Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0024

Chapter 24 –


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Michael quickly cooked a plate of Yang Zhou Fried rice, and proceeded to serve it to Moby.

“Wow! It looks really good! Is that the Yang Zhou Fried Rice?” Sally looked at the plate in Michael’s hand, and her eyes lit up. The golden coloured fried rice and various colours of the others ingredients were mixed into a plate. The end result does not feel disgusting; rather, it looks like a work of art, and immediately whets one’s appetite.

As Michael passed by her on the way to deliver the fried rice to Moby, a whiff of the fragrance of the dish drifted out. She could not help smelling the tempting aroma of the egg and various ingredients. Sally was already very hungry when she entered the restaurant. Smelling the scent of this food really made her all the more hungry, and she could not resist looking at Moby.

“Your plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice,” Michael placed the plate in front of Moby and a spoon next to the plate.

“Great!” Moby looks at the plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice in front of him. His gaze could not leave it. He took a look sniff at the mouth-watering aroma. Although he had already eaten 4 plates of Yang Zhou Fried Rice this afternoon, he did not feel bloated or have any discomfort in his stomach.

Rather, it only made him craved for this dish more. As soon as he had finished his job, he immediately bathed and changed and made his way here.

Moby picked up the spoon, and scooped up a large spoonful of the fried rice into his mouth. He chewed the food, and slowly, the various tastes of each ingredient were unleashed into his mouth. Then he swallowed the food, and the warm feeling slides down his throat. Immediately, he felt the same warm and comfortable sensation of feeling his fatigue disappeared. It was so comfortable that he almost moaned in pleasure.

“It is delicious! Even if I eat one hundred times, it is still as tasty as ever!” One mouthful of this fried rice and Moby could not stop himself. A second mouthful follows, and subsequent mouthfuls followed. He could not stop himself.

Unlike this afternoon, where he just gobbled up all the food hurriedly, he took the time to slowly chew on it. In this way, he could feel the distinct taste of each of the ingredients, and this made him enjoy his meal even more.

Sally heard the sound of her swallowing her saliva. She panicked. It is so embarra.s.sing!

Luckily Michael had already returned to the kitchen to cook the second plate of fried rice for Moby. And Moby was too engrossed in his meal to notice anything around him.

“Is it really that good?” Looking at the spoonful of colourful fried rice entering the mouth of Moby, and his delighted expression on his face, Sally was curious.

Meanwhile, the tantalising aroma continuously a.s.saulted her nose, and tempted her. She looked into her money pouch, and discovered that she had 12 dragon coins and 8 gold coins left. Her brain keeps telling her that she should not indulge herself in luxury items and to save the money.

But…. This smell is really delectable!

And… looking at the muscular dwarf enjoying his plate of fried rice so much, she was tempted to eat a spoonful of the fried rice from his plate. This feeling made her embarrassed.

She is a proud elf n.o.ble! How could she have these kinds of strange and weird thoughts! Sally could not help clutching her fists. But her gaze never left the plate of fried rice that Moby was eating.

Sitting here, smelling the mouth-watering aroma and a watching the smiles of delight on other people’s face as they eat the food, is a type of torture.

Moby finally finished the plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice. There was not a single grain of rice remaining on the plate. He put down the spoon and still felt unsatisfied- the portion is really too small for someone with a big appet.i.te like him.

When he saw the gaze of Sally, at first he was stunned. Then he giggled and grinned, “Lady, the fried rice here is really superb. If you do not give it a try, you will regret it.”

“Oh?” Sally looked away. As a proud elf, she did not accept the recommendations of a dwarf. But looking at the menu, she immediately tried to rationalise her decision and avoid the temptation.

“Maybe it is because he had never eaten any delicious food before, therefore he felt that it is tasty!”

“Mother had said that humans used their hands to touch the ingredients when cooking. Could the food that had been touched by the hands of that human be eaten?

“Even if it cost 600 copper coins for one plate, it should not matter? I still have 12 dragon coins. As long as I try to save money on other expenses, it should be all right.”

Looking at the elf who ignored him, Moby just shrugged his shoulders. He did not care about that elf, and continued to wait eagerly for his 2nd plate of fried rice.

After all, the elves are haughty. They always feel that they are n.o.bler than the other races. This elven woman had gold coloured hair. This indicated that she probably one of the n.o.bles that are distantly-related to the elven king. That she was willing to sit in the same restaurant as him indicated that she had a good temper.

In the afternoon, Moby had eaten 4 plates of Yang Zhou Fried Rice. It made him felt that his body had been rejuvenated. Because he had eaten a lot in the afternoon, he did not feel as hungry for dinner. 2 plates of fried rice would be perfect.

“Papa…..” At this time, a soft, tender voice sounded out from the counter.

Moby’s eyes lit up. He looked towards the counter with antic.i.p.ation. That little girl is really adorable! He was despised by her a few times in the afternoon, and was made to eat 4 plates of fried rice. But once he heard her voice, all grudges were immediately forgotten and disperse like the wind.

The reasons why he had bathed and changed before coming to the restaurant are twofold. One is to enjoy the tasty food. The other reason is to see that lovely and adorable little girl again.

Sally also heard the voice and immediately looked towards the counter. From the voice, it should a young lady. And from the words she said, it should be the daughter of this human?

Just when Sally was lost in her thoughts, a little girl who was wearing a purple colour pyjama with a bear hood walked out of the counter. She looked towards the dining room, and was stunned when she saw Sally.

The little girl looks as if she could not believe her eyes, and rubbed her eyes and took another look. Then her eyes widened in surprise as she rushed towards the kitchen and shouted, “Papa, Papa, there is a very pretty sister elf in the dining room!”

“So cute!” Sally felt that her heart nearly skipped a beat. That girl who was wearing a purple colour bear clothes was insanely adorable! When she rubbed her eyes, she looked like a lovable little bear.

No, it is much more endearing than a little bear. Her smooth, white face is so tempting, and Sally wanted to pinch her cheeks. Also, the words that she shouted out were a bit embarra.s.sing, but she loves to hear these words of praise from the little girl. After all, children are innocent and just say what is on their mind. They did not mean any offence.

But Sally’s sharp eyes quickly noticed the pointed ears on Amy, and she was surprised, “This girl is a half-elf?”

Michael had just finished cooking the second plate of Yang Zhou Fried rice. He placed it on Moby’s table. Then he patted Amy on her bear hood and smiled, “Oh, you woke up already!”

“En! I am now awake. But I am hungry! I wanted to eat the Yang Zhou Fried Rice. That’s why I rushed down!” Amy nodded her head, and excitedly pointed at Sally and said, “That elven sister is so pretty. This is the first time that I have seen a sister as pretty as her.”

“In future, you will be as pretty as she is.” Michael smiled as he squatted down next to Amy, and smiled at Sally, “Guest, do you agree with me?”


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