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Reborn-Super Chef – 046 – Restaurant For His Sisters

Chapter 46 – Restaurant For His Sisters

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Ye Chui had about $200,000 cash on him. In addition to paying for the new shop, he wants to move house with his two sisters to a bigger apartment. When Wang Shiyu said that she had found a perfect place, Ye Chui did not think much of it. This girl may be smart, but finding the right apartment was not easy.

Ye Chui smiled as he patted Wang Shiyu on her head, “Really? If I have time, I will definitely go take a look with you. Right now, you should go and wash your hands, I’ve made something super tasty for you.”

Wang Shiyu’s eyes widen in delight and surprise, and sniffed hard, her expression becoming intoxicated by the smell, “Oh, I love the food brother makes! It smells heavenly. I’m going put in more effort into my studies and get 100 in every test!”

This cute girl even punch the air with her fists.

Ye Chui wondered if using food to motivate Wang Shiyu was wrong. She studied hard not because she wants to learn, but for the sake of tasty food.

An Jing and Wang Shiyu washed their hands and sat at the dining table. When the two of them saw the Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs, they gulped hungrily. The dish was nearly sparkling from the surface oil, the meat looked like amber jewels. The meat was generously cut and the sauce thick and sticky with an amber hue. It smelled even better than it looked.

There were plenty of different variations to the standard Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs, there is the Shanghai style, Zhejiang Style and Sichuan style. Today, he chose the Shanghai style Pork Rib for its gentler and sweeter flavour, suitable for children.

An Jing picked up a piece of pork rib and took a bite. Oh…. It was a mouthful of heaven. The sweet and sour sauce on the outside blends perfectly with the tender rib meat. She stared at Ye Chui with amazed eyes.

Ye Chui noticed her look and asked, “Well? Do you like it?”

“Ribs are really delicious, ah.” An Jing shook her head. She smiled sweetly, “It is so good to be able to eat the food that brother makes. I feel very blessed.”

“Hehe, if you like it, eat more!” Ye Chui smiled. “From now on I will make sure you and Little Rain will have a good life.”

“En.” An Jing nodded happily.

After their lunch, An Jing helped Ye Chui to clear the table, and accompanied Wang Shiyu to school. Perhaps distracted by the deliciousness of the pork ribs – Wang Shiyu forgot to tell Ye Chui about the house she found.

Mid afternoon arrived along with Qing Feng with several large boxes of mutton.

Qing Feng had learned the basics of making mutton skewers from Ye Chui, and was getting more and more proficient in it. This kid may be a bit proud, but he cared deeply about his future and worked very hard. He did not feel that being a mutton stall seller was some kind of low status job and give it his all.

Ye Chui intended to hand over the business to him in the future.

The next day, Ye Chui received a phone call from Tian Xiaodu. The fatty was very keen on opening a restaurant with Ye Chui, and tried his best to find a suitable location.

He happily informed Ye Chui that he had found a good location, and asked Ye Chui to take a look.

This place is indeed not bad. It is located a stone’s throw away from a few commercial buildings. The place itself quite big and their main customer base should office workers working nearby and they have the money to spend. This was a prime location.

The only problem is that the rental for this place was a bit high, though still within acceptable range. He wanted to open a private restaurant, but since he would be collaborating with Tian Xiaodu, he would have to settle for something that’s a bit more accessible to the general public. Moreover, since Tian Xiaodu would also invest money in this restaurant, this place was quite ideal.

Once he had seen the place, Ye Chui had more or less settled on it. He was reasonably happy with it, the only problem was that it was a little far from where he’s currently staying. There were also no schools nearby. If he rent an apartment nearby, Wang Shiyu and An Jing will need to walk for 30 minutes to school, which would be quite troublesome.

It was rare for Ye Chui to change his mind once he decided on something. But that night, he changed his mind.

That evening, after parting ways with Tian Xiaodu, Ye Chui decided to drop by the school to fetch Wang Shiyu and An Jing .

Wang Shiyu skipped about happily as she followed Ye Chui home. This kid was really hyperactive, and could not stay still for a moment. Ye Chui smiled as he watched her skipping merrily.

Privately, he did not consider himself a young man. He died at 30 years old, and with the added decade here, thought of Wang Shiyu more as his cute little daughter. Now, if only a young man’s hormones would leave his mind and body alone.

They were crossing a street when Ye Chui saw a group of people crowding around the area. Wang Shiyu immediately ran over to sniff around. Ye Chui, afraid for her well being, rushed after her. They found out that some people had been fighting in the streets and police were now trying to mediate the situation.

It looked like they had just arrived at the tail end of the quarrel and the crowd was dispersing. Ye Chui grabbed hold of Wang Shiyu’s hand and made to leave as well when one of the policeman stepped in and blocked Ye Chui’s way. He looked at Wang Shiyu, then at Ye Chui, “Are you a family member of this child?”

“I am her brother….. why?” Ye Chui frown. Did Wang Shiyu create any trouble as to involve the police?

“What?” This policeman glared at Ye Chui in fury, “What kind of brother are you? Your sister was almost kidnapped by someone. Luckily, she is smart and tricked that fatty to the police station. If not, I dare not imagine what would have happened to her!”

This policeman happened to be one of the two policemen who arrested Tian Xiaodu when Wang Shiyu accused him of trying to kidnap her. Wang Shiyu was really adorable and the policeman had no trouble recognising her.

When Ye Chui heard this, his eyes widened in surprise and he turned to face Wang Shiyu, “Did this really happened?”

Wang Shiyu proudly puffed out her chest, “Of course! Didn’t I tell you about it that day? I told you that I caught a strange, bad guy!”

Ye Chui:“……”

At that time, he thought it was some kind of strange game Wang Shiyu was playing. Who could have imagined that she really caught a strange, bad guy. Wang Shiyu is really smart, but the strange, bad guy was really a failure of a kidnapper…..

Then Ye Chui suddenly feels a sense of unease. He could not listen to the words of the policeman. He was thinking that Wang Shiyu is lucky this time to have met an idiot. What if she met a smart kidnapper? Then wouldn’t things be bad?

In his past life, Ye Chui is alone. He does not have any sisters or daughter. In this life, he had a sister and daughter, and he was worried about these two.

When he heard that Wang Shiyu was almost kidnapped, his protective instincts kicked in. He could not help thinking that if he were to open the restaurant with Tian Xiaodu, he would be very busy in future.

If their home was too far from his workplace, it may be too late for him to do something if bad things happened to his sisters. However if they were to live near his workplace, they would need to walk for 30 minutes to reach school. Wouldn’t this just increase the chances of them encountering trouble?

Ye Chui could not help but panic. No, he will not allow them to be in danger! The shop must be located nearer to the school!

Maybe it was heaven’s will, but on the way home with Wang Shiyu and An Jing, they passed by a house. Wang Shiyu suddenly shook Ye Chui’s hand, and pointed at a house and said, “Brother, brother, look! This the super suitable place I told you.”

It was a two-story house at the intersection of two streets. Not far away from An Jing and Wang Shiyu’s schools. There was a ‘To Rent’ notice on the wall of the small building.

The rooms upstairs were also available to rent, the building sat on 100 square meters of space, more than twice the size of their current little flat. There were two small rooms and a shared toilet and a kitchenette upstairs.

Ye Chui’s face suddenly lit up with delight.

The first floor of this building is originally a small supermarket that had closed down. There are advertisement on the shutters indicating that this retail space was also available to rent.

Ye Chui examined the place, then he nodded with satisfaction.

“I have decided. This place is perfect! We’ll live on the second floor, and operate a restaurant on the first floor!”

Ye Chui was very happy with this place. He decided to set up shop here. It could be said that the decision for this location was was solely influenced by his desire for the safety and ease of travelling to school for his two sisters.

It was, in short, a restaurant perfect for his sisters.






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