth. It was not something too unusual.

Anyway, with Feng Luo here to entertain the guests, Shiyu handed the matter over to him and declared that she must freshen herself up. [1] While everyone was either entertaining guests or admiring the Immortal Cranes outside, Lin Fan managed to slip away and went up to Shiyu’s room.

As soon as they were alone, Old Gu floated out.

Shiyu lost no time telling Old Gu and Lin Fan all about her adventures under the sea. Even about getting the Fire Spirit and the quest from the skeleton.

Their relationship had reached the level where keeping certain secrets would be stupid and futile. Shiyu has absolute trust in Lin Fan and Old Gu. Well, absolute trust in certain things anyway.

“… so, I will have to depend on Old Gu to act as the cover this part of the business for me.” She finished.

Old Gu sighed, “You’ve really stumbled on to great luck, ah. It is said that Fire Spirits aren’t things that one could seek out and could only be found through a fortuitous encounter. It is fine for this old man to cover for you. However, it’s been a few months since good food passed these old lips. Little girl, shouldn’t you treat this old man well in return for this favour?”

At this, Shiyu’s eyes shone, “Of course!”

With Old Gu to cover for her, she could borrow the power of the Fire Spirit, heal 11th Martial Uncle and obtain the Thunder Seed for Lao Er!

Their Bamboo Villa was now three storeys tall, with three rooms on the second and third floors making a total of six rooms in the house. There were no bedrooms on the ground floor. Technically, it wasn’t quite enough to house everyone plus their guests. For a moment, Feng Luo contemplated adding a fourth floor. Shiyu rejected this idea. The villa would attract too much attention if it was too tall. Therefore, everyone would just have to squeeze in with each other while the guests were here.

In the end, it was decided that the third floor would be reserved for the Leisurely Cloud Sect guests, while the original occupants temporarily squeezed in together on the second floor. Xiao Qi stayed with Shiyu, while Wen Xian and Lao Er shared a room. That meant Lin Fan and Feng Luo would have to stay in the third and final room.

After rushing non-stop for 10 days, even Cultivators would be exhausted. Though they could theoretically maintain their physical fitness indefinitely, the mental toll would soon drag them down. Though Old Gu and the rest said they wanted to eat Shiyu’s cooking. They all banded together and blocked Shiyu from the kitchen, forcing her to rest. Someone would just have to go to the cafeteria and bring takeout for their dinner.

Once alone in her room, Shiyu finally felt at ease. She flopped onto her bed and was asleep in moments.

When she next woke up, she found that a small bundle of white thing had settled on her stomach. Seeing that she was awake, Cloud Beast made a low sound and rolled off her stomach, grew even smaller in size and attached itself to her hair. As for San Pang, she found him sleeping in a flower pot, having reverted to his original form. He must be on the verge of breaking through. After observing him for a few minutes, Shiyu did not bother him.

A quick glance out the window showed that the sky had already darkened. Now that she’s in her own room, Shiyu entered her space without qualms. After the Fire Spirit had destroyed her lush green medicinal herb garden, Shiyu found that her space had gotten a little larger. The mists at the edge of the place had been pushed back and the available space was now about as large as three bedrooms. Though she was sad about the loss of the plants, she would see this as a new beginning and plan her garden anew.

Meanwhile, Feng Luo had finally escaped the clutches of 12th Martial Aunt. Well, it’s supposed to be 12th Martial Grandmother, but what woman enjoy being called old? After getting a very obvious hint of displeasure from his ‘grandmother’, Feng Luo obediently addressed her as aunt. Ah well, as Cultivators, strength trumps age anyway so nobody really cared about the issue of generational seniority.

Once he got to Lin Fan’s room, he found Lin Fan still awake. Feng Luo got ready for bed and found that there was no place for him to lay down. No couch or daybed or even a spare cushion in this spartan room. With a shrug, he casually got into Lin Fan’s bed and made himself comfortable.

“I’ll sleep on the inside, you can sleep outside,” he said generously.

Lin Fan stood before the bed. His expression complicated as the [2] other half of the character in that evil rumour was now snuggling in his sheets. When he finds out who spread that rumour…

[2] Next door, Shiyu sneezed.

Feng Luo had already settled himself in bed when he noticed Lin Fan still looming on the side like a vampire. Slightly irritated, he said, “We’re both big men, ah. Are you afraid that this young master will eat you?”

[Gumihou: … Feng Luo, some jokes should never be made…]

[1] Additional Details for Logistic Purposes: At least let Lin Fan ‘slip away’ more realistically, please.

[2] Additional Details for Comedic Purpose: Come on, you can’t expect me to miss an opportunity to make a gay joke?


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