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Reborn-Super Chef – 033

Chapter 33 – Pretty Woman


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The elderly man who got up from the vehicle looked very old, but he was highly active in spirit. His white hair was neatly combed, and his eyes were clear and sharp. He may be skinny, and but he was very nimble. He tapped the walking stick on the pavement and straightened his back as he examined Wan Lai Fu restaurant.

This elderly man is Elder Han. He is already 97 years old, and one of the few people who lived through the vegetarian movement. His business, Hans enterprise, is one of the largest business within China. He styled himself as a food critic and is well known to be very fussy about food. Just by standing there, his aura was quite intimating.


The reporters that Yang Yong had invited over immediately begin to take photos. Yang Yong also smiled as he walked up to greet this super VIP, “Elder Han, you have arrived.”

“Of course I have arrived! If I have not arrived, who is standing in front of you right now?” Elder Han immediately scolded. He did give Yang Yong any face and scolded him in front of the reporters.

Yang Yong smiled was frozen on his face.

At this moment, the door on the other side of the car opened, and a lady walked out. This young woman looks to be about 23-24 years of age. She has long, silky black hair that falls onto her shoulders, and a pretty face. But her face seemed to reveal her cold and aloof nature. The thing that attracted everyone’s attention was her smooth, beautiful long legs as she got out of the vehicle. Almost everyone could not resist taking a second look at her.

She walked towards the old man, and held the elderly man by his arms. Then she spoke to Yang Yong, “You are manager Yang? My grandpa heard that chef Tian will be preparing a chicken feast for him today. He can’t wait!”

Hearing this woman’s words, Yang Yong could not resist taking another look at Elder Han. This elderly man looks like everyone owes him money, and does not look eager about this feast? Of course, he dared not to say this aloud. He immediately smiled, “Elder Han, please come in! To welcome you, we have closed the restaurant for the day..”

“Your restaurant closed for one day and is not opened for business just to entertain me?” Elder Han cold voice sneered. “If I am the owner of this restaurant, I guarantee you that the first thing I will do is to fire you as a manager!”

Manager Yang’s facial expressions stiffen. He quickly tried to placate Elder Han, “I did this so that no one will disturb you.”

“What a suck up! He is trying to curry favour with me!”

Elder Han said this loudly and walked towards the restaurant. The woman beside him continued to walk next to him.

Yang Yong looked very unhappy. He had long heard that Elder Han is very hard to please, and there are many chefs and restaurants chefs and owners that had reduced to tears under his patronage. Today, he had experienced this for himself.

Elder Han and the pretty lady was about to reach the door of Wan Lai Fu restaurant. At this time, a sports car suddenly screeched to a halt nearby. The door about and a man quickly ran out, crying in alarm.

This car belongs to Fang Tao. Just when they were near Wan Lai Fu restaurant, the basket containing the chicken suddenly broke. The Tibetan Chicken was very angry at being imprisoned and immediately created a ruckus within the vehicle. Fang Tao was pecked and scratched, and he had no choice to but to stop the car and ran away.

As you look from afar, the chicken feathers were flying everywhere. Ye Chui, Tian Xiaoduo and Fang Tao frantically tried to grab the chicken, and it looked very comical.

The woman with a cold face who was holding Elder Han’s elbow suddenly broke into laughter at this scene. It was as if a rose had suddenly blossomed in the depths of winter, and attract all to its beauty.

Her gaze stopped at one figure for a few seconds – Ye Chui.

Maybe it is because the Tibetan Chicken remembers Ye Chui and has a grudge against him. It angrily attacked Ye Chui as it flew up and try to scratch and peck Ye Chui on his head.

The reporters did not notice Ye Chui. But looking at the smile of the beauty before them, they were stoned.

Elder Han and the young woman did not stay for long, and immediately entered Wan Lai Fu Restaurant.

“Who is that woman beside Elder Han? She is so pretty!” a reporter asked his colleague.

“That is Elder Han’s favourite granddaughter. Her name is Han Yuyan. She is working in Elder Han’s business. Everywhere Elder Han goes, she follows.”

“Oh, so it is like that.”

Ye Chui had not expected that the Tibetan Chicken will suddenly escape.

With some difficulty, he, Tian Xiaoduo and Fang Tao finally caught the feisty chicken. Tian Xiaoduo was scratched by the sharp claws of this chicken and his head was bleeding. Fang Tao also looked very bad – although he was not injured, his heart ached.

The car seat was heavily scratched and damage. Chicken feathers were everywhere. And there are even chicken shit on the seat

Fang Tao most prized possession is this car. His eyes were red with fury as he asked, “Why didn’t you take good care of the chicken?”

“Maybe it does not like your car? I also have no idea why it suddenly raised a ruckus.” Ye Chui thick-skinnedly repeated. He had grabbed the chicken by its neck. But the chicken was not giving up without a fight – its wings were still flapping violently.

Fang Tao could not stand Ye Chui’s nonsense. He was about to scold Ye Chui when Tian Xiaoduo kicked him on his butt, “Why are you creating a scene now? I have been scratched by the chicken, and I am bleeding, but I did not say a word. You are unhurt from this encounter and you keep on yelling for what? Look at the big picture. Elder Han is already here. We need to rush in and get ready to entertain him!”

Fang Tao gritted his teeth and did not say another word. But he still glared angrily at Ye Chui.

Ye Chui just smiled, and picked up the basket with the two quieter chickens. Tian Xiaoduo also picked up all the bags of ingredients and they made their way towards the kitchen.

Looking his beautiful car that was ruined, he turned cold.

Inside the kitchen, the group of chefs were frantically preparing their specialities for Elder Han. This time, Elder Han is not just here to dine. Yang Yong have invited this VIP to review the food here. It is a type of advertising. Ye Chui’s dishes may be the main dishes, but all the other specialities of Wan Lai Fu must also be served to Elder Han for him to try.

The kitchen is quite big, and Tian Xiaoduo left the best location for Ye Chui.

Regarding Ye Chui, because of his dish ‘La Zi Ji’, the chefs here respected his cooking skills. But when they saw the 3 live chickens, they were still surprised and astonished.

Although meat is now safe for consumption, killing livestocks are not part of their job. Usually, the ingredients that they work with are already dead before they use it to cook. For the chefs in this world, they looked down on the killing of livestock. Therefore they begin to gossip.

“What are you talking about? All of you better get back to your job! Today, the guest we are having is the toughest food critic in all of China! If we could not make him happy or we make a mistake, all of us will be scolded!” Tian Xiaoduo immediately shouted.

The gossip immediately died down. After all, fatty Tian is the head chef and he is right.

Tian Xiaoduo asked, “Brother Ye, do you need me to help out as your sous-chef.”

“No need. Just wait for a moment, I will be done soon.” Ye Chui waved him away.

“Oh, ok.” Tian Xiaoduo immediately retreated.

The other chefs were unhappy with Ye Chui yet again..





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