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Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 40 – There is a Flame in My Body

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And the man behind the success of this restaurant is not Li Deyong. Rather, it is the great chef – Zhao Tianzong.

Zhao Tianzong is quite well known in Snow Moon City, and it is rumoured that there is high chance that he can become a spiritual chef.

At that time, Inkfusion restaurant is just a commoner restaurant. It is chef Zhao Tianzong that made it into the great restaurant it is today.

Therefore, Zhao Tianzong has more power than Li Deyong in the Inkfusion restaurant.

He had a free reign over the kitchen and his commands supersede that of Li Deyong’s.

Even when Li Yuan become a qualified chef, Li Yuan was deemed unqualified to cook in Zhao Tianzong’s kitchen.

This is the reason why Li Yuan wanted to have a restaurant of his own.


Zhao Tianzong’s disciple brought Li Deyong to a room.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

After knocking on the door 3 times, that disciple whispered, “Shifu, Manager Li have an urgent matter to discuss with you.”

“Come in!”

From inside of the room, a lazy voice drifted out.

Li Deyong entered the door, and saw a middle-aged fatty, wearing luxury clothes and adorned with fine jewels as he lay on the bed. He was looking very happy as he enjoyed the luxurious lifestyle.

Sitting beside him were two pretty women, one of them was massaging his back, and the other was massaging his legs. The fatty occasionally moaned in comfort.

This fatty is the great chef of Inkfusion restaurant, Zhao Tianzong.

“Great Chef Zhao!”

Li Deyong was not surprised at this scene and walked towards Zhao Tianzong. Zhao Tianzong opened his eyes and looked at Li Deyong and asked, “What is the urgent matter?”

Li Deyong stared at Zhao Tianzong and softly said, “I will give you the Inkfusion restaurant. In exchange, help me kill someone!”

“Oh?” Zhao Tianzong immediately sat up, “Say it again!”

At the same time, he waved his hands and indicated that the girls and his disciple should leave.

Li Deyong’s eyes were bloodshot, and he gritted his teeth as he said this, “I can transfer the ownership of the entire Inkfusion restaurant to you, but you must promise me to kill Nine Gates Restaurant’s Luo Xiu. “


Zhao Tianzong straightened his robes and asked in curiosity, “Base on what I know, you have the power to handle this matter by yourself. Isn’t that kid a useless bum?”

“No. He is different from before. He had Wang Zhe’s support and he had mastered strange cooking skills. He could transform the most basic ingredients into [Fine Food] or [Delicious Food]!”


Zhao Tianzong expression immediately becomes serious. “Use the most common and basic ingredients to cook [Delicious Food]?

“Are you sure?”

“This is definitely true!”

Li Deyong sighed, and continued, “Today, Wang Zhe was dining at Nine Gates Restaurants. He offered a high-grade spiritual stone to taste the dish that the kid made!”

Zhao Tianzong turned pale and he was thinking hard.

He tapped his fingers on the desk, and suddenly he asked, “Why do you want to kill him? Where is Ah Qin? All you need to do is to assign Ah Qin to kill him. There is no need to approach me for help.”

“Ah Qin is dead! Last night I assigned him to kill Luo Xiu, and he never returned….”

“He is very likely to be dead!”

Li Deyong’s face was very troubled. If not for the fact that he was at his wit’s end, he would not have begged Zhao Tianzong for help.

“Even Ah Qin had died? Looks like that kid is quite troublesome!”

“I will go there tomorrow to take a look!”

Zhao Tianzong looked at Li Deyong, “How do you want me to kill him?”

Li Deyong’s eyes gleamed with bloodlust, “Chef Battle. Let him die in a cruel way!”

“Oh, ….. I am afraid that things are not so simple?” Zhao Tianzong smiled as he looked at Li Deyong, “Explain to me why you hate this kid so much as to want him to die.”

“Yuan Er is dead!” When Li Deyong said this, he looked as if he had lost all energy in his body.

Zhao Tianzong was stunned, then he thought of something, “Luo Xiu killed him?”

Li Deyong cried as he explained the situation, “En, using poison….”

Zhao Tianzong listened and he sneered, “I was wondering why Li Yuan did not appear in front of me for a few days. So you were attempting to take over Nine Gates Restaurant?”

“That means you want to escape the control of the Sect?”

Zhao Tianzong’s eyes schemed as he replied, “Not only must you hand over the Inkfusion restaurant. You also need to hand over the money you have horde in the last few years.”

“If not, I will not help you to take revenge on Luo Xiu!”

Zhao Tianzong impatiently barked, “You think it over carefully. You dared to betray the Sect?”

“Li Deyong, I think you have lived for too long and does not want to live anymore!”

Zhao Tianzong sneered and walked out.


Li Deyong fell to the floor in resignation. On his face was filled with grieve and pain.


Within the Nine Gates restaurant, Luo Xiu entered the spiritual storeroom.

There is a gate there, but it is greyed out. Luo Xiu took out a piece of high-grade spiritual stone and was about to place it on the symbol when suddenly his hand begin to suck the spiritual energy within the stone.

“Damn it! How could I forget about this!”

Luo Xiu was about to let go when he suddenly felt pain all over his body. This time, it was much more painful than the first time he absorbed the metal stone.

It was so painful that he almost fainted from the pain.

“It … hurts….!”

This is Luo Xiu’s last words before he blacked out.

Luo Xiu did not know how long he was unconscious for, but when he woke up, he discovered that he is still in the spiritual storeroom.

“Darn it!”

He groggily climbed up and discovered to his surprise that his body is much more active and flexible than before.

As well, there is a pile of black dust combined with some smelly liquid on the floor. His hand was also filled with the same dust. It is obvious that the dust is all that remains of the high-grade spiritual stone.

The dust and liquid are very smelly and emit a foul-smelling odour.

“Oh, have I cleansed my body and effused out all the toxins in my body?”

Luo Xiu had often seen this situation in books. He closed his eyes and discovered that there is a warm energy flowing in the midsection of his body.

This flow of energy acuminates in the Dan Tian, and is like a raging fire…

“Is this the fire attribute?”

Luo Xiu opened his eyes. He could feel a weak fire burning in his chest.

This feeling is very strange.

“This is really surprising….. my body had a fire in it?”

Luo Xiu continued to examine his body. Other than the fire, he did not discover any abnormalities. But his hearing and eyesight had improved.

The most amazing thing is that he feels very strong as if he was empowered very strong energy, like a superman.

“Looks like this is due to the flames!”

Luo Xiu did not think much. As long as this fire does not harm him, he is content to leave it alone.

“But I gonna admit that this fire is very scary – it eats spiritual stone like drinking water. In a very short span of time, it had consumed a high-grade spiritual stone!”

Luo Xiu sighed. He looked around to get the medium grade spiritual stone and discovered that … all of them have been absorbed by his body as well.

“Damn it!”

Luo Xiu swore.

Luckily, he still has a bag of spiritual stones from Ye Weiling.

This time, Luo Xiu becomes smarter. He used a pair of chopsticks to pick up the spiritual stone and placed it on the symbol.

The symbol lit up.

Then it dimmed and greyed out again.

“Again! Looks like one low grade spiritual stone is not enough!”

In this way, Luo Xiu continued to use his chopsticks to pick up spiritual stones and feed it to the symbol.

He lost count of how many spiritual stones he had spent.


Finally, the symbol lit up with white colour.

This light is similar to what Luo Xiu had discovered in Ye Zhong’s room.

This means that the spiritual storeroom is opened!

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