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Reborn-Super Chef – 042 – Diner

Chapter 42 – Diner

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Ye Chui had no intention of working as a personal chef for Elder Han. His refusal annoyed Han Yuyan. Although she did not say another word, Ye Chui could feel that this girl does not intend to give up so easily.

After that, Han Yuyan walked outside and accepted the interview from the reporters, and informed them of the real reason why her grandfather was hospitalised.

When they heard that Elder Han had overeaten because the food is too delicious, the reporters were stunned.

One of them immediately cried out, “I did not expect that the chef at Wan Lai Fu Restaurant is so impressive. The food that he cooks could make Elder Han overeats. How delicious this food must be!”

“You are wrong! Just now, didn’t the manager of Wan Lai Fu Restaurant inform us that this feast had nothing to do with Wan Lai Fu? This feast is prepared by two chefs only!” Someone immediately retorted.

“What is going on?” Many of the reporters could not understand the situation.

As reporters, they have seen all kinds of situations. Many of them immediately understood what is happening.

They understood that when Yang Yong had declared that the feast had nothing to do with Elder Han, he wants to absolve all responsibilities. But now that the situation had changed, his actions end up shooting

himself in his foot.

Such a golden opportunity had been tossed away by Wan Lai Fu Restaurant. And in doing so, he had offended Elder Han. This means that Wan Lai Fu restaurant may have to close down if Elder Han retaliates in anger.

Han Yuyan did not mention a lot. The reporters are pretty good at their jobs and know how to dig and discover the truth of the matter. Wan Lai Fu restaurant’s reputation will definitely plummet.

She continued to answer questions from the reporters. Most of the questions she answered were regarding Elder Han’s health.

While she patiently answered their questions, she was scheming in her heart, ‘It is rare that Grandpa finds a chef whose cooking he likes. Therefore, she must not let Ye Chui get off that easily. Even if she has to resort to underhand means, she will get him to become her grandpa’s personal chef!”

……Ye Chui and Tian Xiadodu did not use the main door, and instead, tried to escape the media by exiting from a less often used side door. Fang Tao intends to follow them, but Tian Xiaodu kicked him away.

“My disciple is quite talented in cooking, but he did not know how to use his talents. All he wants to do is to find a rich man and get rich while serving the rich man. Brother, please not do hold it against him.” Although Tian Xiaodu was very angry at Fang Tao, he still tried to smooth things over between Ye Chui and Fang Tao. He is quite a good shifu and cares about his disciple.

Ye Chui is not one who loves to create trouble, nor is he a petty man. As long as Fang Tao did not attempt to create trouble for him, he is happy to pay Fang Tao no mind. He smiled, “It is all right. I will not hold it against him. But Xiaodu, what are you intending to do in the future? I don’t think you will want to continue working in Wan Lai Fu Restaurant?”

“Yang Yong’s actions today had really disappointed me. I was intending to go back and resign. Oh, yes, I will definitely make sure that he pays your fee for entertaining Elder Han.” Tian Xiaoduo sighed.

Suddenly Tian Xiaoduo thought of something, “What about you? Did you want to open your own business? You are still young, why not go with me to a large restaurant and learn the ropes from there?”

“I have my own plans.” Ye Chui smiled. In his past life, he is a Great Master Chef. Most of his life was spent in a restaurant. He had a had a wealth of experience in running a restaurant.

Tian Xiaodu was very confident in Ye Chui’s cooking skills. But opening and managing a restaurant is different from cooking. There are a lot of rules and regulations to follow, “Brother, please do not blame me for speaking out. Right now, you are just a one-star chef. Even if you open a restaurant, you could not make it big. At the most you can open is a commoner’s restaurant. This is such a waste of your talents.”

Hearing Tian Xiaodu’s words, Ye Chui was surprised, “Wait a moment, when did I say that I am a one-star chef?”

Tian Xiaodu was astounded, “Brother, are you telling me that you have not even take the chef examination?”

Ye Chui shook his head, “No, I have not. Why? Is this examination very important?”

Tian Xiaodo’s expression became even stranger. He looked dumbly at Ye Chui, “If you want to open a restaurant, you need to have a chef license, and you must be at least a one-star chef. This is common knowledge. You did not know about this?”

“Oh, there is such a regulation here?” Ye Chui’s eyes widened in surprise.

On Earth, having a chef qualification is a bonus. Because this qualification can confirm that the chef had the skills to cook. But it does not mean that chefs without qualifications may not cook. There are many chefs who do not have the chef certifications, but they managed to forge a living and make their restaurants successful by virtue of their own cooking skills.Of course, having chef qualifications is much better than not having one. For example, if you want to work in most five star hotels’ restaurants, you must have a chef qualification.

But Ye Chui is opening his own restaurant and he did not care so much about chef qualifications.

In this world, it is totally different. Having a chef qualification is essential.

That Ye Chui had not considered having a chef qualification is not because he is too arrogant, but it is because he did not considered it necessary – after all, it is something that is ‘nice to have, but not essential’ on Earth. He had no clue that this world, chef qualifications are a must-have item.

Ye Chui embarrassingly rubbed his finger on his nose, “Xiaodu, please tell me more about the chef qualifications.”

“All right…” Tian Xiaoduo was very puzzled. This young man before him had awesome cooking skills, but no chef qualifications?

But he did not ask too much and immediately informed Ye Chui of what he knows.

In this world, if someone wants to become a chef, he or she must first pass the chef examination.

All chefs are divided by ranks. A one-star chef is the most basic chef. All aspiring chefs must take the basic examination. After passing the examination, you will become a 1-star chef. There are no age restrictions for taking this examination.

When a one-star chef is at least 20 years old, they could apply to take the 2-star examination. Should they pass, they will become a 2-star chef. This means that only those who are 20 and above could become a  2-star chef.

As for 3-star chef, he or she must be 25 and above to take the examination.

As for 4-star, 5-star and above, there is no age restrictions and no examinations. But the requirements are stricter. The chef must participate in competitions and win  points.

In this world, it is a requirement that if you want to open a restaurant, you must have a chef that is qualified. The restrictions are quite limiting. For instance, a 1-star chef is limited to opening a commoners’ restaurant.

Tian Xiaoduo had assumed that Ye Chui was a 1-star chef, because Ye Chui is only qualified to be a 1-star chef ranking because of his age limit. As Ye Chui’s cooking is so good, he assumed that Ye Chui had already become certified.

Never did he expected that Ye Chui did not know anything regarding the chef certification.

Ye Chui was stunned, “So if I want to open a restaurant, I need to have a chef qualification, and because of my age, I can at most be a 1-star chef? And I can only open a normal eatery?”

This is not what Ye Chui wants!

Looking at the surprise expression on Ye Chui’s face, Tian Xiaodu could not help thinking: He is only 31 years old this year, but he became a 5-star chef at the earliest moment. The main reason was that he devoted himself to the pursuit of fine food.

Ye Chui may be younger than him, but Ye Chui’s cooking skills are superior to his. Therefore, he thought of learning from Ye Chui. If Ye Chui agrees, he does not mind working for Ye Chui. With his five star ranking, Ye Chui can open a grand restaurant.

Just when he comes up with this idea and was about to suggest his solution to Ye Chui, he noticed that Ye Chui had signalled to him not to speak. This is because Ye Chui had seen the girl that makes his heart flutters – Lin Wei.

Lin Wei must have seen the news online that Elder Han was hospitalised and immediately rushed here.

“Are you all right? Is Elder Han’s condition serious? My dad knows Elder Han. I could ask my father to speak to him.” When she reached Ye Chui, she immediately asked, and even looked all over him, as if she was worried that he is injured. Her face was filled with concern.

Ye Chui was surprised – he did not expect Lin Wei to be so concerned about him. He smiled, “Relax, Elder Han is all right. Because the food that I cook is so tasty, he ends up overeating and was hospitalised.”

“Really?” Lin Wei relaxed. She patted her chest, “You have frightened me to death!”

“Oh, I did not know that Weiwei is so concerned about me.” Ye Chui smiled as he continued.

Lin Wei’s face turned red, “Who’s worried about you? I am more worried that if something happened to you, I would not be able to eat the mutton skewers or other tasty food.”

“Oh, so it is like this….” Ye Chui purposely looked very sad and crestfallen.

“Of course, I care a little bit about you!” Lin Wei immediately admitted. She sticks out her fingers with a tiny gap between them, “Just this bit. Oh yes, Ye Chui, what did you cook for Elder Han? I want to try it too.”

“You are really a foodie.” Ye Chui smiled, and touched Lin Wei on her nose, “Whatever you want to eat, I could cook for you.”

Lin Wei blushed, she knocked away Ye Chui’s hand that touched her nose. Then she turned around and wanted to leave, as if she is angry, “I am not going to care about you anymore….”

Seeing the back of Lin Wei, Ye Chui did not give chase, but just smiled, “Today I made Shaoxing Drunken Chicken, Dong’An Chicken, Stewed Chicken with mushroom, and a dish that was served in the Qing Han Imperial Feast – the Hong Word chicken with shredded cucumber. These dishes made Elder Han cried with happiness.”

“But these are not even the tastiest dishes I know. I even more delicious recipes that are not inferior to these dishes. For example, Fortune Word roast pork, Wan Word Mala pork belly, Nian Word delicious vegetables, and there are Red Plum pearls, 8 treasure ducks, springy prawn rolls, Flying Dragons Lobsters etc. All these are the apex of Chinese cooking for thousands of years. But right now, I reckon that only I know how to cook these dishes.”

As soon as Ye Chui finished speaking, he heard the sound of water dripping – it is as if someone was drooling quite excessively. This sound was not from Lin Wei, but rather, it comes from Tian Xiaodu.

Tian Xiaoduo waived his hands, “Please ignore me, and continue. This is not on purpose….”

Lin Wei was captivated by the names of the dishes. She turned around and looked at Ye Chui, “Can you really make all these?”

“Of course, I will cook these for you when I have time, alright?” Ye Chui smiled. As long as the girl is a foodie, it is not hard to chase after her.

Lin Wei eagerly nodded her head,  “En!”




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