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Reborn-Super Chef – 044 – Give This Brat a Demonstration of What a Strike Means

Chapter 44 – Give This Brat a Demonstration of What a Strike Means

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One week ago, the chicken feast that Ye Chui prepared for Elder Han made Elder Han so happy that he over ate and was hospitalized. For a chef, this was definitely a great accomplishment. The news will surely make the chef famous.

However, when the media reported on this matter, there were few that mentioned Ye Chui. Most of the headlines were:

“Tian Xiaodu, a five-star chef, was very skilled in cooking. A fame food critic, Elder Han, end up overeating because the food is so delicious and was admitted to the hospital”.

“Tian Xiaodu’s cooking is praised by Elder Han. He can achieve great things in the future!”

And so on, no mention of Ye Chui’s name at all.

Ye Chui was an unknown, a teenager, and Tian Xiaodu a five-star chef. During the press release, Ye Chui and Tian Xiaodu both stood together and claimed that they had made a big meal for Elder Han. Most people unconsciously attribute all the credit to Tian Xiaodu.

As a result, Tian Xiaodu’s popularity rises, and he becomes the most sought-after chef in the restaurant industry in Xizhou. Meanwhile, Ye Chui not mentioned. Some newspapers may have mentioned Ye Chui’s name, but even then, few people take notice of a 17 years old youth.

Because of this, Tian Xiaodu had met up Ye Chui in private and apologised to him.

Ye Chui knew that it was not Tian Xiaodu’s fault. The most important thing was that he had no use for this fame at the moment, so Ye Chui was contented to keep quiet.

Originally, he intended to use whatever reputation he had gained to open a restaurant. The restaurant he wished most was a private type that does not cater to the public, allowing Ye Chui to focus on a small clientèle ensuring maximum taste. For this type of restaurant to succeed, the chef must have incredible cooking skills and a great reputation.

But to Ye Chui’s dismay, he discovered that while private dining restaurants existed in this world, they were strictly restricted by the law.

Only chefs with four star or above could operate private kitchens. All lower grade chefs must open their restaurant to the public and it was a crime not to do so. There was a stupid, idiotic legislation called Food Crime Bill that severely punish any offenders.

After learning about this law, his plans all went up in smoke. Ye Chui had to sit for the chef certification examination, and only after he had passed this stupid examination, he could open a diner type restaurant. The fame that he got from cooking the chicken feast for Elder Han was of no use to him anymore.

To many people, this chance at fame is hard to come by, but Ye Chui did not mind it one bit. After all, the cooking skills belong to him, and he was confident about satisfying the taste of any food critics that he met in future.


Right now, in the kitchen of Jun Le Xiang Restaurant, Fang Tao had just gleefully ridiculed Ye Chui. All Ye Chui’s hard work in building his reputation ended up benefiting someone else – his shifu.

More importantly, Fang Tao himself had benefited immensely. He was the apprentice of Tian Xiaodu. When his shifu gain some fame, he also benefits from the spotlight.

When Tian Xiaodu left Wan Lai Fu Restaurant, Fang Tao naturally left as well. Right now, his shifu is the most desirable chef in all of Xizhou city.

With Tian Xiaodu becoming head chef of Jun Le Xiang Restaurant, he would naturally have a a good position here.

Seeing the smug expression on Fang Tao’s face, Ye Chui regretted not letting Han Yuyan kick this rascal that day in the hospital.

However, Fang Tao’s provocation did not seem to faze Ye Chui. This snot nose brat wanted to annoy with these lame stabs?

Ye Chui’s mouth curled into a faint smile. This child needed to be taught a lesson, he will show him how to properly smack someone hard with the power of words alone.

“Is your shifu here?” Ye Chui smiled.

“What’s the matter? What do you want to speak with my shifu about?” Fang Tao smirked. He hated Ye Chui, envy and jealousy roiled in his stomach.

When he first met Ye Chui, he was just a mutton skewers peddler. But time and again, he had repeatedly gained the upper hand and thwarted his plans of currying favour with Cao Kang.

Not only did he get the better of him. Even Cao Kang, a rich man, ended up losing when he crossed swords with Ye Chui. Right now, Cao Kang had holed himself up at home and refused to interact with Fang Tao, destroying any hopes of Fang Tao building good relationships with him — Therefore, when he found out that his master had taken all the credit of Ye Chui’s hard work, he grew very smug.

In fact, he planned to go to Ye Chui’s lamb skewers stall for two days just to brag. Who would have thought that his victim would just appear on its own had appeared on its own, and look, that cocky, arrogant brat had been reduced to working as help in a chicken farm while he, Fang Tao, was about to become a chef for Jun Le Xiang Restaurant.

Life was really unpredictable and he like this turn of events.

He sneered and continued to put Ye Chui down: “You were too proud when Manager Yang allowed you to join Wan Lai Fu Restaurant. Now, just see how miserable you are now! You have degraded to a delivery boy!  Are you hoping that shifu will let join Jun Le Xiang Restaurant?”

“I’m not interested in working for either Wan Lai Fu or Jun Le Xiang.” Ye Chui said with a chuckle. “I plan to open my own restaurant.”

“Open a restaurant? I heard that you do not even have a one-star chef certificate. How are you going to open a restaurant?” Fang Tao smirked.

“By using your shifu, of course!” Ye Chui replied.

“What?” Fang Tao was stunned. He does not know what Ye Chui mean by these words.

Just at this time, Tian Xiaodu walked into the kitchen with another middle-aged man. The middle-aged man was well-dressed and wearing a suit and tie. This man is none other than Wan Jianhua, the owner of Jun Le Xiang. The two men were discussing the details of Tian Xiaodu joining Jun Le Xiang Restaurant as the head chef.

Wang Jianhua was very proud to introduce Tian Xiaodu to the kitchen. Then Tian Xiaodu saw Ye Chui, and exclaimed “little brother”. He immediately left Wang Jianhua’s side and hurried over to Ye Chui “What a coincident! What are you doing here?”

“Shifu, Mr. Ye is delivering chickens.” Fang Tao explained.

“Delivery chickens?” Tian  Xiaodu was astounded. “Just what is going on?”

“I’m just helping out a friend,” Ye Chui passed the box of chickens to Chen Sitang, and smiled as he greeted Tian Xiaodu, “This Jun Le Xiang Restaurant’s kitchen is really impressive. As a chef here, you have a good future. Oh, yes, congratulations on your new post as the head chef of this restaurant.”

Tian Xiaodu was a bit ashamed as he smiled, “Jun Le Xiang Restaurant’s restaurant’s head chef suddenly resigned, and Boss Wang approached me. But I have not confirmed anything yet. Little brother, regarding my proposal, have you thought it over?”

Fang Tao was stunned. He immediately asked, “Shifu, what proposal?”

“None of your business!” Tian Xiaodu glared at Fang Tao. He was not stupid and had seen the smug expression on Fang Tao’s face when he was speaking to Ye Chui earlier.

“Actually, I was a bit hesitant about the proposal. But your good disciple managed to change my mind.” Ye Chui smiled as he nodded his head. “I agree with your proposal.”

Wang Jianhua also approached the trio. He asked, “Chef Tian, who is this man? What is this proposal?”

“Boss Wang, please accept my apologies. I cannot join Jun Le Xiang.” Tian Xiaodu’s face was filled with joy. He continued, “I open a restaurant with this little brother of mine!”

When Tian Xiaodu passed the $150,000 from Yang Yong to Ye Chui, he had broached his hopes to open a restaurant with him. With Tian Xiaodu’s five-star chef certificate, Ye Chui could open his desired type of restaurant, but something made him hesitate.

Tian Xiaodu was now very a well-known celebrity chef. He could have his pick of restaurants within Xizhou city. To let him give up such a good future, and embark on a risk-taking entrepreneurship that may not even bear fruit was not something that you would do to a friend.

Although Ye Chui was confident with himself, he felt that it was unfair for Tian Xiaodu to shoulder the risks as well.

Right this moment, however, Ye Chui agreed with the idea. Fang Tao’s provocation had really annoyed him. On the other hand,Tian Xiaodu’s desire to pursue the finer points of cooking pleased him, and he was happy to accept Tian Xiaodu as his first apprentice in this world.

“Shifu… you… what did you say?” Fang Tao’s face changed dramatically and quickly stopped Tian Xiaodu. “How can you give up on the job of head Chef at Jun Le Xiang, and what’s all this about opening a restaurant with Ye Chui? Then… then… what am I supposed to do?”

“Don’t worry”, said Ye Chui. “If you are willing to come to my new restaurant, I will hire you. The starting salary is a little low, $800 per month, but we will offer bonuses if the restaurant does well.”

Fang Tao:“……”




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