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Little Cooking Saint – 0266 – Pan-Fried Shrimp Bun (c)

Chapter 266 – Pan-Fried Shrimp Bun (c)

Translated by Gumihou

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Huan Mo pointed at the sky above the College, “Is the person who made this formation still here? Tell me and I will leave,”

Shiyu was immediately wary, “Why do you want to know?”

“Just idle curiosity. After all, it’s done by another great master and great talents always respect each other,” Huan Mo’s tone was casual and leisurely. When he saw Shiyu’s suspicious eyes, he felt a little depressed. “What’s that expression for? Look at this face, a good looking person like me could never have a bad character!”

Shiyu, “… …”

She had only met this person by chance today and judging from their previous interactions, this person’s Cultivation must be far higher than hers. If he really held malice against her, she would not be standing here now.

After some more thoughts, she said drily, “The person who build this formation is no longer here,”

“Is that so,” Huan Mo nodded. He flicked a finger and Shiyu found herself free to move again. “There, I’ve fulfilled my promise.” With that, he turned around and really begin to walk away.

Shiyu watched his disappearing back for a moment before returning to the College. However, a few steps in later, she switched directions and made her way out again.

She has some business of her own to conduct. How could she let single a person change her plans just like that?

Everything moved like clockwork as before. After reaching her target, she located the medicine field and allowed the Demon Vine to slither into the field. Then, she squatted down to wait for the vine to return. Once the vine came back, she would immediately leave.

The Demon Vine had been very obedient lately. Perhaps it was all due to Ocean Heart Flame. Although there were little signs of rebellion, Shiyu elected to keep one eye shut as long as it was not too excessive.

After ‘visiting’ three more clan estates this way, Shiyu arrived at the destination of her final target for tonight. She skilfully broke in and allow Demon Vine to sneak while she squatted in the nearby shadows.

Suddenly, [1] the hairs on the back of her neck rose.

She turned and [1] nearly screamed.

[1] Someone was squatting right next to her!

[1] That someone was also staring at the point where Demon Vine had wriggled into just now!

“Fxck!” Shiyu hissed. “Are you following me?!”

“Who’s following you? I was just passing by,” Huan Mo said innocently.

“I’d be an idiot to believe you!”

Huan Mo shrugged, “Think what you like. Are you using the Demon Vine to steal medicinal herbs for you? This plan is quite novel. How did it get past the barrier I wonder.”

Shiyu ignored him. This man is just too weird. It’s better to stay away from him.

She intended to ignore him, but the man was clearly a master at talking to himself.

“This little Vine seems a bit different from the rest. How unexpected. To think I’d see so many strange things the moment I arrived at the Ninth Realm. First, there’s that transformed Radish Demon and now a Demon Vine that could ignore Heaven’s law. The Ninth Realm is really getting more and more interesting.”

[2] Shiyu’s ears pricked up, “Radish Demon? Where did you see it?”

“At the Profound Sky Empire’s Teleportation Gate. That Radish Demon nearly ended up in a pot. I helped him get through the Teleportation Gate smoothly. He also has a Cloud Beast with him. I’m not sure what gave those two Spiritual monsters the guts to appear in front of humans in such a grand manner. Their courage is quite incredible.”

Shiyu realised that this guy must be talking about San Pang and Cloud Beast. The Profound Sky Empire’s Teleportation Gate was a strictly guarded place with checkpoints everywhere. Cloud Beast could pass as a Spiritual Beast Mount but San Pang, a plant creature, would have a hard time passing himself off as human.

She had not realised that San Pang would be trying to get to the Eight Realm via the Teleportation Gate. To think that those two were helped by this weird guy… She did not reveal the connection between herself and San Pang but said, “You are unexpectedly benevolent.”

“But of course, I must live up to this good looking face.”

Shiyu, “… …” She has nothing to say to this!

Just what kind of man would be so proud of their beauty?

If you say this to any other guy wouldn’t they punch you in the face?

What a weirdo…

Just then, a very bloated Demon Vine crept out of the barrier. It obediently crawled into Shiyu’s hand and coiled itself into a bracelet.

“Well, I’m leaving now,” said Shiyu. After a short pause, she continued, “I’m from the Imperial College. If you encounter any difficulties in the Imperial Capital, you can look me up. Although I have a feeling that with your abilities, there will not be many.” The other person had helped San Pang, therefore she should attempt some courtesy at least.

“Really?” Huan Mo followed her as she flashed out of the garden. “Actually, I am in a bit of a difficulty now.”

Shiyu missed a step [1] and nearly planted her face into the floor. This guy is too shameless!

Nevertheless, Shiyu waited until they were a good distance away from the noble estate before speaking to this shameless person, “What’s your difficulty? I have some friends with connections to the Imperial Family. They might be able to help you.”

“I suppose it’s fine to tell you,” said Huan Mo. “I came to the Ninth Realm to look for a disciple. My requirements are a little high. The person must not only be talented but their character should be as good as mine. Naturally, it would be good if they are beautiful.”

“A disciple? Then, I can’t help you,”

“Surely not? I think you are pretty gifted. Even without proper guidance, you’ve done fairly well for yourself. Moreover, your mental strength is very strong. What do you think? Would you like to be my disciple?” Huan Mo sounded as though he was half-joking.

Shiyu paused, she looked at him with an odd expression. “Can’t you tell whether or not I’m interested?”

“Hmm…” Huan Mo crossed his arms and touched his chin. “You looked like you don’t believe me.”

“We’ve only met today. Those who believe you immediately are either idiots or crooks themselves,” Shiyu was being very straightforward. “Also… I’ve encountered an incident where large groups of very talented children are sent to learn from a prestigious master. Unfortunately, the moment they stepped past the threshold, they were devoured by this so-called great master. Therefore, the saying ‘no one can never fully trust strangers’ is very apt.”

Huan Mo nodded agreeably, “That saying makes sense.”

“You also mentioned that you want a disciple of good moral character. You and I just met, are you so sure that my character is good? Don’t forget I just destroyed someone’s medicine field. I don’t think that family would think of me as a good person.”

“To think you actually have a clear understanding of yourself,” Huan Mo appeared surprised.

“It’s important for someone to have self-knowledge,” said Shiyu.

“Hmm, you are a little different from the younger generations that I’ve met before,” said Huan Mo. Because of his high Cultivation, most of the younger generations tended to act respectfully in front of him. Some dared not even show their arrogance before.

Naturally, some are so confident with their strength that they would actually strut about like little cocks. Even rarer are the less restrained who reveal their true attitude to him.

However, no matter what, they all acted like his juniors.

But this girl… isn’t she a little too mature? Is she really a senior?


[Gumihou: … I guess Huan Mo never interacted with mature 7 or 8 year olds, only 17-25 year old brats]


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[1] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Might as well.

[2] Deleted Stuff:

At first, Shi Yu didn’t want to pay attention to him, but when she heard that he saw a Radish Demon, he immediately said…

Switched out all of that with ‘Shiyu’s ears pricked up’


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    Several chapters ago, Huan Mo said that he had hundreds of descendants. It’s a good thing for Shiyu that Mo Yin isn’t related. For a short while, I was worried the author was going to do a surname flip.

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