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Reborn-Super Chef – 040 – Elder Han Wants to Fight

Chapter 40 – Elder Han Wants to Fight

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Elder Han had collapsed to the floor, not because illness or food poisoning. Rather it is because he had overeaten. He ate so much until he could not eat anymore.

Listening to the explanation of the doctor, all 4 of them were dumbfounded. Even Ye Chui could not believe his ears. In the past, he was considered as the ‘G.o.d of Cooking’, and had all kinds of foodies as his customers, but he had never experienced such a situation before.

Then Ye Chui burst out laughing. As to why Elder Han overate, the answer is obvious to all – this is because the food that Ye Chui made is too delicious, and this elder man could not control himself.

Hearing Ye Chui’s laughter, Han Yuyan, Tian Xiaodu and Yang Yong immediately recognise the situation.

A chef who could make a top-level food critic like Elder Han overeat – his cooking skills must be superb.

Yang Yong’s face suddenly turned pale. He suddenly realised that he had done a very stupid thing. Ye Chui’s cooking skills had impressed Elder Han so much that Elder Han overate.

He should not had tried to sever all relations with Ye Chui and insisted that Wan Lai Fu restaurant had nothing to do this feast. If it become known to all that Elder Han was hospitalised for gorging himself on the food, Wan Lai Fu Restaurant name will spread far and wide.

But he had squandered such a good opportunity, and even offended a young chef with the potential to rise to the top like Tian Xiaodu. When he thought about this, Yang Yong [1] wanted to slap himself.

The door to the emergency room opened yet again, and a skinny, elderly man was wheeled out. This man had recovered all his energy and was in high spirits as he shouted, “Where is my food? Do not touch my dishes! I still want to eat them! Yuyan, please go back to the restaurant and grab the rest of the uneaten food! If anyone dares to steal my food, I will fight him!”

At this moment, this elder man no longer possesses the air of dignity that he had when he entered Wan Lai Fu restaurant. Right now, he is behaving more like a spoilt elderly man.

Han Yuyan had never seen her grandpa like this, and her pretty face froze. But she still managed to recover her wits quickly, and nodded, “En.”

The doctor suddenly interjected, “No way! Elder Han just had all the contents of his stomach pumped out. He should not eat too much. I recommend that in this one month time, it is highly advised that he control his food cravings. Otherwise, it will be bad for his health.”

“What?” Upon hearing this, Elder Han was furious. He struggled to get up from the bed but was held back by the nurse. Still, he yelled and threatened, “You want to control the food I eat? I will fight with you, too!”

Looking at the behaviour of Elder Han, Ye Chui facepalmed. This an old man just wanted to pick fight over his food. Sigh, maybe cooking a tasty food is also a sin…..

The doctor immediately tried to calm Elder Han, “Elder Han, you are already 97 years old and no longer young. You must watch what you eat.”

Ye Chui and Han Yuyan wanted to advise Elder Han as well.

But suddenly Yang Yong stood up, and rushed towards Elder Han, and smiled as he said, “Elder Han, you are the treasured food critic of the culinary world. If something happens to you while eating the chicken feast at Wan Lai Fu restaurant, it will be a great loss to the culinary world. I suggest that you rest well, and when you have fully recovered, Wan Lai Fu restaurant will welcome you. The dishes that you have eaten today, you can come back to our restaurant to eat it any time.”

Elder Han was pleased with Yang Yong’s words.

But Tian Xiaoduo, Ye Chui and Han Yuyan could not believe their ears. This man – how thick was his skin? From the way he talks, he was not embarrassed at all when he claimed credit for the chicken feast for Wan Lai Fu restaurant. And he claimed that the chicken feast today is a signature dish of Wan Lai Fu restaurant that Elder Han can eat at any time?

Tian Xiaoduo was the first to regain his wits. He was furious, and wanted to unleashed a tirade of foul languages at Yang Yong. Ye Chui was the second to recovered from being stunned at the shamelessness of this man. Unlike Tian Xiaoduo, he wanted to punch this man instead.

Before he could react, someone had already unleashed a devastating kick – does anyone recalls that Han Yuyan crouched down and wanted to attack Ye Chui when Ye Chui rejected her offer to work as personal chef?

Well, right now, Ye Chui have the opportunity to see that kick in action. All he felt was a wind blowing past him. Then the long, sexy legs of Han Yuyan was like Chun Li’s [2] as she lurched an aerial kick and stomped Yang Yong on his face.

From her actions, she is a martial arts expert. Her movements were fluid, powerful and her attacks were accurate.

Yang Yong lost his balance, and the force of the kick staggered him as he moved backwards repeatedly and tried to avoid falling onto the floor. He knocked against a nurse that was carrying a container. The container happened to contain the former contents of Elder Han’s stomach.

Oh dear! Yang Yong fell onto the floor, and the contents spilled all over Yang Yong’s head. The translator had lost all appetite to translate further – this disgusting scene is better left to the imagination.

Looking at this scene, other than feeling like vomiting in disgust, Ye Chui was relieved. He looked at Han Yuyan with eyes of appreciation.

Han Yuyan immediately turned around and covered her nose at the sight. The smell and sight are too disgusting. She felt like throwing up as well.

Elder Han was surprised at this turn of events, “What happened?”

Han Yuyan immediately explained everything in simple terms, and Elder Han was incensed when he heard what had happened, “I did not expect that the manager of the famed Wan Lai Fu Restaurant is such a loathsome man! Humph, in future, you better not expect any good reviews from me. No, I will definitely inform the media, especially fine food magazine, and criticise him!”

“Elder Han, this is a … misunderstanding.” Yang Yong climbed up from the floor, and ignore the mess he was in. He wanted to rush up to Elder Han and explain.

Elder Han immediately pinched his nose at the horrible odour, “Stay away from me. I am a man of my word. Whatever I have promised, I will do it.”

Yang Yong looked very miserable. Fine food magazine is the leading publication for good food within the country and is well read by foodies and chefs alike. If Elder Han really criticises him, then Wan Lai Fu restaurant’s reputation will be destroyed. Yang Yong looked at Tian Xiaodu and Ye Chui, and hoped that they could put in a good word for him. After all, Tian Xiaodu is the head chef of Wan Lai Fu Restaurant, and Ye Chui had not been paid by Wan Lai Fu restaurant yet.

Instead, Tian Xiaoduo just sneered. Just now when the Yang Yong ditched all responsibilities and instead pushed the blame to him, he had already decided to leave the restaurant, regardless of the outcome of Elder Han. Yang Yong’s behaviour had disappointed him, and he washes his hands off this matter.

As for Ye Chui, this is just a transaction. Wan Lai Fu restaurant had engaged his service to cook and impressed Elder Han. He had fulfilled his part of the agreement. Wan Lai Fu restaurant had nothing more to do with him. Yang Yong’s behaviour had annoyed him and just shrugged his shoulders, and immediately told Han Yuyan, “We better leave and go to the private ward. The smell here…. Is really putrid.”

Han Yuyan nodded her head, and pushed the bed towards the VIP room. Tian Xiaoduo and Ye Chui followed after her, and no one cared about Yang Yong.

Yang Yong got down on his knees in despair as he wailed, “Finished, this time we are finished!”

The fat nurse whom Yang Yong knocked against was standing nearby – she was all right. Looking at the poor man who was wailing, she pitied him and took out a packet of tissue for Yang Yong. She was about to console him and help to clean the mess off his face when the disgusting odour gagged her mouth and nose.

She ended up unable to resist the rancid odour and throwing up all over poor Yang Yong’s face.

Poor Yang Yong! It never rains but pours…… vomit.





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