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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 050 Part 1

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 50 (Part 1) – The Dough is Shining with Bright Light!


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This is an extra long chapter and I divided it into 2 parts.

This long stick is also a custom made item.

“What … is this?”

Wang Xi asked as it looked at Luo Xiu’s hands.

“Rolling Pin!” [1]

Luo Xiu did not even lift up his head “Something used when cooking flour products!”

“Oh? When making flour products….. you need to use this thing?”

Wang Xi smiled bitterly. His gaze was focused on the strange stick in Luo Xiu’s hands. Nie Ji could not help wondering how many stuff does this guy knows?

As a metal attribute Xiuzhen practicer, he felt that Luo Xiu is getting more and more mysterious. It was as if he had an infinite number of secrets.

And his skills in the preparation of ingredients is much better than Nie Ji’s.

Who is the metal attribute kitchen practicer? You or me?

Nie Jie pouted in jealousy.


Luo Xiu held the rolling pin high up. It is not just an ordinary rolling pin. It is a specially designed stick that could be combined with the Bai Luo Family Clan secret skill – Bai Luo Soul Capturing staff!

When he held the stick high up, everyone could see the black and thick staff clearly.


This staff had a token on it?

On the token, there is a dragon flying in the sky and when the quarterstaff is twirl, the dragon looks almost life-like, as if it is flying within the staff.

This token is the same as the symbol on Luo Xiu’s shirt, and below the dragon is the words “Bai Luo”.

Below this dragon head, the rolling pin is divided into two parts.

The top part is a circular cylinder shape filled with many small bumps. These bumps are not abrupt and are uniform in spacing.

The part below it is smooth and straight.

This stick does not seem to be ordinary.

“Shu La!”

Just when everyone was watching the stick, Luo Xiu moved, and the onlookers covered their mouths in amazement.


The stick moved downwards.

The black colour stick seemed to stab into the golden flour, and the flour seemed to be moved.


The golden flour, under the skilful manipulation of the rolling pin, becomes a golden dragon shape as it twirls around the stick. A loud whistling sound that the onlookers had mistaken for the roar of the dragon sounded out from the rolling pin.


The stick begins to move in the air.

And the golden flying dragon swirled and danced in the air.

Luo Xiu used a single hand to break apart a large [Fire Spirit Egg].

“Ka Cha, Ka Cha -“

The [Fire Spirit Egg]’s red coloured egg white and yellow colour yolk seemed to fly as they joined the hill of golden flour and was slowly swirled into the stick.

This spectacular display of skills wowed the crowd of onlookers.

“This is the first time that I have seen someone break the egg so beautifully!”

“Chef Luo is indeed different!”

Luo Xiu used his left hand to cover the egg with more flour and continue to knead, while his right hand continue to wield the staff at the same time.

The [Fire Spirit Egg] was quickly blended in with the golden colour flour, and become a golden colour dough.

The golden flour and the red colour egg combined together to create a dough that gleamed with a dazzling golden-red light. The light is so strong and glaring that most of the customers were forced to use their hands to shield their eyes or look away. The light is very impressive and not inferior in brightness to the earlier dough.

At the same time, Luo Xiu waved and moved his rolling pin. Under his skilful manipulation, the rolling pin is like it is part of his right hand and move effortlessly in the direction he desires.

The dragon descends into the mountain of gold as the black stick stabbed into the mountain of golden flour.

Seeing this, Nie Ji and Ma Fei looked at each other and then cried out in surprise, “Using the stick to knead the dough?”

That’s right.

Under the astonished eyes of everyone, Luo Xiu continued to swirl the black colour rod. As the rod swirled in a clockwise direction, the gold flour and egg also swirled around the stick, and combined together into a larger, fiercer dragon dough.

Then Luo Xiu’s hands moved faster and faster and lifted up the stick and you could see the shadows of the dragon as it swirled in the air.

The black colour rolling pin, under the skilful control of Luo Xiu, swirled around faster and faster, until it becomes a black colour shadow.

This is the [Rotational Art] in the Bai Luo family’s rolling pin skills. It contains only one art – that is to rotate the rolling pin continuously. Again and again.

Under the skilful manipulation of Luo Xiu, the golden colour dough becomes brighter and brighter in colour.

And the dough had become a massive golden solid dragon as the smaller golden flour dragon absorbed more and more gold and egg into its body each time it returned to the golden mountain of flour.

It is like the scales and blood of the dragon was flowing in the pin and making the dragon on the rolling pin bigger and more solid.

With each spin of the rolling pin, more and more flour was lifted into the pin and clung to the rolling pin.

Looking at this strange sight, the entire Nine Gate Restaurant was so astonished that it becomes very quiet.

Then Luo Xiu waved his Bai Luo Soul capturing staff, and spin it a circular motion. The dragon on top seemed to spin in a circular motion. Faster and faster it spins, until it creates a small twister.

The twister swirls in a circular motion and becomes faster and faster until it becomes into a tornado, with Luo Xiu at the eye of the tornado.

The violent windstorm also made Luo Xiu’s chef uniform flapped.

The powerful whirlwind lifts up the last of the golden flour on the counter and absorbed it onto the stick.

In a short period of time, the counter is clean and there is not even one speck of the golden flour remaining on the counter.

“This… what kind of kneading technique is that?”

Nie Ji and Ma Fei could not believe their eyes. Their eyes were opened very wide as they watched the scene unfolds, it looks as if their eyeballs could pop out their heads.

The onlookers are just as astonished and could not believe what they had seen either.

They were stunned into silence.

Even divine chef Wang Xi had never seen this method of using a stick to knead flour. [2]

This is unique!

Kneading flour without using hands?

No one replied them. For the crowd of onlookers had been stupefied by what they had seen. It is so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.



[1] The translator faints when he translates up to this point. The author made it sound so mysterious etc….. only to find out that just a rolling pin? Translator san bowed to the author for his powers in keeping readers in suspense.

[2] I had never seen this before either. I want to see a dragon swirling stick.

[3] Thank you for reading this chapter at prosperous food dot com. This is the 50th issue. A minor milestone. Horray!


[Gumihou: … you know, people from time immemorial had been using sticks to flatten things, alright? I’d have been more amazed if he’d whipped out a pasta machine]



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