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Reborn-Super Chef – 024

Chapter 24 – The Future Mutton Skewer Stall Owner



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After leaving Wan Lai Fu Restaurant, Ye Chui passed by a shop selling mobile phones. He decided to go in and a look.


His two sisters are seldom by his side. What if they got into trouble and he did not know about it?


Also, he is courting Lin Wei. He needs to have a mobile phone to keep in touch with her.


In this era, the mobile phone had become an inseparable part of most people’s life. Wang Shiyu had wanted a mobile phone, and have often grumbled that all her friends in school had a handphone except for her. An Jing is more understanding and has not mentioned this matter before. But Ye Chui knows that she also hopes to have a handphone of her own.


As soon as he thought of this, Ye Chui purchased 3 mobile phones. This brand of mobile phone is very popular in this world. It is called Banana phone. The logo is a banana that had one bite on it…


When he brought the 3 handphones home, Wang Shiyu and An Jing were thrilled and excited to have a mobile phone of their own. Ye Chui immediately stored theirs and Lin Wei mobile number on his mobile phone, and called Lin Wei for a chat.


Because he had wasted the morning, Ye Chui was very busy in the afternoon and hardly had any time to rest. At night when he went to work in the night market, Lin Wei visited his stall again.


At this time, he suddenly realised a problem – there are a large number of regular customers at his stall. He had no intention of continuing to man this stall. Once he had opened his own restaurant, this stall would be closed indefinitely. To serve his regular customers, he needs to find someone who is willing to take over this business, and can man this stall in his absence.


It is coincident that he quickly met someone suitable.


The next morning, Ye Chui brought his tricycle to the wet market as usual to purchase more mutton skewers. At the same time, he was hoping to learn from the chicken stall seller regarding the purchase of live chickens. He wanted to suitable chickens for the feast to entertain Elder Han. To make the finest quality food, he needs the finest quality ingredients.


But when he reached the mutton stall, he was surprised to see another person in this stall.


Usually, when he comes over, there is only a middle age man here. Today, there is another young man about 20 years of age working here. He was tall and strong and looks very muscular.


When the mutton stall owner saw Ye Chui, he immediately greeted him. “Back for more mutton?”


“That’s right!” Ye Chui nodded his head. Today the mutton stall seller was quite different from his cheerful self. Normally he will greet Ye Chui with a smile and was very happy to serve Ye Chui. But today he was grumpy and was frowning.


As he was choosing the parts of the mutton that he likes, Ye Chui asked, “What happened to you?”


“This is all my son’s fault!” hearing Ye Chui words, the boss immediately pointed at the young man standing next to him, “He really angered me to death! All my efforts in raising him had gone to waste!”


That young man was wiping the chopping board that was used to cut the mutton. When he heard what the boss had said, he snorted, “Dad, why you still keep mentioning this? I was expelled from the university is not ….”


The boss is not willing to listen to him and immediately flared up. He slammed the counter with the palm of his hands and shouted, “You still dare to say? If you did not fight, why would the university expel you?”


“It is not my fault. If this happened again, I will hit that bastard much harder!” The young man was very angry, as if it reminded him of something that infuriated him. His fists were clutched tightly. It seemed to contain his rage and looks as if he wanted to hit someone.


“You…. You… you will be the death of me!” The boss of the mutton stall saw that his son was so stubborn and wanted to hit him.


Ye Chui immediately stepped in, “Boss, do not be angry. First of all, let know what happened?”


“Brother, I tell you what happened. After listening to my story, you tell me if it is my fault.” That young man was very flustered. He wanted to share his story, but no one was willing to listen to him. Now that he had a listening ear, he immediately informed Ye Chui the reason why he had beat someone up in school.


This young man is named Qin Feng. He is the only son of the boss of the mutton store. He is a smart man, and managed to enter a prestigious university in Beijing. He was doing well academically. But recently he had met something that enraged him.


In the first year of university, Qin Feng finally had a girlfriend. The two of them were together for some time, and Qin Feng intends to bring her home and introduce her to his family. But not long ago, he discovered to his dismay that his girlfriend was cheating on him.


The 3rd party is a famous rich man’s son. He had nice cars and clothes. When her affair was revealed, his girlfriend attempted to break up with him. She even sneered at him, saying that his family is just a mutton seller and could not hope to compare with that rich man family. The 3rd party took his girlfriend away from him in his face.


Qin Feng is a proud man. That night he had drunk too much alcohol. Under the influence of alcohol, he had intruded into the rich man’s son’s adobe, and beat that man up. Usually, this problem is not very serious. After all, all schools have occasional fights. The rich man’s son is only bruised and his injuries are not serious. In such cases, he would be given a warning and a demerit point.


But that rich man’s son is well connected and has contacts with the university’s highest authority. Because of this, Qin Feng was expelled from the university.


Having shared his story, Qin Feng’s eyes had turned bloodshot with rage and self-pity. “So what if he had money! Sooner or later, I will achieve success with my own hands and show them!”


“You could not even graduate from university, and you still talk about achieving success? You….” The boss of the mutton stall was also angry. Then he just sighed in resignation. He knew that he should not blame his son. If this happens to him, he will also beat up the 3rd party.


Ye Chui was looking at this pair of father and son. His eyes were evaluating Qin Feng. This young man is pretty strong and could take hardship. His personality may be a bit rash, but Ye Chui like his spark.


Ye Chui smiled and replied, “What you said is right! You must make a name for yourself and show them that you are much better than them. Anyone with a good parent can do what he had done. But if you want to succeed in life, you have to depend on yourself!”


Qin Feng nodded his head. He agreed with Ye Chui. But his face was still filled with worries. After all, he did not graduate from university. It would be hard for him to do well in the future.


“I can give you chance to build your own business empire. I am not sure if you are willing to try?” Ye Chui continued.


Qin Feng was shocked and looked at Ye Chui: “You?”


“That’s right! You come and help me sell mutton skewers in the night market. Each month I will pay you $1000 as your salary. As long as you meet my requirements, you will achieve success one day.” Ye Chui confidently told Qin Feng.


“While you first start, it is very stressful and tiring. After you have achieved success, you will surely make your ex-girlfriend regret leaving you. This, I can promise you.”


The boss of the mutton stall heard Ye Chui’s words and immediately become very happy. He anxiously informed his son, “Feng Er, this young man sells mutton skewers in the night market. The food he made is very popular, and his business is much better than being a mutton stall seller like me. Even the head chef of Wan Lai Fu Restaurant also looks for him when he needs help. What are you hesitating for? You should quickly grab hold of this opportunity! Now, thank him and accept the offer.”


Qin Feng was looking at Ye Chui with scepticism. This young man is much younger than him. And sell mutton skewers with Ye Chui? This is something that he finds quite hard to accept.


But when he thought of his ex-girlfriend and the 3rd party, his fists were clutched so tightly together in hate and rage. He took a deep breath to calm down and said, “All right. I will help you. I am not afraid of hardships. If you mutton skewers stall can really do well, I will definitely listen to you and work for you!”


“That is great!” Ye Chui nodded his head. He could tell that Qin Feng did not believe him. This is normal. As a night market store owner, he does not inspire a lot of trusts. But now that Qin Feng had accepted his offer, this is not important anymore.


Ye Chui smiled, “At 6.30pm in the evening, wait for me at the night market. If you will find out if my mutton skewers had any potential to help you realise your dreams.”






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