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Reborn-Super Chef – 012

Chapter 12 – Treat Him Like Your Own Father, Understand?!



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“These five sticks are for you.”


After he had roasted a new bunch of mutton skewers, Ye Chui immediately took 5 sticks of mutton skewers and gave them to Lin Wei. This lady looks like a hungry stray cat that had discovered some food, and her mouth is almost drooling.


When she saw that Ye Chui had offered her the sticks of mutton skewers, she immediately grabbed them. After the situation just now, she did not stand on ceremony with Ye Chui.


Of course, Ye Chui likes this feeling of closeness between him and Lin Wei.


After that, Ye Chui took out 5 sticks of mutton skewers and passed them to Yu Yan, “Thanks for your help just now. Try the food I make.”


Yu Yan wants to decline the gift. He does not like to eat street food or snacks. But the delectable aroma of the mutton skewers was enticing. Yu Yan, who had great willpower to resist temptations, could not help swallowing his saliva. He accepted the gift.


He gently bit a piece of the mutton and chewed it. The mutton was perfectly roast and was fresh and hot. The juices and fat entrapped inside each piece of mutton suddenly flowed out, yet it does not feel greasy at all. It only makes a person craved for more mutton skewers.


The most special taste of the mutton skewer is the spices used. The spices gave the mutton a taste of mild sweetness and spiciness. When combined with the mutton, it exudes a dreamlike taste…


Yu Yan quickly took big bites and enjoyed his meal. Even Lin Wei did not care if she is unladylike, and proceed to eat the food on the street. After all, for a foodie, eating street food on the streets is normal. But Lin Wei was more controlled than Yu Yan, and did not wolf down the food like Yu Yan. Rather, she took small bites, and her face showed how much she enjoyed the food.


After Yu Yan had finished the 5 sticks of muttons, he unexpectedly asked Ye Chui for 5 more sticks. Looks like this large man loves the taste of mutton skewers. He ate until his mouth was oozing with the fat of the mutton. Ye Chui smiled and said, “If you like the food, then come over frequently.”


“Ok!” Lin Wei immediately agreed. Yu Yan did not answer. He was thinking that he is a bodyguard, and it will not be good to leave the person who he is supposed to be protecting just to come here and eat the mutton skewers.


But thinking about the taste of the mutton skewers, it may not be a bad thing after all. He also needs to protect the young mistress of the family, doesn’t he?


After Lin Wei had finished 5 sticks of mutton skewers, she looked at the mutton skewers that Ye Chui was grilling with puppy eyes. But when Ye Chui gave her some more, she shook her head, and patted her belly. With a grin, she replied, “I cannot eat anymore. If I eat too much, I will become fat!”


“No worries. Then you come back tomorrow.” Ye Chui grinned. He would not force her to accept the gift. After all, he needs to think of the figure of his future girlfriend.


Lin Wei and Yu Yan were about to leave, but suddenly Lin Wei recalled something, and asked Ye Chui, “What is your name?”


Until now, the two of them have not exchanged names yet. Ye Chui smiled, “My name is Ye Chui.”


“My name is Lin Wei,” Lin Wei smiled, “Ye Chui, see you tomorrow!”


“See you tomorrow.”


Looking at the disappearing figures of Lin Wei and Yu Yan, Ye Chui smiled. Not bad! Today he had got one step closer to Lin Wei. He should thank Cao Kang for creating this opportunity. If not for Cao Kang creating trouble at his stall, he would not progress from ‘boss and customer’ relationship to ‘friends’.




—-The next morning.—-


When Ye Chui woke up, he saw a small face staring right at him. This is Wang Shiyu. Her big, round eyes were staring intently at him, and she was smiling. When she saw Ye Chui opening his eyes, she immediately giggled, “Brother, your face is so red. You must have dreamt of something, right?”


“…. Where did you hear this type of thing from?” Ye Chui was shocked. Wang Shiyu was correct. In his dreams, he had dreamt of Lin Wei and engaged in adult stuff.


It is all the fault of the springtime of youth again! But how did Wang Shiyu know about these things? She is only 7 years old!.


Ye Chui pulled himself up from the sofa. Of course, he did not forget to use his pillow to cover his legs. The springtime of youth is also troublesome, especially in the mornings. He looked at Wang Shiyu and asked, “Who tell you about these types of rubbish?”


“Nobody told me. I know it myself.” Wang Shiyu explained to her brother in earnest, “The last time, I dreamt that I become a princess in the kingdom of candies, and I can have as many candy as I want. When I woke up, my face was as red as brother’s.”


“….. at that time, you were having a high fever.”


Ye Chui did not engaged in further talks with Wang Shiyu. He saw that An Jing was already preparing food in the kitchen. He immediately got up and make his way to the toilet, changed and bathe, and then took over the task of cooking from An Jing.


In this tiny home, a normal day begins.


After sending his two sisters to school, Ye Chui rode the tricycle towards the wet market as usual. He was intending to buy the mutton that he needs for his business tonight. But when he arrived, he saw two familiar faces.


The fatty Tian Xiaoduo had been waiting together with his disciple, Fang Tao, in front of the mutton stall since early in the morning. The fatty scanned the crowd of customers in the wet market entrance, and he was reminding Fang Tao, “When he arrives, you must vouch for me that I am the head chef of Wan Lai Fu restaurant! Understand?”


“Understood…” Fang Tao did not look so good. Yesterday night, the one chance he had of building relations with Cao Kang had just vanished, and he was very moody. And this morning, he was dragged by his Shifu here, and was asked to vouch for his Shifu’s identity. This only made him all the more unhappy. He could not understand his Shifu’s fixation, and asked, “Shifu, is this man as good as you have said? We are the chefs of Wan Lai Fu restaurant. And we still waited for him here. If others heard of these, wouldn’t they laugh at us?”


“What do you know?” Tian Xiaoduo retorted, “The chicken that this young man cooked was very tasty and aromatic. Yesterday I experimented the whole day and could not duplicate the taste or the aroma. Considering this, he could be my Shifu. After a few days, we are having a distinguished guest. What if we could not serve him the dish that he wants?”


“Then why not just spend some money to purchase the recipe from him?” Fang Tao asked. He felt that doing this is lowering his status and his Shifu’s status.


Tian Xiaoduo galred at Fang Tao, “Do not talk rubbish! Remember to vouch my identity for me. As for the rest, just keep quiet!”


“Understood.” Fang Tao replied. He looked around the wet market listlessly.


Suddenly his eyes caught sight of Ye Chui. Ye Chui was carrying a large box as he made his way to his supplier. The box is used to preserve the freshness of the food that he purchases from the wet market.


Fang Tao had a bad impression of Ye Chui. Yesterday, it is the fault of Ye Chui that his chance of building good relations with Cao Kang went up in smoke. But Fang Tao was curious about what Ye Chui came to wet market to do.




At this moment in time, Fang Tao did not know that Ye Chui is the man that his Shifu was waiting for. He turned around and saw the mutton stall, and immediately thought, “Yes, this must be it. He must have purchase his ingredients from this stall. I did not expect to meet him here. Later I must think of a way to shame him. After all, I am a chef of the famous Wan Lai Fu restaurant. As a mutton skewer stall owner, how could he be compared to me?”


As he was thinking about these, Ye Chui made his way to the mutton store.


But Fang Tao expression immediately changed, because his Shifu immediately become excited, “Oh, he is here! He is here! Fang Tao, you better be respectful, and treat him like your own father! Understand?”


Fang Tao: “…….” [1]





[1] The author wrote as ‘Cao Kang: “…..”’ but Cao Kang is not in the market. I think this is a mistake and made the change accordingly to “Fang Tao: “……”







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