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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0079 – Marry Daddy

Chapter 79 – Marry Daddy When I Grow Up


“Really?” Amy looked at Mike, she looked a little suspicious at the answer.

“Of course.” Mike nodded sincerely, meanwhile, he quietly asked, “hey [System], do you have any interesting toys in your inventory?”

“This [System] is the [God of Cooking System], we definitely do not have any children’s toys in our inventory.” [System] said in a righteous tone.

“Fine, I shall spend some of those shiny gold coins on toys later.” Mike had no intention of giving way either.

“Then…” the [System] hesitated, after some time it said. “Though we do not have any toys in our inventory, our offline assembly line for toys is still accessible. The host may choose a toy and it will be prepared in 5 minutes, delivery will be free and the price fair.”

“Let’s have a look at the price first, ba.” A corner of Mike’s mouth curved up, his voice remained the same as he said to Amy with a smile. “Well, what kind of toy would Amy like? Daddy will transform one for you.”

“Um…” Amy thought hard for a while, then, her eyes sparkled. “I want a little singing person.”

“[System], I guess you don’t traffic persons, ba?” The first thing that popped into Mike’s brain were images of little people like Thumbelina and Tom Thumb in cages being sold to unscrupulous people.

“Trafficking of intelligent beings violates the Second Law of the System. Any host who indulged in such dishonourable activities would find their lives terminated with immediate effect.” The [System’s] voice somehow became more mechanical and flat as it delivered this long speech.

“Relax, I was just asking in passing. Let’s have a look at your collection of music boxes, ba.” Mike had intended to ask the [System] to give him a small person like Thumbelina as a pet, however, it looked he might have accidentally touched the limits of its patience. He quickly abandoned that thought, and switched the subject.

However, the [System’s] use of the Second Law made him think of the Three Laws of Robotics.

This was not a bad thing, it revealed that the [System], no matter how powerful and resourceful it seemed, was subjected to laws and regulations. It would definitely be troublesome if a resourceful being like this developed a mind of its own and decided that humanity was scum and wanted to ‘purify’ it or something.

Naturally, Mike has every intention of finding out all the rules that constrain this [System] and make full use of its resources for himself.

With his strength below the level of an ordinary person, he would definitely lose out in a one to one physical fight with a human. No need to mention all the superhuman beings like orcs, demons and elves. Having to hide behind Amy’s powers every time an incident happened was not something that he was comfortable with. As a father, he should be the one to stand in front of his daughter and protect her against the dangers of the world.

Right now, he was busy doing his best to earn as much money as he could in order to upgrade his own physical constitution. He needed to get to the point where he could handle a sword and then buy the software for elite sword techniques from the [System] which would solve majority of their current issues.

In the past, McGonagal was an extraordinary swordsman who could fight off dragons with just his sword alone and feared no one.

Of course, aside from physical constitutions and sword technique, anything that could be use to defend himself and protect the restaurant would be highly desirable.

“There are 500 different types of music boxes available for the host to peruse, with the price ranging from 50 copper coins to 500 gold coins. Would the host please have a look.” The [System’s ] voice, while still mechanical and formal, had returned to a more merchant like tone.

Mike looked at the pictures of hundreds of music boxes, it was kind of like looking at an online shopping page, the most expensive music box at 500 gold coins was made from solid gold, which looked kind of gaudy and nouveou riche, definitely not something Amy would like.

As he continued to scroll through the pictures, the prices getting less and less expensive, his eyes fell upon a music box priced at 50 gold coins.

The base of the music box was made from some kind of brown coloured wood with a half sphere glass dome over it. Within the glass was a little figurine of an elf girl dressed in a fluttery purple dress, a violin tucked under her chin. Delicate snowflakes were carve onto the glass dome, which made it looked like the elf girl was standing in the middle of gently falling snow. He checked the details of the music box and found that it could play up to 50 types of music. Considering the workmanship and number of music available, the price seemed quite fair.

“[System], I want to order this 50 gold coins music box, the one with the elf girl playing a violin. Please have this made.” Mike said decisively.

“The host is sure?” The [System] sounded a little doubtful. After all, Mike had haggled with it over the cost of takeaway boxes just now, quibbling over mere 10 copper coins. The fact that he would actually drop a cool 50 gold coins just like that over a pointless music box was kind of suspect.

“Nonsense, if I don’t spend money on Amy, what’s the purpose of earning money?” Mike immediately knew what the [System] was thinking, and pressed on. “5 minutes, if it doesn’t come within 5 minutes I want a refund.”

“The music box is being custom made at this moment, it will be ready within 5 minutes.” The [System] stopped arguing and quickly took this chance to make money.

Though the interactions between Mike and the [System] were lightning fast, with the added time to peruse the stock and arguing over the purchase, about one minute had passed in real time. To Amy, it looked like her father was deep in thought over something serious, suddenly, she felt that her request was perhaps, a little unreasonable and quickly said. “Daddy dearest, Amy doesn’t any little singing person, as long as it’s a gift from daddy, Amy will love it.”

Mike looked at Amy, her understanding words pricked something in his heart, though she could be a little wilful at times, this kind of understanding could only be gained through hardship. Mike smiled brightly down at her. “No way, daddy will definitely give you a little singing person, in fact, it’ll be a very cute and pretty singing person. Just wait a little longer, magic making often takes time.”

“Really?” Amy’s eyes brightened, expectation brimming in her heart. A little person who could sing, that should be very fun, ba!

She had absolute trust in her father’s words. When he said he’ll magic up a pretty house, an incredibly pretty house and restaurant appeared. When he said he’ll magic up pretty dresses for her, she now get to wear lovely new dresses every morning. All the promises said by daddy were immediately fulfilled.

Mike nodded, then, he said seriously. “En, right now everything is under process, so, final question: If some little boy said that he likes little Amy, how would you answer?”

This was the big question that every protective dad would like to ask their little girl. No father would be happy if the precious little cabbage that he had so lovingly cared for and nurtured was gobbled up by a horrid pig.

Though Amy was only four years old now, it’s better to start this kind of training early.

It’s better to instil a proper sense of right and wrong before she became an actual adult and developed a world view of her own. That’s right, he will set up obstacles to destroy those idiots who try to approach his precious Amy right now. This, was the real reason behind the anti-fraud lessons in the first place.

With a dad who could kill off dragons, those who try to call him father-in-law must first be able to withstand a strike from his sword!

“Amy doesn’t like snotty little boys.” Amy said firmly, with her arms crossed in front of her. There was a worldly look on her face as she lifted her head to look at Mike seriously. Then, a sudden sweet smile bloomed on her face, and she said sincerely. “When Amy grows up, Amy will marry daddy dearest. Daddy dearest is the best person in the world, knows magic and cooks well, and tells Amy stories. There’s no one better than daddy in the world.”


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