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Reborn-Super Chef – 002

Chapter 2 – Two Sisters


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It is 11 pm at night, and the crowd in the night market gradually dispersed.


When the last customer in the stall had finally left, Ye Chui began to clean up the place. He kept the grill stove and the air-tight container that is used to keep the meat fresh, loaded them onto an old tricycle, and made his way home.


After pushing his tricycle for two blocks, he reached a shabby district. He parked the tricycle on the ground floor and dragged his small, tired body back to the small apartment which he rented.


This apartment is approximately 40 square meters in size. When opening the door, Ye Chui purposely slowed down and become as quiet as possible – he did not want to wake his sisters who were probably sleeping soundly.


Talking about his two sisters, they actually do not have any blood relations with the former Ye Chui. He first met them when he was at the orphanage, and when the orphanage closed down, they were also left homeless. Ye Chui took them in out of kindness.


Of the two younger sisters, the elder sister is 16 years of age, and her name is An Jing (her name means ‘quiet’). She is currently studying in high school. Her personality is much like her name and she is a quiet and mature young lady.


The youngest sister is only 7 years old, and is currently in grade 2, and is named Wang Shiyu (Her name means ‘Poem Rain’). She is a hyperactive and lively girl. Of course, like all orphans, she matured really quickly.


Ye Chui is not a saint. At first, after he was reborn, his two sisters were just a ‘chance meeting’ to him. He had no brotherly love or feelings for the two sisters of his, and could run away by himself and leave them alone.


But each time he had this thought, he would suddenly felt uncomfortable and could not bear to do it. It was as if the Ye Chui whose body he had inherited was influencing him and his decisions.


In addition, the two sisters were lovely and quite matured for their age. After interacting with them for a few days, Ye Chui finally came to accept them as his own sisters.


After being reborn, having two adorable sisters may not be a bad thing.


Ye Chui had no intention of waking his two sisters, and he quietly crept into the apartment. But when he turned on the light, he was surprised to see An Jing sleeping on the sofa, with her hand still holding on to a book. It seemed that she was waiting for Ye Chui to come home when she fell asleep.


This apartment has only 1 room. This room is shared by the two girls. Ye Chui usually sleeps on the sofa in the living room.


The weather is quite hot, and An Jing only wore a white colour oversize T-shirt. Looking at her, you could tell that she is a real beauty, with a diamond shaped face and big eyes. For a girl her age, her curves and shapely body were well developed, and her shapely figure on the sofa was very seductive.


Ye Chui was momentarily stunned by the scene before him. He immediately shook his head to clear his mind. Regarding his two ‘sisters’, it is easy not to fall for Wang Shiyu as she was too young. But An Jing’s seductive body was another issue altogether….


“Arh! You are back!” An Jing heard the sound of the door closing, and she opened her eyes and slowly got up from the sofa. She rubbed her sleepy eyes, and walked towards Ye Chui, “Brother, you must be tired. I have heated up some water. Let me help you to wash your feet.”


“It is ok, I can do it by myself….” Ye Chui immediately reply. An Jing is very considerate, but Ye Chui could not bring himself to let her wash his feet for him. Looking at the basin of water that An Jing had taken out, he quickly grabbed hold of the basin, “You still have to go to school early tomorrow morning. You better go to sleep now so that you can wake up on time.”


An Jing was quite unwilling, but when Ye Chui looked like he was very angry, An Jing finally relented and returned to her room.


Ye Chui washed his feet, and took a quick shower before lying on the sofa. He stared the moonlight that entered through the windows. Right now, he could not sleep.


He thought of his experience since he was reborn. In this half-month, he had already adapted to this world. Other than taking care of his two sisters, he had set a goal for himself. The night market stall selling lamb skewers is just the first step of his plan. His next goals are to open a restaurant of his own, and step by step, reach the pinnacle of the cooking world, just like his time on Earth.


Of course, there is the also the legendary Qing Han Imperial Feast. Again, he will let the world experience the legendary cuisines from the Qing Han Imperial Feast!


Ye Chui could visualize the time when he held the Qing Han Imperial Feast taster. 328 dishes were served. For the guests who managed to get hold of a ticket, regardless of their status as a government official or a top rated actress, all of them lost their cool in front of the majestic food. They gobbled up everything as if they were starving.


And because of one dish, two superstars with a net worth of billions of dollars almost fought each other.


Unknowingly, he fell asleep…


When he woke up, he was surprised to see a pair of large eyes that were looking at him with high intensity. The small face seemed to be quite mischievous, and there is a grin on her face. In her small but confident voice, she greeted him, “Brother, you woke up already arh?”


“Little Rain….” [1] This girl should be his sister Wang Shiyu. In his last life, Ye Chui was an only child, and did not have any brothers or sisters. When he first opened his eyes and saw the adorable face of his sister, he felt the kinship between him. He sat up on the sofa and massaged his face before turning to her and asked, “What time is it?”


“It is already 7:30 in the morning.” Wang Shiyu fluttered her eyelids before sitting next to Ye Chui, “Brother, today I did not sleep in. Aren’t I a good girl?”


“All right, you are a good girl.” Ye Chui smiled as he gentle stroke the little girl’s head.


From the kitchen, An Jing suddenly emerged. She saw that Wang Shiyu was happily chatting with Ye Chui and suddenly become enraged as she yelled, “Little Rain, didn’t I tell you that our brother is exhausted from working, and to let him and not disturb him? Why didn’t you listen to me?”


“I did not disturb or wake him. He woke up by himself.” Wang Shiyu retorted. Then she turned her cutest face to Ye Chui and asked her brother for backup, “Isn’t that right, brother?”


“En, I woke up by myself.” Ye Chui smiled as he explained. Looking at the apron on An Jing’s body, Ye Chui knew that she was preparing breakfast for the family. Usually, Ye Chui would wake up early to prepare breakfast. But An Jing is very considerate, and wanted to allow Ye Chui to sleep more and did not wake him up. She also instructed Wang Shiyu not to disturb Ye Chui.


Where else in the world can you find such a considerate sister?


But since Ye Chui has already woke up, he would not allow his sister to continue to cook. He washed up and entered the kitchen, “Let me handle the breakfast. You go and help Little Rain to brush her hair, or all of us will be late.”


An Jing nodded her head and combed Wang Shiyu’s hair, and tied the hair into two neat and tidy pigtails. At this time, Ye Chui had already finished cooking a simple breakfast – a bowl of porridge, salted vegetables that were marinated at home, and some steam buns.


While having breakfast, Wang Shi Yu suddenly thought of something, and proudly informed Ye Chui, “Brother, yesterday we had a test. I managed to get a perfect 100 marks for the test.”


“Really, arh?” Ye Chui was pleased when he heard the news, and grinned, “That great! To celebrate this achievement, I will cook a tasty lunch this afternoon, ok?


“Yeah!” Wang Shiyu clapped her hands in delight. She loved the tasty food that her brother cooked. An Jing also looked forward to the food, but she was more surprised by the change in her brother’s behaviour, “Brother, I noticed that you have recently changed a lot. For example, your cooking skills suddenly improved by leaps and bounds.”


Hearing this, Ye Chui was momentary stunned. How could he tell them that he is a different person? To them, he still looked the same and is still their brother. He quickly tried to give an explanation to ease their doubts, “Maybe it is because I have been practicing and selling food. In the future, I hope to open a restaurant of my own.”


“Then both Little Rain and I will definitely help out in the restaurant.” An Jing smiled. She was just surprised by the change in her brother, but she did not suspect anything. After all, her brother is still her brother, and nothing could change this.


Ye Chui was relieved to see An Jing accept his explanation. He had no intention of letting others know that he had crossed over from another parallel world. Even if he did, no one will believe him anyway.


After breakfast, Ye Chui sent his sisters to school. Wang Shiyu’s mind was full of the promise of tasty lunch, and confirmed this many times with Ye Chui before she happily skipped off to class. The two sisters attend the same school. This school accept all students from grade 1 to grade 12, and was fairly near their home. Therefore, it is very convenient for Ye Chui to take them to school.


After his two sisters had left, Ye Chui cleaned up the apartment, and pushed his tricycle towards the market. He needs to purchase and prepare the ingredients and food for his stall in the night market.


Oh, and also the tasty lunch that he had promised his little sister, Wang Shiyu.


But, what should he cook for lunch?



[1] Little Rain is a pet name for Wang Shiyu. Shi means Poem, and Yu means Rain. Chinese had a habit of calling younger relatives ‘Little’ followed by the last character in their name.




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