Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0025

Chapter 25 –


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Sally was caught unprepared by Michael’s question and could not help but rendered momentarily speechless. Looking at Michael’s earnest face, and the face of the little girl that was looking at her with anticipation, she was a bit flustered.

This endearing little girl is Michael’s daughter. This means that he had an Elven lady as his lover or wife. The elves are a race with very long lifespan. Very few elves would become friends with human beings. The feeling of watching your friends died of old age while you continued to live for a long time is a form of torture.

Therefore, there are few elves that are willing to be a lover or wife of a human being. The feeling of watching your loved ones aged and passed away due to old age is much harder and heart-wrenching.But matters of the heart are just like that – it defies all senses of logic. Therefore there are some half-elves in this world, caring the blood of their human and elf heritage.

The elves are a proud race. In their eyes, the blood of half-elves is not pure. They may not attack a half-elf just because of their races, but they also will not accept a half-elf into their community. The half-elves are driven out of the Windstorm forest and forbidden to enter Windstorm forest.Humans are more tolerant of half-elves. The lifespan of a half-elf is approximately 200 years, and is much closer to that of a human than an elf. But the pointed ears of half-elves mean that they are often discriminated against just because they are different.

Therefore, it could be said that a half-elf is at a huge disadvantage from the moment they are born. The only exception is if their parents are powerful enough to protect and shelter the child from the humans’ and elvens’ discrimination. But so far, no one had been able to achieve this.

The human being that was squatting down beside the little half-elf seemed determined to do just that. His eyes were filled with determination and earnest as he asked this question, and it made her felt touched.The little girl that was wearing an adorable bear dress was looking at her with anticipation. The silver colour hair on her head made her stands out, as only the elf royalty had hair of this colour. It made her recalled an elf that she had not met for a long time. Of course, this elf is a member of the royal palace and they are of different classes. Therefore, she could not keep in contact with that elf.

This little girl is really pretty, and has the best features of both her parents. After a slight hesitation, Sally smiled at Amy and nodded, “That’s right! When you grow older, you will be as pretty as I am.”

“Really? Papa, after I grow up I can be as pretty as this elder sister?” Amy was delighted and did not expect this compliment. Her little hand was covered her wide opened mouth, and she looked at her father, as if she dared not believe what she had heard.”Of course it is real! This elder sister had told you personally that when you grow up, you will be very pretty, even prettier than the snow-white swan!” Michael looked into her eyes and nodded his head.

Moby hand was still holding on to a spoon as he smiled at Amy and said, “That’s right! I also feel that when you grow up, you will be very beautiful, even prettier than most of the elves.”

“Oh! That’s awesome! I am so happy! I want to grow up quickly and become as pretty as this sister!” Looking at the smiles on the 3 adults face, Amy believed them. She had never expected that when she grows up, she will be pretty as well. She will not become the monsters that the other children in the school made her out to be. Amy was so happy that she raised her hands and ran all over in the restaurant. Looking at the happy Amy, Michael appreciated the comments of Sally and Moby. To him, there is nothing more important than the making Amy happy. He hoped that these words of praise can restore some confidence in herself.

He turned around and looked at Sally, “Thank you.””You are welcomed.” Sally looked at the expression of delight on the face of this father-daughter pair. She thought that Michael is a good father and she felt warm in her heart.Sally suddenly placed an order, “I also want to order a plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice.”

“All right, please wait a moment.” Michael nodded.He then turned around and thanked Moby. “There is no need to thank me. What I said is the truth. Boss Mike, you are so lucky to have such a beautiful and adorable little girl.”

Moby waved his hands, and he envied Michael.”Please enjoy your meal.” Michael smiled and nodded his head, and made his way to the kitchen. He quickly returned from the kitchen with a plate of freshly cooked fried rice and placed it on Moby’s table.Michael also felt that he was very lucky. How else could he have such a cute daughter?”

Good evening, Grandpa Dwarf Moby!” Amy ran two rounds around the dining area, and she greeted Moby.Then she ran up to Sally and sat opposite Sally. Amy was full of curiosity as she asked, “Sister Elf, what is your name? Where did you come from?”

If any other person asked Sally, who was on run, this question, she would immediately grab her bow and fire an arrow. But looking at the adorable little girl in front of her that was filled with curiosity, she just replied, “Sally, from the Windstorm forest.”

“Sister Sally, my name is Amy. Are there a lot of elves living in Windstorm forest?” Amy’s eyes lit up, and eagerly asked, “There must be a lot of pretty sisters like yourself?”

“En, a lot.” Sally smiled and nodded her head. It is so nice to hear a compliment from a little girl. It feels much better than hearing a compliment from others.Michael was eavesdropping on the conversation between his daughter and Sally. He smiled. Although she did not say it, Amy was very curious about elves.

Sally was not impatient with her or too haughty to speak to her. Rather, she would patiently answer all the questions that Amy had, and also answered some questions about the Windstorm Forest.Michael placed a plate of freshly cooked fried rice in front of Sally, and smiled, “Your Yang Zhou Fried Rice.”

“Thank you.” Sally politely replied. At this time, her gaze was transfixed on the plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] in front of her. The scrumptious smell of the egg and the various ingredients drifted towards her, and was much thicker in intensity than the whiff she had smelled earlier. She swallowed her saliva. At this moment in time, she did not care if this meal violates her daily diet.

The elves are not fussy about their meals. A meal for them usually comprises of a few spiritual fruits. Even when they cook, they just simply cook one ingredient at one time, and will not allow other food to corrupt the taste of another ingredient. For latest chapters from the original translators, visit prosperous food translations.

Sally had never tried a dish that combined all the ingredients on one plate. Neither did she try eating fried food before. Other than the natural oils from the meat, she had never used cooking oil extracted from plants.

Looking at the bits of oil on this plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice, she did not feel that it was greasy and unacceptable.Rather, what attracted Sally’s attention is the knife skills of Michael. He had cut all the ingredients into the same size as a grain of rice, including the green beans. This is not possible without practising for thousands of times.Sally had not even started eating yet, but already she was full of anticipation for this dish. She had never seen a dish that looks as beautiful as the dish in front of her, with all ingredients seemed to be in harmony with one another.

“Sister Sally, please give it a try. Papa’s rainbow fried rice is really yummy!” Amy, who was sitting opposite her, was looking at her anxiously. Then she whispered, “I heard the sound of your stomach growling.”

Β Sally’s face immediately turned red. This is too embarrassing! She picked up the spoon and placed a spoonful of fried rice into her mouth. The various flavours of each ingredient in the fried rice melted in her mouth and delighted her taste buds. She closed her eyes to focus on the taste of the food, and could not resist calling out, “Ohhhh …”


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