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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 037

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 37 – Faster Than Yesterday

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Wang Zhe looked at Li Deyong and could not help frowning, “Manager Li, get up first!”

“Young master Wang, I can tell you with certainty, that this is a plot of Luo Xiu!” Li Deyong continued to insist.

Wang Zhe expression suddenly turned cold, “Manager Li, everything you said, you need evidence. Do you have any evidence that this salt in your hands is Luo Xiu’s?”

“Manager Chen had already testified that Luo Xiu did not give your son any salt!”

“Also, Li Yuan was at home in the kitchen when the incident happened. Nobody knows what happened in between this time period!”

“Furthermore, Manager Chen had eaten the salt yesterday. Why wasn’t he poisoned?”

Wang Zhe just asked a few questions and raised a few points, and Li Deyong could only keep silent.

But his eyes revealed his hate for Luo Xiu.

He knows that what Wang Zhe said is right. He does not have any evidence to prove that this is a plot of Luo Xiu. Also, when his son was cooking, he did not know what his son was cooking, let alone others.

Last but not least, he had no idea of this thing called salt.

Li Deyong stood up. No matter what he does, he cannot prove that Luo Xiu was behind the death of his son, Li Yuan.

And the fact that Wang Zhe was at Nine Gates Restaurant is quite fishy.

His bodyguard, whom he had assigned to kill Luo Xiu, had gone missing. Today there are so many guests in the restaurant. This guy……

Li Deyong thought of these and immediately looked at the counter where Luo Xiu was cooking. The strands of dragon beard noodles and the menu immediately attract his attention.

Since when did this lad become so formidable?

“He had no sense of smell and taste. How could he cook?”

Li Deyong stared at Luo Xiu and finally threatened, “Luo Xiu, you own me my son’s life! I will not let you off that easily!”

Li Deyong waved his hand,  “Let’s go!”

Luo Xiu suddenly shouted out, “Wait a minute!”


Li Deyong turned around in surprise.

“Manager Li had just lost your son and is grieving. I could understand your pain. But if you feel that your son was killed by me, and try to harm me in revenge, then do not blame me if I attack you in self-defence!”

Luo Xiu’s eyes flashed with confidence.

Manager Chen and Wang Zhe saw this and felt that Luo Xiu is not simple.

“Humph, let’s wait and see!”

Li Deyong sneered and walked out.

“Brother, are you all right?”

Ye Weiling walked over. Her face was filled with concern.

“What can happen to me?”

Luo Xiu waved his hands. He looked at the strange looks that everyone was giving him, and he grinned, “Do you dare to eat the noodles? The salt will kill you!”

“Haha, Chef Luo really loves to joke!”

“This is all Li Yuan’s fault for not extracting the poison from the salt….”

“But you cannot blame Li Deyong. He had only 1 son. If your son died, you will also be furious?”

“Of course!”

All the guests in the restaurant gossiped, paid for their meal, and left the restaurant.

Suddenly, the Nine Gates restaurant was strangely empty.

Wang Zhe also called Manager Chen, “Old Chen, it is time for us to leave!”

“Young master Wang, are you full?”

Manager Chen’s sudden question stunned Wang Zhe. As a spiritual chef, he needs to eat a large volume of food. Therefore, he was not full.

“If you have not eaten your fill, you can try the Deeson Fruit threads that chef Luo stir-fry. That is also very tasty!”

“Chef Luo also have a very good knife skills. Do you want to take a look?”

Manager Chen informed Wang Zhe. After he had tried the Deeson Fruit threads, he could not forget the taste.

“Oh, is that dish the one that Luo Xiu cooked in the chef battle yesterday?”

“Right, that dish could be ranked as [Delicious Food] in terms of taste!”

Manager Chen had not finished talking, but Wang Zhe is already interested, “All right, chef Luo, please give me one plate of the Deeson fruit thread. Oh, what is the first dish, fried French fries?”

“It is a vegetable!”

Luo Xiu did not care about Li Deyong’s threats. He immediately replied, “For this dish, you can ‘Tabao’!

“‘Tabao’? What is ‘Tabao’?”

“That is to bring it out of the restaurant and eat it along the way.”

“Oh, this is interesting!”

Within the Country of Fine Cuisines, most people dine in the restaurants. There are no such thing call Tabao (takeaways).

Hearing this new term, Wang Zhe’s curiosity was piped.

“Please wait a moment.”

Luo Xiu asked Ye Weiling to take out a Deeson Fruit for him. After washing the Deeson fruit, he picked up the knife and is ready to cut it.

Suddenly, his hands seemed to flow with energy.

A faint golden light seemed to flow from his hand to the knife. At that moment, the knife in his hand seemed like a part of his body.

“Yi? This is….”

Luo Xiu was surprised. Wang Zhe raised an eyebrow, “He had already awakened his metal attribute?”

“I had not guessed that chef Luo have already awakened the metal attribute!”

“In the spiritual test one month later, chef Luo should have a seat!”

Wang Zhe was surprised. Manager Chen added fuel to the fire by saying, “Young Master Wang, chef Luo skills in using the metal attribute is very impressive. His skills in the blade is not inferior to that of your father, the divine chef.”

“What? “

Wang Zhe could not believe his ears.

Luo Xiu took a deep breath. He felt that the sabre aura skill that he had learned had improved his knife skills.

‘sha! sha! sha!’

The speed at which Luo Xiu cut the Deeson fruit was much faster than yesterday.

The knife has not even cut through the Deeson fruit, but the sabre aura had cut through the Deeson Fruit with ease.

No wonder the metal attribute chefs are ththe e best helpers for spiritual chefs.

Cutting the ingredients is really too easy if you have the metal attribute.

All he needs is direct his spiritual energy, and it will slice through the fruit. The knife almost need not touch the ingredients at all.


“How could it be?”

Wang Zhe could not believe what he was seeing.

The speed at which Luo Xiu cut the Deeson fruit was much faster than his hands’ movements. All he could see are flashes of light, and the reflection of the cold gleam of the blade.

Never before had he seen such quick knife skills.

Even his father, Divine Chef Wang Xi, was not as fast as Luo Xiu. This is something that he could not imagine.

“Even the metal attribute kitchen Xiuzhen practicers could not achieve this speed?”

Wang Zhe’s jaw dropped open in amazement, and Manager Chen was also astounded, “Chef Luo…. His knife skills…. were much faster than yesterday!”

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