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Reborn-Super Chef – 039 – He Had Too Much

Chapter 39 – He Had Too Much


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Elder Han was rushed to the nearest hospital in an ambulance. Han Yuyan continued to stay by Elder Han’s side and entered the ambulance.

Ye Chui, Yang Yong, Tian Xiaodu, and Fang Tao got into a car and followed the ambulance.

They were in Fang Tao’s car. Of course, the driver is Fang Tao. Yang Yong was on pins and needles, and could not sit still in the passenger seat.

He glared at Ye Chui and Tian Xiaodu and sneered, “Let me make things clear. I am not responsible for Elder Han’s condition. The dish is cooked by you, Ye Chui. And Tian Xiaodu, you have vouched for him. If something happens to Elder Han, you two have to bear all the responsibilities. Wan Lai Fu restaurant will not help you two!”

Tian Xiaodu was also worried about Elder Han. When he heard Yang Yong’s words, he immediately showed his disgust, “Manager Yang, how could you say this?”

“What? Did I say anything wrong?” Yang Yong turned around and looked at Ye Chui and Tian Xiaoduo. “We have agreed on this beforehand. And now that something had happened, all the responsibilities for this incident lies with you, Tian Xiaodu. Our brand name, the prestigious name of Wan Lai Fu restaurant, had been dragged through the mud. Who will I voice my grievance to?”

“You… you did not even consider our relationship?” Tian Xiaodu asked.

“Relationship?” Yang Yong sneered, “Oh, how much is the relationship worth?”

“You…..” Tian Xiaodu was so angry that he was shaking with rage. He was about to argue back, when Ye Chui tapped him on the shoulder and smiled, “Do not worry. There must be a misunderstanding.”

All the chefs are very fussy about their food. Ye Chui is very careful about the food that he handles. He is very sure that there is nothing wrong with the ingredients. He had also washed and scrub the plates and utensils before using them.

In his opinion, if Elder Han becomes like that, it must be because he had some medical problems. This should have nothing to do with the food that he cooks.

Tian Xiaoduo looked at Ye Chui and nodded his head. For some strange, unexplainable reasons, he trusted Ye Chui.

“Misunderstanding? Humph!” Yang Yong sneered.

Fang Tao continued to focus on driving. He was also scheming at the same time, as he thought of how he could wash his hands off this matter.

The car finally stopped at the nearest hospital, Xizhou 4th hospital. After disembarking from the vehicle, Ye Chui was surprised to find that the hospital doors were filled with reported. There are also many cameramen and broadcast anchors as they reported on the news.

Right now is the peak of the Fine Food revolution as meat products are being reintroduced into the market. As a leading food critic with more than 4 decades of experience, Elder Han suspected case of food poisoning is big news.

This is especially so when Yang Yong had invited so many reporters to watch Elder Han arriving at Wan Lai Fu. At this time, all the news networks were busy as reporters, cameramen and anchor rushed to cover this news.

Looking at the scene before him, Yang Yong immediately took out his hand towel to wipe his perspiration. All the reporters had surrounded the entrance to the hospital. Many of them recognised Yan Yong. When they alight from the vehicle, the four men were immediately surrounded by hordes of news media.

“Manager Yang, I heard that Elder Han was suffering from food poisoning. Is this true?”

“This time, Elder Han was dining at Wan Lai Fu restaurant when he had food poisoning. Will Wan Lai Fu restaurant take up all responsibilities?”

All kinds of questions were thrown at them.

Yang Yong wiped his perspiration and immediately declared, “Please listen to me. This time, Elder Han was served by chef Tian Xiaodu and chef Ye Chui. Wan Lai Fu Restaurant is only the venue used to entertain Elder Han. Therefore, any food poisoning that Elder Han experience had nothing to do with Wan Lai Fu restaurant. All the responsibilities will be bear by Tian Xiaodu and Ye Chui!”

As soon as he said this, the lights of multiple cameras flashed.

Tian Xiaodu was very angry and shocked by Yang Yong public declaration. He really does not value the relationship!

Ye Chui tapped Tian Xiaodu on his shoulder and whispered, “Just treat it as a learning experience. We have finally seen his true colours. Let’s go. We enter the hospital and find out more first.”

Yang Yong was frantically disowning any responsibilities and putting the blame squarely on Ye Chui and Tian Xiaodu. There were many photographers who took a picture of the two embattled chefs.

But the two of them ignored the reporters and made their way towards the hospital. The security guards on duty saw Tian Xiaodu uniform and did not stop him from entering.

Right now Elder Han was in the emergency room. Ye Chui and Tian Xiaodu could only wait outside the emergency room.

On the corridor, Han Yuyan was walking around in circles anxious.

“How is Elder Han’s situation?” Ye Chui walked to Han Yuyan and asked.

“They are still treating him…” Han Yuyan was aggravated when she saw Ye Chui. She pushed Ye Chui and pin him to the wall, and her elbow was crushing onto Ye Chui’s neck. She fiercely said, “If my grandpa got food poisoning, I will not spare you….”

When she said this, she choked. Two streams of tears freely flowed down her pretty face. She was ready worried about Elder Han.

Ye Chui was very angry when he was shoved against the wall. But when he saw Han Yuyan’s tears, his heart softened and he forgives her trespasses. Right now, she is too worried about Elder Han, and not in a right frame of mind.

Tian Xiaodu saw the way Han Yuyan manhandled Ye Chui and was about to come over to help. But Han Yuyan quickly lets go of Ye Chui and sat on a chair nearby and wiped her tears. At this time, she is no longer an icy cold beauty, and is more like a pitiful girl.

Ye Chui searched his pockets and took out a packet of tissue paper for her. She was angry, but she still accepted the tissues and used it to wipe her tears.

“Relax, Elder Han will be all right.” Ye Chui gentle said, and sat down beside her. After a short hesitation, he reached out and patted Han Yuyan on her shoulders.

Han Yuyan’s body stiffened at the contact, but she did not reject his consolations.

Waiting outside the emergency room while your loved ones are receiving treatment is a form of agony.

After Yang Yong had managed to ditch the reporters, he immediately rushed up to the emergency room. Looking at the current situation, he rushed up to Han Yuyan and said, “We are very sorry that Elder Han had experienced some problems while dining at Wan Lai Fu restaurant. But I am sure that you understand that today, it is Ye Chui who cooked the dishes for Elder Han. He is not a chef in Wan Lai Fu restaurant. As well, chef Tian Xiaodu was the one who invited Elder Han. Therefore, Elder Han’s food poisoning had nothing to do with Wan Lai Fu restaurant.”

Han Yuyan’s eyes flashed with anger. At this time, Yang Yong was not worried about Elder Han, and was only worried about how to ditch his responsibilities and disassociate himself with the incident. She glared at Yang Yong furiously.

“Yang Yong, I had never imagined that you are this type of person. If Elder Han is really in trouble because of food poisoning, I, Tian Xiaoduo will bear all responsibilities!” Tian Xiaoduo could not stand this shameless man anymore and immediately shouted.

“Of course! I am more worried that you will try weasel your way out!” Yang Yong sneered. Then he looked at Ye Chui and showed an expression of triumph, “I have already explained it clearly to the reporters outside. This feast has nothing to do with Wan Lai Fu restaurant. If anything happens to Elder Han, you two are responsible!”

“You… You….” Tian Xiaodu is not an irresponsible man. Since he have given his word, he will take up the responsibility. But Yang Yong’s actions were really too much. He clutched his fists as if he want to beat Yang Yong up.

Ye Chui immediately pulled his arm, “Xiaoduo, relax and remain calm. There is no need to lose your cool over a scoundrel like him. Let’s wait until for the results of doctor’s examination before deciding what we should do.”

“Wait for the results?” Yang Yong sneered, “What results are you waiting for? Elder Han being hospitalised is more or less a confirmed issue. You two just wait for your funerals….”

At this time, the door to the emergency was opened, and the doctor stepped out. The operation was over.

Han Yuyan immediately leapt up from the chair and rushed towards the doctor. Ye Chui and Tian Xiaodu anxiously followed behind. Yang Yong looked on from afar, but within a earshot of their conversation.

“Doctor, how is my grandpa?” Han Yuyan asked.

“Relax, he is all right now.” The doctor wiped the beads of perspiration from his head.

“What happened to him? Is it because he got food poisoning or is he ill?” Han Yuyan continued to question.

“Not these.” The doctor shook his head. He had a very strange look on his face. “He is just suffering from overeating.”

Han Yuyan:“……”

Ye Chui:“……”

Tian Xiaoduo:“……”

Yang Yong:“…… ah?”




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