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Reborn-Super Chef – 041 – When The Knife That Can’t be Fixed Stabs You

Chapter 41 – When The Knife That Can’t be Fixed Stabs You

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“Oh, it is because Yang Yong paid $150,000 to invite you to prepare this feast. Not bad! Not bad! This feast is definitely worth this price, or more!”

Within the private hospital room, Elder Han listened to his granddaughter as she explained in detail what happened.

Regarding the hiring Ye Chui, Tian Xiaodu is the one who let the cat out of the bag.

After listening to them, Elder Han nodded and reminisced. “When I was young, I have no interest in the vegetarian movement. At that time, I specialised in cleaning chicken. I was from a family that owns a restaurant. And my father specialised in chicken recipes.”

“But sadly, good times did not last, and I failed to appreciate that. In the blink of an eye, 80 years have passed. I finally could taste chicken again. But all these while, I have not found a chicken dish that filled me with warmth – like the ones made by my father. ”

“Ye Chui, I must thank you. Your dishes reminded me of the food of my youth. That’s why I eat a wee bit too much.”

Elder Han is one of the few people that had experienced the vegetarian movement for a whole 80 years. The taste of the chicken dish that he craved in his heart was enshrined into his memory. In these two years, he wanted to experience the taste of chicken that his father had used to cook, but he was unable to do so. Today, his lifelong wish is finally fulfilled.

Han Yuyan teased, “Grandpa, you did not eat ‘a wee bit’ more, ah…” 

Elder Han grinned, “You lass! Since when did you dare to tease me?”

Elder Han just had his stomach pumped out, and was still a bit weak

from vomiting too much. He was quite tired. Ye Chui noticed this and suggested leaving to let Elder Han rest.

Elder Han nodded his head, but he was looking at Ye Chui and the corner of his lips curled up, as if he is plotting something.

Before Ye Chui, Tian Xiaodu and Han Yuyan left the room, Elder Han instructed his granddaughter, “Yuyan, help me to make sure that Yang Yong pays the $150,000 that he had promised Ye Chui. Do not let Yang Yong renege on this deal.”

Elder Han may be old, but he is still sharp. He knew that Yang Yong was angry at the outcome today and may not honour his word. Therefore, he asked Yuyan to supervise this issue. One is to punish Yang Yong by making him fork out the money. At the same time, Ye Chui owes him a favour. This is killing two birds with one stone.

The three of them walked outside towards the corridor.

Tian Xiaodu wiped the perspiration from his head. At this time, he finally relaxed, “Phew, today is super exciting, one event after another.”

Ye Chui smiled and patted Tian Xiaodu on his shoulder, “Xiaodu, you seem to be very confident in me.”

Tian Xiaodu smiled, “I also do not know what is happening. I just felt that your cooking skills could not have a problem. Maybe this is my 6th sense.”

Han Yuyan was puzzled at this casual conversation. She heard Ye Chui calling this fatty ‘Xiaodu’, and felt that this is wrong. For one, Tian Xiaodu is about 30 years of age, and Ye Chui is only 17-18. Also, Tian Xiaodu is a 5-star chef. He should not be so respectful to Ye Chui. But when she thought of how her grandfather praised Ye Chui’s cooking, Han Yuyan suddenly understood.

Looks like this Tian Xiaodu is like grandpa, and respect the pursuit of fine food and the chefs who cooked these foods.

They were walking outside of the hospital when Han Yuyan suddenly thought of something, “I am sorry that I was so rash with you earlier. Please do not be offended.”

Ye Chui smiled and shook his head. He is not a petty man and will not hold it against her. But before he could say a word, a very annoying person suddenly appeared. Cao Kang was walking towards them with a grin on his face.

Fang Tao was following behind him. Just now, after reaching the hospital, Fang Tao had disappeared without a trace. It looked like he had contacted Cao Kang and invited Cao Kang over to watch the downfall of Ye Chui. Cao Kang was indeed, interested in this. As for Fang Tao, he wanted to build relations with Cao Kang.

Looking at the smug expressions on the faces of these two men, it is obvious that they did not know the true reason behind Elder Han’s hospitalisation.

They thought that Ye Chui’s food had some problem, and as a result, Elder Han was hospitalised. In this case, Ye Chui will definitely be doomed! Cao Kang hated Ye Chui with a passion, and came here just to sneer at Ye Chui.

From afar, he shouted excitedly, “Ye Chui, I heard that Elder Han was hospitalised after eating the food you cook? Haha, this is your fault! You should not have cooked if you are not capable! Elder Han is one of the leading food critics in the world. If it becomes known to all that the food you have cooked had hospitalised him, how are you going to survive in the culinary world? Once I heard this news, I immediately rushed over. Since we are friends, do you need my help? Hahaha….”

This world has one type of man – the dumb type that gives you a headache just from his appearance, and you could not help thinking that he is an idiot. Cao Kang happens to this type of man. He is here to stab a knife in Ye Chui’s back and laugh at Ye Chui when Ye Chui is down. But it seemed that he was out of luck.

Ye Chui immediately turned around and looked at Han Yuyan, “Just now you mentioned that you are a bit rash, and asked me not to be offended. But I was a bit offended.”

Han Yuyan immediately turned pale, “Then what do you want?”

“Very simple.” Ye Chui smiled, and pointed at Cao Kang, “Can you kick him the same way that you kicked Yang Yong just now?”

Han Yuyan:“……”

“…. Ye Chui, do you need me to help you to ask for forgiveness? My father is on speaking terms with Elder Han. If you call me Brother Cao, then we discuss this. Hahaha!” Cao Kang sneered as he walked up to Ye Chui. When he thought of the events in these few days, he was very pleased. These few days, he wanted to take revenge on Ye Chui, but could not find the right opportunity to do it. After all, Lin Wei had forbidden him from harassing Ye Chui.

Today, he finally had a chance to release his long-suppressed frustrations. What a joy!

While he was lost in his happiness, suddenly a shadow appeared. Before he knew what was happening, there was a loud slam, and his face hurt. Then he was knocked backwards.

Han Yuyan’s leg slowly lowered to the ground.

When Han Yuyan kicked Yang Yong, Ye Chui did not notice it. Right now, he saw the whole thing, and applauded. This elder sister was definitely a martial arts expert. This kick is very well-executed.

Cao Kang got up groggily from the floor. His nose was bleeding, and his eyes were filled with alarm.

This kid had never been beaten before. Today he was suddenly kicked by someone out of the blue. He was scared and alarmed. When he imagined that Han Yuyan will kick him once more, he immediately screamed and ran off. But in his haste to get away, he tripped and sprawled on the floor.

“Tch! What a coward!” Han Yuyan smirked. Then she looked at Fang Tao and asked, “What about this?”

Hearing Han Yuyan words, Fang Tao shivered, and immediately retreated. He looked at Tian Xiaodu and begged his shifu for help. Regarding Fang Tao, Ye Chui does not like him. But Fang Tao is the disciple of Tian Xiaodu after all, and he should give Tian Xiaodu some face.

He shook his head, “Forget about him. Oh, your skills are excellent, are you trained in martial arts?”

“I am the ladies champion in fighting for 3 constructive years in Beijing.” Han Yuyan said with pride, “So our grudges are clear? We do not owe each other anything anymore?”

“En.” Ye Chui smiled. He had never blamed Han Yuyan for being rash. He just wanted to use Han Yuyan to teach Cao Kang a lesson. After all, Elder Han was a powerful person, and Cao Kang’s father could not do a thing to him.

“That’s great, I do not like to owe anyone anything.” Han Yuyan smiled, then she seductively linked her hands around his arm, “Now, let’s discuss the matter of you becoming my grandpa’s personal chef.”

Ye Chui:“……”




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