Reborn-Super Chef – 047 – A Severe Case of Anorexia

Chapter 47 – A Severe Case of Anorexia

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“That is what happened. If you do not want to continue working with me, I can understand.” Ye Chui informed Tian Xiaoduo of his decision to lease another place instead of the one that Tian Xiaoduo had recommended.

After hearing this, Tian Xiaoduo did not mind, “Frankly speaking, I have no preference regarding the opening of the shop. All I want to do is to learn how to cook from you. The rest is of secondary importance.” Saying this, Tian Xiaoduo was filled with curiosity. “But may I ask why you wanted to change the location of the shop so suddenly?”

Ye Chui sighed, and angrily informed Tian Xiaoduo that his sister, w.a.n.g s.h.i.+yu was almost kidnapped by a Fatty. Then he angrily exclaimed, “That fatty better watch out! If I see him, I will not let him off that easily!”

Tian Xiaoduo“……”

“Xiaoduo, what happened? Why did you suddenly keep quiet?” Ye Chui asked in surprise. “Frankly speaking, my sister, Little Rain, can be a devil at times. If it is any other person, they would be kidnapped for sure. Tell you what, let’s find a time for you to meet up. Then you know how naughty she is!”

“No…. don’t… er.. better not!” Tian Xiaoduo hurriedly shouted.

“Why?” Ye Chui was surprised.

Tian Xiaoduo’s hands and head were sweating furiously, “I do not like kids….”

Ever since Tian Xiaoduo was hoodwinked by w.a.n.g s.h.i.+yu, he had developed a phobia for kids, especially w.a.n.g s.h.i.+yu, the source of his nightmares.

Ye Chui could not understand Tian Xiaoduo reluctance, but he did not think much about it. Never would he imagined that the fatty that w.a.n.g s.h.i.+yu had taken to the police station is Tian Xiaoduo.

After he made his decision yesterday, Ye Chui immediately called the landlord. They discussed the terms and the price, and this morning Ye Chui will meet the landlord again to sign the lease agreement. Then he finds a renovation company

to fix whatever needs fixing.

In the afternoon, Tian Xiaoduo came over. He likes the shop as well.

Because of its location, most of the customers are likely to be students from the nearby school. This type of shop is unlikely to be very a hihigh-cla.s.s shop, and likely to be a simple restaurant. The income will be a bit lower but steady and the risks are smaller.

Ye Chui was quite embarra.s.sed, because a 5-star chef like Tian Xiaoduo will be working in this commoner restaurant. He could only afford to pay a salary of approximately $3,000 a month. If Tian Xiaoduo works elsewhere, he could easily earn $30,000 a month.

Tian Xiaoduo does not mind the low salary. He had a large amount of savings from his years of working at Wan Lai Fu restaurant, had an apartment and does not have any children. So he is not hard pressed for money. To him, learning cooking skills is the most thing and is worth more than just money.

The renovation started, and Ye Chui purchased a large number of kitchen utensil and products for cooking. The items that Ye Chui had chosen are all of the top quality and Ye Chui spare no expenses in choosing the finest utensils. As a top chef, he understood that a good chef needs to have the right tools to make the finest dsh. The kitchen is neat and tidy.

After the kitchen is ready, Ye Chui looked around and suddenly thought of something. Then he smiled as he took out his mobile phone and called Lin Wei.

These few days, he was busy with the renovation and did not have time to go to the night market with Qin Feng. Therefore, he had not met Lin Wei, the foodie, for some time. He missed her.

As soon as Lin Wei picked up the phone, the first thing she said is, “Ye Chui, long time no see.

see. I want to eat the mutton skewers you cooked!”

“Recently I am quite busy. But isn’t Qin Feng manning the store in the night market?” Ye Chui grinned. Lin Wei is indeed a foodie. When she greets, she could not forget to mention food.

“The taste is not the same! I like the mutton skewers that you grilled! Hehehe!” Lin Wei suddenly recalled something happy as she giggled, “You had promised me to cook a lot of delicious food for me. You must honour your word!”

“Of course I will keep my word. Whatever you want to eat, I can make it.” Ye Chui smiled as he replied.

“I want to try the food that you cooked for Elder Han’s feast!” Lin Wei immediately smiled.

“No problem!” Ye Chui agreed instantly, then he turned the topic around, “Oh yes, my kitchen had been renovated and could cook for you anytime, but my shop does not have any tables and chairs. So if you want to eat, you have nowhere to sit. I was thinking of going to the furniture mart to purchase some tables and chairs for my shop. As a guy, I do not have a good eye for furniture. Weiwei, would you like to go there with me and help me choose some good furniture?”

“All right, I have a good eye for furniture!” Lin Wei immediately agreed. She did not consider that Ye Chui called her out for a date.

After agreeing on a time and place to meet, the two of them hung up.==== Within one of the bungalows in Xizhou city ====

This is the house that Lin Zhengdao had purchased when he arrived in Xizhou. The family had recently moved in.

Lin Wei was very happy and was in a good mood after the phone call with Ye Chui. It is unknown if she was excited at meeting Ye Chui or excited about eating the food that Ye

that Ye Chui cooks.

At this moment, she was sitting on the sofa and beside her is another woman. This woman is about 40 years of age and resembles Lin Wei a lot. She is fairly well dressed. However, the most striking thing about her is her skinny body. – the skinniness is very alarming, as if she had not eaten anything for a long time. You could say that she is all skin and bones and feels very unhealthy.

She was lazing on the sofa and watching the television without interest. When she overheard Lin Wei’s conversation, she immediately smiled, “Weiwei, how are you talking to? Quick, tell your mum! Did you have a boyfriend?”

Lin Wei’s face turned red, and replied, “No! Ye Chui and I are just ordinary friends.”

“Oh, then this friend of yours is amazing. I have never seen you so happy and excited to meet your other friends.” The woman teased.

“No lah! It is because Ye Chui had promised to cook something tasty for me!” Lin Wei giggled and hugged her mother, “Mum, Ye Chui’s cooking is very tasty. Even Elder Han could not resist eating so much until he was hospitalised. I will invite him over to cook for you. Is it all right with you?”

Hearing this, the skinny woman sighed, “Mum knows you care about me. In Beijing, your father had found all kinds of chefs. None of them helped nor could they whet my appet.i.te. How could your friend possibility succeed?”

“Mum, Ye Chui’s cooking is really yummy – He can cook all kinds of food and all of them are super delicious!” Lin Wei purposely tried to create interest in Ye Chui’s cooking.

The skinny woman pinched Lin Wei on her cheeks, “Your personality is just like mine when I was younger. What a pity….”

This skinny woman is Yan Haimei, and is Lin Wei’s mother. When she was young, she is also a beauty anda beauty and had many suitors. In the end, Lin Zhengdao used fine food to attract her attention and successfully captivated her heart.

After they got married, Yan Haimei continued to eat a lot, and slowly becomes fat. She ended up worrying about her figure and desperately wants to slim down. She was filled with determination and abstained from food. After a long time, it becomes a case of Anorexia, and a severe case of Anorexia at that. Her body changed from a fatty to just skins and bones.

To treat her Anorexia, Lin Zhengdao brought her back to Xizhou, where he first met her. He was hoping that the local food her could whet her appet.i.te and she would eat more of the food that she enjoys.

When Ye Chui drove Cao Kang’s car and brought Lin Wei to the chicken farm, Lin Wei mentioned her mother’s illness and mentioned that perhaps Ye Chui could cure her. This illness is Anorexia, and is a psychological problem. If Ye Chui’s cooking could make her desire to eat more than her desire to lose weight, she would be cured.

Lin Wei wanted her mother to try the food that Ye Chui cooks. But her mum is not interested. Therefore, Lin Wei could only give up for the moment. There are still opportunities in future. Ye Chui’s cooking is the tastiest! She was confident that Ye Chui could treat her mum’s Anorexia!

Lin Wei put on some makeup and want to leave the house. Today her father, Lin Zhengdao was discussing a business deal with a business partner, and Yu Yan, his bodyguard had followed him

Yan Haimei was about to call for a taxi for Lin Wei when a luxury sports car stopped in front of the bungalow. There is a guest.


[1] t.i.tle of the chapter: Severe case of Anorexia.

I put at the bottom because it tells the name of the illness too soon.




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