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Reborn-Super Chef – 045 – Master Disciple Breakup

Chapter 45 – Master Disciple Breakup

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Fang Tao was a two-star chef. Also, as he is a disciple of the great and talented Tian Xiaodu, his usual monthly income could reach $7000 – $8000. To ask him to work for Ye Chui at a salary $800 a month? Of course, he would not agree to it.

He suffered a huge blow, and tremble as he looked at Tian Xiaodu: “Shifu, you … … you are not serious, right?”

Tian Xiaodu smiled: “You fool! You have witnessed the level of Ye Chui cooking skills with your own eyes. If you work for him, you can definitely refine your cooking skills. This is a good thing!”

To Tian Xiaodu, nothing was more valuable than the pursuit of finer cooking skills. This was why Ye Chui liked and valued Tian Xiaodu.

“…..” Fang Tao shook with fury and frustration. He would rather die than to work for Ye Chui!

Fang Tao was the type of men that is willing to do anything to climb the social ladder. He tried to curry favour with Cao Kang for this reason. But unlike Cao Kang who saw Ye Chui as a serious competitor, Fang Tao could not do so. In his eyes, Ye Chui was nothing but a mere mutton skewers stall operator.

Jun Le Xiang Restaurant’s boss Wang Jinhua suddenly interjected, “Chef Tian, are you unhappy about the pay? Is that why you decline the offer to work for Jun Le Xiang? We can still negotiate the pay.”

“No, no, I’m very satisfied with the pay you offered, Boss Wang. It is my personal wish to open a restaurant with Ye Chui. Therefore, I can only apologise and decline your generous offer.” Tian Xiaodu quickly replied.

To be frank, Tian Xiaodu actually had no interest in working for Jun Le Xiang. It would do nothing to increase his cooking skills. He was more interested in opening a restaurant with Ye Chui and looked forward to his guidance.

It was Fang Tao’s insistence and relentless persuasions that he finally gave in and came here for an interview.  After all, Ye Chui had not agreed to his proposal yet, he came here under the impression that Ye Chui is not keen on a partnership.

Wang Jianhua was surprised by Tian Xiaodu’s words, he looked at Ye Chui in curiously. Just how did a young brat like this attract the attention of a fine chef like Tian Xiaodu.

Never in a million years would he have guessed that for Tian Xiaodu, this was a wonderful opportunity for him to learn from Ye Chui.

“Boss Wang, I apologised as well.” Ye Chui smiled as he greeted Wang Jianhua.

Wang Jianhua smiled. “Since Chef Tian wants to work with you, I could only blame myself for not having the ability to attract him. There is nothing to apologise for. I hope that if you have the time, we can talked about the experience of running a restaurant business.”

Wang Jianhua character was much better and calmer than Yang Yong. He may be unhappy, but he hid his real feelings well.

Ye Chui smiled and nodded his head, then he informed Tian Xiaodu, “Let’s go!”

“Fang Tao.” Tian Xiaodu called out when he noticed that his disciple was still rooted on the spot.

But Fang Tao did not move.

“Fang Tao!” Tian Xiaodu shouted, “Let’s go!”

“I …. I am not going to work for Ye Chui!” Fang Tao’s face changed. Then he grew more determined. “I want to stay at Jun Le Xiang!”

Tian Xiaodu’s eyes blazed with fury, “What silly talk! You are my disciple! You have not finished your apprenticeship yet!”

“So what if I have not finished my apprenticeship?” Fang Tao sneered. “Did you really think that I will work under Ye Chui on your say so?”

Though Tian Xiaodu said that the restaurant with Ye Chui was a partnership, Fang Tao realised that his shifu was foolishly respectful towards Ye Chui. In the end, it will be Ye Chui calling all the shots in the restaurant. If that’s case, what kind of position would he have there? He would be nothing more than a kitchen hand!

In addition, he and Ye Chui were at loggerheads. If he were to work for Ye Chui, Ye Chui could make things difficult for him.

Since his shifu had fallen so low as to work for a mutton skewer stall owner like Ye Chui, it is best to break off the relations with his shifu. He could no longer benefit from this relationship.

He straightened his clothes, looked at Tian Xiaodu and said, “This is the last time I am calling you shifu. In future, I am no longer your disciple!”

“You… You….” Tian Xiaodu’s fat and round face turned red with anger. He never expected these words from his disciple. “Fine! You think you are so great and do not need my mentorship anymore? Very well! From now on, you are no longer my disciple!”

Tian Xiaodu fumed as he left the kitchen.

Ye Chui smirked at Fang Tao.

One day, Fang Tao would realise just what he had lost.

Ye Chui did not say a word as he left the kitchen. In his opinion, it was a good thing that Fang Tao initiated the break in the relationship between Master and disciple.

This Fang Tao was a man who wish to get rich by any means. He had recognised Tian Xiaodu as his shifu because he wanted the benefits of Tian Xiaodu’s 5-star chef ranking. This type of man was unscrupulous and would do anything to get what he wants. Sooner or later, he would turn around and betray Tian Xiaodu and kick him when he’s down.

In future, Tian Xiaodu will be Ye Chui’s disciple. He did not like the idea of having Fang Tao as a grand-disciple, that man was just too unworthy.

After Ye Chui and Tian Xiaodu left the kitchen, Wang Jianhua’s calm face turned unhappy. He glared at the chefs in the kitchen and barked, “What are you gawking about? Go back to your work!”

The chefs in the kitchen immediately found something to do.

Wang Jianhua turned his gaze at Fang Tao. He sneered: Just now, Fang Tao said he wanted to stay Jun Le Xiang Restaurant. He did not like Fang Tao’s cockiness. Without Tian Xiaodu as a backer, he had no reason to employ Fang Tao. After all, 2-star chefs were dime a dozen. What does Fang Tao have to offer him to work here?

Fang Tao noticed Wang Jianhua’s gaze.

He smiled and said: “Boss Wang must be curious about the boy who was here just now. He is called Ye Chui. Do you recall the feast in which Elder Han ate so much that he was hospitalised? The chicken feast is actually not prepared by my former teacher. It’s not Tian Xiaodu’s work, but this Ye Chui’s work.”

“What?” Wang Jianhua had not heard of this. “Is that teenager really that impressive?”

“He just happened to have access to some ancient recipes. What’s so great about that?” Fang Tao said disdainfully. “Master Tian ignored his own status and lowered himself to butter up the boy. In truth, this Ye Chui was nothing special. I have no use for a master who didn’t know how to estimate someone’s true ability.”

Fang Tao’s face broke into a sinister smile. “What if I also have these recipes?”

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In the taxi, Tian Xiaodu sat beside Ye Chui. He was still ruminating over his disciple’s betrayal.

When the two of them reached Ye Chui’s place, he invited Tian Xiaodu, “It’s lunchtime now and I’m going to cook something. I promised Little Rain that I’ll cook a feast for her. Do come in.”

Tian Xiaodu immediately brightened at the word ‘feast’, but then he froze and shook shook his head, “No, no thanks. Not today. My wife would have prepared lunch for me. I’ll have it at home.”

Seeing Tian Xiaodu’s reaction, Ye Chui was surprised. How come this fatty seemed to be afraid of his house? Didn’t he charged into his living room and ate the food he cooked for his sisters the first time they met?

–Ye Chui could never imagine, nor will he believe that this fatty was actually frightened of Wang Shiyu.–

Since Tian Xiaodu was unwilling to come in, Ye Chui left the taxi first. Tian Xiaodu stuck his head out, “Brother, I’m quite familiar with the restaurant business in Xizhou, I’ll look for some suitable places for our restaurant. Shall we meet up to look at the properties in two days?”

“All right,” Ye Chui smiled and nodded, “Thank you for your hard work.”

“There is no need for thanks. This much is nothing.” Tian Xiaodu shook his head and replied.

Wang Shiyu was a bright girl, and she had got another perfect score for her tests. To encourage her to perform well academically, Ye Chui had decided to cook a feast for her. He intends to make [Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs].

He had just placed the freshly cooked plate of sweet and sour pork ribs on the dining table when An Jing [1] ran in with Wang Shiyu. As soon they reached home Wang Shiyu excitedly rushed up to Ye Chui, “Brother, brother, I found a really nice place! Let’s move there!”

These few days, Ye Chui had been on the look out for a good house, but no luck so far. Just how did Wang Shiyu found one so quickly?


[1] I think it is a typo. The sister name is An Jing. But here it type 安乐 An Le.




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