Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0060

Chapter 60 –


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Yang Zhou Fried rice is nice, and so is the hamburger. But for someone like Michael who is used to dining at Michelin Starred restaurant, there seem to be something missing when he eats these two dishes.

Although there is a new task that can unlock the soy beancurd, Michael thought that he would consult the system to see if he could unlock one or two speciality dishes.

The System was silent for a while, then it replied, “Hidden task unlocked: to have 1000 unique customers in the restaurant. Rewards: unlock [Huang Yu Chicken Rice]. If the task is not completed within 15 days, penalty: Constitution -0.5. Progress: 155/ 1000”

“This means that he had to attract 1000 different customers within 15 days?” Michael frowned. This task is a lot harder than selling 1000 hamburgers. After all, each customer can eat many hamburgers, and returning customers can purchase it again, increasing the number of hamburgers sold. In the span of a few days, it is possible to sell over 10 hamburgers per person.

But 1000 different customers is a different story. If this could be achieved, then it will fill the restaurant with customers all the time.

Ever since the restaurant had opened, there are only 155 unique customers. If he could not complete this task, he still has a penalty. This really sucks.


really sucks.

What Michael is more worried about is not because he does not have enough business. Rather, he was worried that the frequent customers will come back too often, and the new guests could not try the food he made. After all, he could only make a limited quantity of hamburgers each day. If this happened, the pace of attracting new customers will be slowed.

“To achieve this task, it seemed like customers who dine in the restaurant would be the key. Therefore, I should limit the number of takeaway for a short while. It is best for me if I can achieve a certain degree of publicity, while meeting the requirements of the guests that choose to dine here.” Michael thought.

When he thought of the rewards, [Huang Yu Chicken Rice], his eyes lit up.

[Huang Yu Chicken Rice] is one of the dishes named as “3 big feasts”, alongside the [Lanzhou Ramen], [Shaxian Street snacks].

Michael had eaten [Huang Yu Chicken Rice] before. Although he did criticise these dish using his sharp acidic tongue, the taste is really superb. The chicken meat is very tender and the gravy is really good. After eating the chicken, you can pour the rice into the gravy and mix it. This is another way to enjoy the dish.

Right now, he really regrets his harsh words and criticisms, especially when he had to cook to the standards that he had set. It will take a long time in that hellish training grounds to meet these impossible standards. Sigh, even if he unlocked the food, he reckoned that he will be locked in that training grounds for at least a few hundred days.

Karma is really a b.i.t.c.h!

Michael ranted for a while. Slowly, he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Michael was awakened by Amy’s frantic cries. He turned on the bedside light and sat up immediately. What happened?

Amy was sitting on the bed and looks as if she had just woke up. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and looked around and asked Michael, “Papa, where is Ugly Duckling?”

“Yi?” Michael was stunned. Last night, when he fell asleep, Ugly Duckling was also sound asleep as it snuggled into Amy’s arms.

“Meow~!” At this time, a cry suddenly sounded out from under the bed.

Amy and Michael both looked under the bed. They had no clue when Ugly Duckling had fallen over. But the way it looks at Amy is like a wife that was kicked off the bed by her husband, and it looks very poor and annoyed.

“Pui~~” Amy broke out into peals of laughter. She held onto the bed railings and asked, “Ugly Duckling, don’t tell me I push you off the bed?”

Ugly Duckling seemed to understand human speech and nodded its eye. It looked even more miserable. It sat up and reached out it with front paws, as if it is begging for a hug.

Michael also smiled. Poor Ugly Duckling!

“I had already informed you that you may be tossed out of the bed by me, but you refused to believe me. Next time, you better sleep in your basket.” Amy shrugged her shoulders. Then she asked Michael, “Papa, is it time for us to wake up yet?” She yawned.

“It is still early!is still early! You and Ugly Duckling sleep for a while morning. I need to get the ingredients ready so that I can sell them for breakfast.” Michael looked at the time on the clock. It is now 4:50 am in the morning. He groaned and crawled out the bed, then reached out and grabbed Ugly Duckling and placed it back on Amy’s bed.

“All right, then I sleep for a while more.” Amy nodded her head, and pulled the blanket over herself and covered Ugly Duckling. Then she warned, “Ugly Duckling, you are not allowed to scratch my clothes. This is the new pyjamas that Papa had purchased for me. If you dare to scratch and make a hole in it, you will be banned from sleeping on my bed forever!”

“Meow~” Ugly Duckling stopped struggling, and nodded its head. Then it lies there and closed its eyes.

“Good duck!” Amy nodded her head in satisfaction, and lie down. She quickly closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

Michael smiled as he covered Amy properly with the blanket, and covered Ugly Duckling as well. It is very young and it is important the kitten does not catch a cold.

After washing up, bathing and changing, Michael went down to prepare the ingredients. This morning, he had prepared 64 portions of hamburger.

He reckoned that once he finished selling all these hamburgers, the morning business hours would be over.

At about 7 am in the morning, Michael woke Amy up. While Amy was was.h.i.+ng up, she also tried to brush Ugly Duckling’s teeth.

Michael laughed as he explained for a while before she gives up. But not before she had brushed Ugly Duckling’s teeth a few times.

“Right now, I will let you off the hook. But when your teeth get bigger, I will brush them as well.” Amy looked at Ugly Duckling, who was gargling some water, and said as she brushed her teeth.

Ugly Duckling looked at the toothbrush and toothpaste in Amy’s mouth, and slowly retreated towards the door of the washroom. It does not like the taste.

They had run out of goat’s milk that they had purchased yesterday. He could only purchase it again after the morning business hours.

Therefore, poor Ugly Duckling could only watch on as Amy and Michael enjoyed the juicy hamburger and fried rice. Its eyes were shining, but no one fed it. It could only use its paw to cover its eyes in dismay.

“Ugly Duckling, I see your eye peering through your claws. If you want to watch you can watch all you like. But you may not eat anything.” Amy happily bit into her hamburger and grinned as she teased Ugly Duckling.

Ugly Duckling could only put its paws down as it looked on in resignation. It felt so poor, being the odd one out without any breakfast.

Michael just grinned and shook his head. After their breakfast, at around 7.30 am in the morning, he opened the restaurant for business.

Today, Moby is the first one who queued outside the restaurant as usual. But behind him, there are 4-5 people queuing up as well. Seeing Michael opening the shop for business, their eyes lit up and they enthusiastically greeted ‘Boss Mike’.




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