Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 050 Part 2

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 50 (Part 2) – The Dough is Shining with Bright Light!


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Wang Xi frowned. He was not surprised as others, as he thought of something.

[Skill] – This is a skill for kneading the dough.

This kid – did he gains these skills from an ancient [Divine Hand]?

In this world, there is a category of Xiuzhen practicers that is even mightier than that of [Spiritual Chefs] and [Divine Chefs]. And this category is the [Divine Hand]. There no chefs that have managed to reach this category yet.

These are the overlords that were recorded since ancient times.

He should be correct in his guess.

To allow an ordinary man to have such impressive cooking skills, he must have gained the techniques of a [Divine Hand]

Wang Xi was amazed at his thoughts and could not help feeling excited. Techniques of a [Divine Hand].

“Hua la la!”

The movements of Luo Xiu’s hands become stronger and more forceful.

There is a strong spinning force around him as the flour on the counter was absorbed into the whirlwind.

His hands also seemed to be summoning a hurricane.

“Pai ! Pai ! Pai!”

The sound of knocking rang out.

And with this sound….

“Swash —”

A white cloud of dragon seemed to rise into the air, towards the roof. It was as if there is a white dragon floating within the restaurant.

Seeing this, everyone was stunned.

A white dragon that appears within the restaurant?

This is something unheard of. It could be called a miracle.

Luo Xiu’s hand did not stop spinning the dough.

Under the skilful manipulation of Luo Xiu, the dough was spun around and got bigger and bigger, and then it seemed to become smaller and smaller again.

This cycle repeated itself many times.

Finally, the golden-red dough seemed to wrap around the staff in layers.

Just like a white colour dragon coiling itself on Luo Xiu’s staff.


The roar of the wind sounded like the roar of the dragon as it coiled around the stick and let loose a terrifying roar.

Everyone could feel that the golden colour dough was alive… as if there is life inside the dough.

“It is alive…!”

Ye Weiling stood the closest to Luo Xiu. She was really stupefied by what she had seen, but she did not forget the task that her brother had assigned her. She washed and cleaned a strange container, and then watched her brother as he used the rolling pin to knead the dough.

Seeing such a strange sight, she cupped her mouth with both hands, trying not to cry out in surprise.

Her eyes were transfixed on the sight of her brother as he used the strange rolling pin.

She had known her brother all her life, but had never seen him like this before. He seemed so different somehow.


Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted by a loud banging sound.

The stick had stopped spinning, and a golden colour dough had fallen on to the counter. It was shining with a bright golden hue.

Bang ! Bang ! Bang!

Luo Xiu just continued to use the rolling pin and beat the dough mercilessly, with all his might.

The sound of the stick hitting the dough rang out. To the amazement and surprise of the onlookers, with each hit of the quarterstaff, the light that the golden colour dough emit increased in intensity and brightness.

Finally, what remains is a “Perfect” golden dough.

It is shiny and smooth!

It gleams with a golden light and attracted the stares from everyone in the restaurant.

Ye Weiling could not help being fantasticated.

This dough is really beautiful.

Luo Xiu placed the rolling pin at a side, and open his hand. Then he slammed his hand on top of the golden dough.


The dough surface showed a palm print. Then the dough suddenly shrank violently.

This is still the same secret art that he had used to knead the dough earlier. But this time, he used his hands.

“Hu la la —”

The golden colour dough, under the skilful hands of a young man, was polished until the last bit of impurities from blending becomes invisible.

“What a great kneading technique….”

“His hands had no bones in it. How else could he knead the dough in this way?”

“Just now the staff skills and the hand skills that he employs now are really incredible!”

Many people sigh as they chatted about what they have seen. At this time, Luo Xiu’s hands had finally finish kneading the dough.


Luo Xiu could not help heaving a sigh of relief. He had given it his all in kneading the dough. He felt very tired and drained. It was as if he is both physically and mentally drained.

Luo Xiu had a very strange feeling – he felt as if his skills had increased somewhat, especially his movement speed and reaction speed.

At least, the previous him on Earth could not successfully finish kneading the dough in one shot.

Luo Xiu smiled and looked at the final product.


Just when everyone raised up their head to see what Luo Xiu would do next, their eyes were suddenly assaulted by a super glaring ray of light that emitted from the dough.

The dough seemed to pulse with vibrant energy like that of a sun, so glaring were the rays of the sun that the customers could not help closing their eyes in shock as they look away.

The dough was shining! And it shone with a purity and intensity like nothing they have ever seen before.

Spiritual food?

Everyone could not help thinking about the same thing. At the same time, they were astounded at the thought …..


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