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Reborn-Super Chef – 043 – Ken De Ji

Chapter 43 – Ken De Ji

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==== One week after entertaining Elder Han, in the Feng Ye Shan.  ===

Ye Chui was standing outside the chicken coop and frown. The smell of the chicken coop is a bit disgusting, and he decided not to enter.

The Feng Ye Shan Chicken Farm boss, Manager Chen Sitang stood not far away from Ye Chui.

Chen Sitang was very happy. He does not mind the smell, and immediately entered the coop and pointed at a chicken in the cage as he happily exclaimed, “Mr Ye, I built this chicken house according to your advice. It has been three or four days since we started using it. These chickens were all placed in cages. Although they were a bit noisy, they soon quieted down. The chicken house was really good. This makes it easier to catch the chickens”

“That’s good, then we can work together to build more chicken coops! This will make your chicken farm more efficient and less stressful for your workers. “Ye Chui said with a smile and listened to the clucking of the chickens from chicken coop.

The operating mode of chicken farms is actually very simple.

However, the vegetarians’ movement had affected the farming of animals and much knowledge had been lost. With the reintroduction of meat as a diet, the farming industry can be said to be just starting.

Of course, the chicken did not need to be tamed anymore. Although they have been in the wild for 80 years, they can still have the genetics of farm-raised poultry in nature. This makes it much easier to raise them as livestock.

Ye Chui didn’t have much interest in visiting the chicken house. Chen Sitang could naturally see that. He enthusiastically brought Ye Chui to his office for a seat instead, as they discuss their next plans.

When he first met Ye Chui two weeks ago, Chen Sitang thought that it was a rich man with a girlfriend who was just looking for some fun. But now, he has understood that this young boy is not as simple as

he looks. At least, his knowledge of raising the chickens in a chicken coop is quite amazing.

“This group of chickens will be able to leave the market in a month’s time. I plan to build a few more henhouses later.” Chen Sitang talked with Ye Chui about his plans.

This is because Ye Chui has been regarded as a partner. “I envision that the entire Feng Ye Shan could be filled with chicken coops.”

“This is not necessary.” Ye Chui shook his head and said, “While it is easier to keep the chicken in the chicken coops, it is best if you do not lower the number of wild chickens. The chicken meat produced through free-range method is much better than the chicken coop. In this way, we have a have a superior product – superior quality chicken meat.”

“So we’ll have two types of chicken meat? The first is the meat from normal chickens in the henhouse. The second type is the superior quality chickens from the wild?” Chen Sitang thought about it for a moment.

He thought this is a good plan and nodded. “Well then, we will do as you suggest. Mr Ye, you may be young, but you sure have a good understanding of this industry. I hope to continue working with you!”

“Of course we will work together.” Ye Chui said with a chuckle. “Indeed, I will probably need a lot of chickens soon. Therefore, you will be my supplier.”

“Need a lot of chicken?” Chen Sitang asked, “Are you planning to open a restaurant?”

“Yes.” Ye Chui did not elaborate.

Ye Chui was really preparing to launch his own restaurant. But the reason why he needs a large number of chickens is due to the restrictions in this world.

Under the current rules, he could not open the restaurant of his dreams immediately and have to start with a commoner’s restaurant first.

And when you think of the commoner’s restaurant, the first thing that comes to mind is Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and McDonald’s.

So he will first open a fast food restaurant selling chickens. He had already thought of a name for this new restaurant – it will be called Ken De Ji (Can Eat Chicken).  This name is also a parody of KFC.

To be frank, Ye Chui did not really want to launch a Ken De Ji restaurant.

However, his actual plans were derailed by Tian Xiaodu’s information a week ago, Ye Chui suddenly learned how this world works.

As a 1 star chef, he could not open the grand restaurant that he had envisioned. At least not for the time being.

Therefore, he decided to open a commoner restaurant first.

Ye Chui had planned everything out. He would launch his new restaurant one week after obtaining the basic qualifying examination for a one-star chef certificate.

Ye Chui believes that with his skills and knowledge about food, attaining a one-star chef certificate is not a problem.

While Ye Chui was frustrated by these restrictions placed upon him, he thought of a way to earn some monies for the grand restaurant of his dreams – selling fried chicken. Although fried chicken snack is not a fine cuisine, the revenues for KFC and McDonald’s were very impressive.

Right now, Ye Chui had to pay for his two younger sisters expenses. Also, he had a new love. Dating needs money, and so do raising his sisters. He really needs more money.

Then Ye Chui and Chen Sitang discussed something about future cooperation. It can be seen that Chen Sitang is an honest person. There is nothing to worry about. Working with Chen Sitang was a good decision.

Of course, Ye Chui did not forget to put their agreement down in writing.

After the meeting was over, Ye Chui was planning to leave when Chen Sitang thought of something: “Mr Ye, did you come here by bus? If you don’t mind waiting a few minutes. I’ll be delivering chickens to several restaurants today. Would you like  a lift back to the city?”

Feng Ye Shan Chicken Farm has it’s own slaughterhouse. Every day, thousands of chickens are killed, processed and transported to the city’s major restaurants.

Chen Sitang was about to deliver some chickens to several restaurants in the city, and he offers Ye Chui a lift.

Ye Chui accepted his offer.

The trucks had already been loaded, Chen Sitang was sitting in the driver’s seat. Ye Chui sat in the passenger seat next to them and they chatted while on the way to the city.

“Which restaurant are you sending the chickens to?” asked Ye Chui.

“It is Jun Le Xiang Restaurant,” Chen Sitang replied.

“Oh, Jun Le Xiang Restaurant. It’s on the way to my home.” Ye Chui nodded.

Ye Chui knew about this restaurant. There are the two five-star restaurants in Xizhou — Jun Le Xiang Restaurant and Wan Lai Fu Restaurant.

However, after the incident with Elder Han a week ago, the Wan Lai Fu Restaurant manager Yang Yong was badly criticized by the media. The good name of Wan Lai Fu Restaurant was thus destroyed. There were rumours that this five-star restaurant rating would most likely to drop to four stars.

Meanwhile, Manager Yang Yong was fired from his post in the restaurant.As a result, Jun Le Xiang Restaurant became the largest and most popular restaurant in the entire city of Xizhou.

The journey to Jun Le Xiang Restaurant took half an hour. This restaurant was built on a prominent commercial street. Above the main entrance, a magnificent, gold signboard with the words “Jun Le Xiang Restaurant” was hung. It wass said that the words were written by a famous calligrapher.

Chen Sitang came here quite frequently and knew the best place to park. He parked in a small alley behind the restaurant.

After greeting the kitchen staff, Chen Sitang began to unload the chickens.

Ye Chui was supposed to have left by now, but when he saw Chen Sitang was having a hard time carrying the chickens around, he pushed up his sleeves and said with a smile, “Brother Chen, let me assist you.”

This kind of heavy lifting was nothing to Ye Chui. He quickly grabbed a few chickens and carried them into the kitchen of Jun Le Xiang Restaurant. Ye Chui took the opportunity to look around the kitchen of Jun Le Xiang Restaurant. It was larger and much better-equipped than Wan Lai Fu Restaurant.

There were more than a dozen chefs busily doing their jobs. They are orderly and meticulous. The kitchen, is a good barometer of how a restaurant is doing.

Ye Chui nodded approvingly.

With Wan Lai Fu Restaurant’s reputation was ruin because of Yang Yong, Jun Le Xiang Restaurant should take this opportunity to leap ahead of its rival.

Chen Sitang had already approached the person in charge of the kitchen and all paperworks were in order. They were about to leave when a loud an exclamation rang in their ears, “Ye Chui, why are you here?!”

Ye Chui frowned. He turned around and saw a young man of 23-24 years of age walking in from outside the kitchen. It was none other than Fang Tao.

Fang Tao seemed equally surprised to see Ye Chui.

When he saw the boxes of chicken that was being transported by Ye Chui, his face couldn’t help but reveal a touch of contempt.

He grinned and said, “Why, are you delivering chickens now? A week ago, my shifu was given the great credit for the chicken feast that you have painstakingly prepared. I did not have the opportunity to thank you yet.”

“Anyway, my shifu is about to serve as head chef at Jun Le Xiang. I’m sure I can talk them to take you in. I’ll make sure to take good care of you. How about it?”




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