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Little Cooking Saint – 0012 – Whipped Cream Cake (2)

Chapter 12 – Whipped Cream Cake (Part 2)


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“What’s this?” Lu Mo stared at the thing Shiyu brought in. Her eyes were fixed on the tray. On the tray were five small plates, on each plate were fat white snacks. When placed on the table, a gentle sweet smell drifted to her nose.

“These are especially made for you two.” Shiyu said. “It’s called whipped cream cakes. I trust you’ll enjoy them.”

Lin Fan was the first to reached for a plate. The cakes were all covered with a generous layer of cream and decorated with artfully arranged wild fruits. The taste of texture of sweet cream was nothing like the normal cakes he had. Girls have absolutely no defence against them.

As expected, one bite and Lu Mos was hooked. Of the five small plates, three were eaten by her. Once all the cakes were gone, she suddenly became reserved, “Excuse me, I could not help myself.”

Xiao Qi stared from the side enviously, She too want to try some, but there’s nothing she could do about it.

Shiyu noticed Xiao Qi’s gaze and patted her head. As she had not made more, she could only stroke Xiao Qi and said, “These are for our guests, sister will make more for you later, alright?”

“En En.” Xiao Qi nodded her head, “Elder Sister, go and busy yourself. No need to worry about me!”

Shiyu then left.

Lu Mo felt even more embarrassed, she had never displayed such bad manners before. If she had to blame, it must be because Brother Lin Fan’s presence had caused her to relax herself too much. Cheeks flushed with embarrassment, she flipped her hand and on her palm was a little jade box. She handed the jade box to Xiao Qi, “There’s a Jade Ginseng here, consider this as elder sister’s meeting gift for you.”

Xiao Qi shook her head, and her big, round eyes were filled with determination, “Sister, this too expensive, I don’t want it.”

Lu Mo smiled, “How do you know it is expensive?”

Xiao Qi glanced at Shiyu, who had suddenly decided to busy herself over something, and replied, “Elder Sister said so. As long as it’s a gift, no matter what it is, it’s too expensive.”

“Hahaha.” Lin Fan laughed as he pulled Xiao Qi to his lap. “Since Lu Mo’s gift is too expensive, how about this brother’s gift?” so saying, he pulled out a stick of tanghulu[2].

At the sight of the tanghulu, Xiao Qi’s eyes brightened.


Shiyu, who had been cutting up herbs caught this exchanged and nearly cut herself.

What the heck!

What is Xiao Qi doing on Lin Fan’s lap?

Thoughts and possibilities raced in her mind. Could Xiao Qi and Lin Fan’s be tied together from now on? If that’s so… would she end up as one of Lin Fan’s many wives?

Alarmed by her own imagination, she nearly collapsed. However, it was not impossible. This world’s male and female protagonists were incredibly charismatic, anyone who came into contact with them would be instantly attracted.

However, she really did not want her precious Xiao Qi to compete with other women for a single man, ah.

After some thought, she yelled, “Xiao Qi, go and pick some scallions for me.”

Xiao Qi made a sound of agreement and leapt off Lin Fan’s lap, still gnawing on the tanghulu.

Lin Fan did not notice Shiyu’s little scheme, however, Lu Mo had a pensive expression on her face.

The crayfish were soon ready. After arranging all the side dishes, rice and drinks, Shiyu brought in a full tray in. Leaving her guests to eat whatever they like.

There were a little less crayfish for sale today. Once it was all gone, they were able to pack up a little earlier. Though the customers were unhappy, Shiyu could only give each customer who had missed out on the crayfish a little token. Customers with this token will be given an extra 1/2 catty of crayfish tomorrow. It was only then they were willing to leave.

With this, she closed the doors and finally, there were only the few of them inside.

Grandpa and the rest of the little radishes understood the importance of this discussion, and busied themselves wiping tables and sweeping floors, giving Shiyu an illusion of privacy with Lin Fan and Lu Mo.

“Are you satisfied with the flavours here?” Shiyu asked. When it came to food, she was not at all modest. She was perfectly clear about her own cooking skills. As long as she has the ingredients, she was sure that she could make Lin Fan swallow his own tongue in his haste to eat the food that she makes.

“Of course, we love it.” No matter how much of a schemer he might be in the future, he was still a teenager.

“As you’ve seen, our location is not bad. Also, the crayfish is only one of my specialities.”

“You can make other delicacies?” Lin Fan was tempted, he was no foodie, but delicious food could touch anyone’s heart.

“Naturally. The better the ingredients, the better the taste. I am perfectly confident in this.”

“From what you just said, I’m really tempted to see what you can do with spiritual beast meat.”

Shiyu shrugged, “I do want to try cooking it, but that thing is too expensive and there’s no way I could get my hands on it on my own. How about this, any time you managed to catch something bring it here, I’ll cook it for you for free.”

“No problem.”

“Then, let’s get to the point. Lin Fan, I shall give you half of the business to you. You’ll have half ownership of this shop. Please don’t reject me first, there’s something I want from you. I have confidence that you’ll become someone important in the future, and that the Lin Clan will gain power with you in the lead. What we want in return is a reliable backing in order to do our business. Think of it as a long-term investment. I’m more than happy to share the profits.” said Shiyu.

“Why would you need a backer?” asked Lin Fan. He could see that Shiyu has her own secrets, and that other Qing Shan City was not the only thing in her eyes.

“I am, but a mere ordinary person. There’s no way I can protect this place forever.” said Shiyu. “Also, I don’t plan on staying here too long, however, my family would still be here. Which is why I need someone too look after them.”

This world was a big place and she intended to explore it fully. However, she could only travel once everything has been settled and she knew in her heart that her family was safe.

Lin Fan thought over the matter. Whatever he received, he must give something in return. By accepting this restaurant and its share of profits, he must also exert effort to protect it.

However, he soon gave his agreement. “Very well, I accept.” The warmth he had felt from Xiao Qi, should be returned to her family. Moreover, if he could not even take on this small responsibility, how was he going to do great things in the future?

But he quickly agreed. Xiao Qi gave him a feeling of warmth and Shiyu had returned his necklace to him. Right now, he is much stronger. If he protects them, this is a good reward for their assistance when he is down. If he could not even handle this matter, how is he going to achieve great things in future?

“However, I have another matter to bring up. I wish to take Xiao Qi with me.” he said.

At Shiyu’s frown, he explained, “I’ve just taken a look at Xiao Qi’s core, she has great cultivation potential. It would be a waste for her to stay by your side.”

Xiao Qi could cultivate?

Not only was Shiyu shocked. All the others also crowding around the table in surprise.

Shiyu finally said, “If that’s the case, I will not reject your offer. But can you check the rest of my siblings? See if they have any cultivation talent?”



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[1] The raw had a lot of errors regarding the names, and it took me some time to double and triple check to sort out the mess. I hope this is not an April fool’s chapter that I translated, or I am going to cry bucket-loads.

[2] Tanghulu – Candied hawthorn on a stick






Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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