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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 048

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 48 – Bai Luo Special Skill — Snake Encirclement


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Everyone was staring at Luo Xiu’s hands


Luo Xiu’s left-hand turns in a counter-clockwise direction, while the right-hand turns in a clockwise direction, as he rubs the small hill of flour.

Under his kneading technique, the flour quickly becomes a round shaped dough. In the beginning, his movements are very slow and pressed very hard against the flour. Slowly and gradually, his movements increased in speed.

The circular shape becomes more and more clear.

Luo Xiu’s hands seemed to be drawing the circle on the dough.

“Pai! Pai! Pai! “

Luo Xiu used his strength to rub against the dough. Each time he presses on the dough, he used his palm to exercise the maximum strength. As he moves faster and faster, Luo Xiu’s wrist also flows in a circular motion. It feels as if his wrist is boneless. As he picked up speed, his hands seemed to a shadow, submerged inside the ball of dough.

And the dough becomes part of his hand, and was quickly stretched and transformed into various shapes and rolled back again.


Everyone widened their eyes and stared in amazement.

Luo Xiu closed his eyes, as if he was enjoying this feeling of kneading the dough.

His hand had transformed into a countless number of shadows. Under his kneading technique, a ray of golden yellow light occasionally leaked out from the middle of the dough.


Nie Ji was surprised as he caught sight of the yellow light, “What … what is that?”

Luo Xiu’s kneading technique looks quite scary as he twisted and rolled and his hand all sorts of weird positions.


Ma Fei replied, and looked at Wang Xi, as if to confirm his analysis.

Wang Xi’s expression was dignified as he explained, “The light is the formation of spiritual energy…. This is a result of using the spiritual ingredients!”


Nie Ji was astounded.

Just one moment ago, he was laughing at Luo Xiu for his ignorance. He assumed that Luo Xiu does not know how to handle spiritual ingredients.

Now, he felt as if he was smacked on the face.

Formation of spiritual energy!

Isn’t this something that only spiritual chefs can do?

To extract the spiritual energy from the spiritual ingredients, and forms the energy, then use it to create a spiritual dish!

How could it be that the young man in front of him could form spiritual energy using spiritual ingredients?

This man is only a commoner!

“No, a commoner’s hands could not be that fast. He must be mastered a rare skill!”

Wang Xi sucked in his breath. He discovered that common senses do not apply to Luo Xiu.


Luo Xiu just said one word, and his hand speed increased in intensity.

This method of kneading dough is not created by Luo Xiu. It is a technique handed down across the generations by Bai Luo Clan, and is known as “Snake Encirclement”

It can be summed up in one word – round!

To turn the dough into a round shape, and knead it from within.

This method is really hard to master. It requires the wrist to be very flexible. To learn this skill, Luo Xiu had to repeatedly practice for 2 years.

Only when your wrists can be totally flexible did you achieve the basics of this skill.


“What kind of kneading technique is that?”

“The hands seemed to transform into something else!”

Nie Jie stared at the Luo Xiu’s hands. The hands’ movement was so fast that all he could see are shadows. It is almost as fast as if not faster than him.

But he ….. is a kitchen Xiuzhen practicer!

He specialised in hand speed and knife skills – a metal attribute kitchen Xiuzhen practicer.

Luo Xiu is a commoner. How could this be!

“Pai! Pai! Pai!

Luo Xiu continued to use his hands to stretch and knead the dough, and the rays of golden light contained within grow in intensity.

The golden light seems to appear in Luo Xiu’s hands as well.

“Spiritual Energy Formation! This is really spiritual energy formation!”

“He …. He…. He managed to do it! He managed to make the ingredient shine with spiritual energy!”

“The dough he kneads is shining!”

Ma Fei could not help exclaiming in surprise. A spiritual chef could make the dough shine is ‘normal’ in this world.

But Luo Xiu is but a commoner. How could he make a dough that shines with spiritual energy?

“[Fire Spiritual Egg]!”

“He managed to exploit the spiritual energy from the [Fire Spiritual Egg]!”

Wang Xi thought.

But he remains silent. For Luo Xiu had shattered the myth that only spiritual chef could create food that shines with spiritual energy.

This young lad is incredible!

Nie Ji and Ma Fei were rendered speechless.

At this moment, Luo Xiu suddenly stopped neading, and his mouth smiled, “Haha, so it is like this!”

“I finally understand!”

Luo Xiu tossed the dough that shines with spiritual energy into a corner.

Then he took out a bag from the spiritual storeroom.

This bag contains wheat that grows with spiritual energy.

This type of ingredient is are known as [Spiritual Wheat].

In addition to the spiritual wheat, there are many other ingredients that had a normal and spiritual type of the same ingredient.

For example, there is also spiritual rice! The rice as clear as crystals!

“You want to use this spiritual wheat to redo the dough?”

Wang Xi just took one look and immediately understood what Luo Xiu wants to do.

Luo Xiu asked, “That’s right, may I ?”

“You may not, but I can help you!”

Wang Xi’s words surprised everyone.

The divine chef …. Wants to help out?

And to help Luo Xiu to prepare the ingredients?

“An ordinary mill could not mill the wheat into flour, because the wheat is very tough due to the spiritual energy contained inside. Therefore, if you want to break apart the wheat, you need to add spiritual energy to it!”

“Let me do it!”

Nie Ji had already reached out and snatched the bag of wheat from Luo Xiu’s hands. He opened it and saw the ingredient was shining with spiritual energy.

“Metal attribute is the sharpest attribute. It could destroy anything, including this wheat, and transform it into flour!”

Luo Xiu immediately stopped them, “No, don’t! If you do this, it will break apart the spiritual energy. I used the stone mill so as not to break apart the spiritual energy. “

What a joke. If you break it apart, how am I going to cook?

“Humph…. do you know what a kitchen practicer is?”

Nie Ji sneered.

Luo Xiu grabbed the bag of wheat and refused to let go. “I may not be a kitchen practicer, but I know more about this ingredient that you!”

“Why not do this? You can compare the results. You use your metal attribute to break apart the wheat, while I use the stone mill, and we compare the results and see which one is finer. How about it?

Luo Xiu looked at Nie Ji. For some unexplainable reasons, Nie Ji wants to retreat.

Wang Xi was also surprised.

This is the first time he showed some doubts about Nie Ji’s skills.

He had a feeling that what Luo Xiu said is correct.

“Then I … will personally do it!”

Wang Xi shook his head, and said.

He wanted to see with his own eyes if what Luo Xiu said is correct!


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