Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0041

Chapter 41 – Daddy Dearest, Please Wait


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“Death to Green Beans! How dare you reveal this king’s secrets! The crow began to caw angrily at the parrot.

“No one gave you the permission to this lady Green Beans,” the parrot was obviously unhappy, “Also, your clothes have fallen off.”

The crow looked down, and saw a single leaf floating down gently towards the floor.

“Oh!” its eye bulged out in perfect circles, and crossed its featherless wings in front of its body, screeching, “Excuse me, would Our beloved subject please hand this king’s clothes to Us.”

“Tee hee hee…” Amy was too amused by this sight, she picked up the fallen leaf and smiled sweetly, “Charcoal, your clothes are now in my hands, oh. If you are good and listen to me, I will return this to you. If not, I’ll take it with me.”

“This king… this king…” Charcoal looked down at Amy in dismay. Just then, a sudden blast of autumn wind blew and it shivered. Staring at the leaf in Amy’s hand, it quickly nodded, “We’ll listen!”

“Okay, please keep your promise.” Amy happily nodded, and stood on top toes to hand the leaf bag. However, the birdcage was hung out of reach, and no matter how she strained her arms or feet, she couldn’t reach it. A slight look of annoyance crossed her face.

“This should help, ba.” Mike lifted Amy up to the level of the birdcage.

“Daddy dearest is the best.” Amy happily gave Michael a peck on the cheek and stretched out her hand with the leaf. “Here you go, Stupid Charcoal.”

“This king accepts your kind gesture.” Charcoal Black plucked the leaf out of her hands with his beak, and once more covered himself with it.

“Bye-bye, Charcoal, Green Beans.” Amy hopped out of Mike’s arms, and waved energetically at the two birds before skipping after Mike.

“Good-bye dear, but I do wish that that girl would call me Sunny.” said Green Beans.

“Hm… since that little brat is somewhat adorable. I, the king shall grant her request.” said Charcoal stiffly as he stared at Amy’s disappearing back.

After leaving the potions shop, Mike held Amy’s little hand as they walked towards the centre of Aden Square. The centre of Aden Square was actually a wide circle of open space which looked like it had been carved up into blocks of areas for the local to display their creativity with gardening and various stone structures.

It was said that Nolan square represents the City of Chaos, smack in the middle of Nolan Continent, surrounded by various races that lived in their own territories as far as history could be traced.

The further east they walked, the more lively it became. A little child ran past them, his skin looked rough and covered in cracks that leaked out bright red light like lava lines. Instead of hair, red flame waved merrily on his head. Clearly the child was a member of the lava demon race.

The lava demon child was being chased by another child, obviously a forest troll from the blade of grass growing on top of his head. Further behind them came two dwarf children, running after the two demon children with little hammers in their hands.

Within Chaos City, once the children were released from the house, their parents would find it difficult to imagine just what kind of playmates their children would eventually ended up with.

As the children ran past the father daughter duo, they inevitably slowed down to give Amy another glance.

Whenever Mike noticed this, he would deliberately stepped into their line of sight and gave them all a warning glare.

Curse you boys, this is my precious daughter, not something you can just simply look.

On the other hand, Amy was extremely cheerful, plenty of the other children were giving her envious stares, which was a first for her.

“Daddy, daddy, I want my hair like that, braid it for me,” Mike had just brought Amy over to a park bench for a rest when the voice of a little girl piped up behind them. When they turned to look, a little human girl with hair up in two little buns was tugging at a muscular looking man’s hand.

“This, Yaya looks very cute like this,” the man gave Amy’s delicate looking braids a glance and grimaced, how could you expect a robust, muscular warrior type like him to create this little braids! Putting up his daughter’s hair in buns already pushed the boundaries of his hair dressing abilities to its limits.

At the same time, he gave Mike a jealous glance. Either this man was unexpectedly good with his hands, or that he had a wonderful wife who did their little girl’s hair. Unlike his own wife who had kicked him out of the house with their daughter and continued to gamble happily on her own.

“But the buns are ugly, ah. I want little braids.” the girl ignored her father’s pleading, touching the buns on her head. She jealously pointed at Amy, “I want that, I want it just like that!” Then, she burst into tears.

“Yaya, please be good, I’ll buy you something tasty, something fun, alright?” the man did his best to scrub the little girl’s tears, giving Mike a fleeting, but resentful glare.

Mike completely sympathetic to the man’s plight. As the muscular man tried to comfort his little girl, Mike thought that he was lucky he did not let Amy out of the house with poorly made buns. On the other hand, the man’s resentful glare actually gave him sense of pride. A man who could style little girl’s hair was a truly awesome man. He got up and held little Amy’s hand, “Let’s go home, ba.”

“Daddy dearest, please wait.” Amy ran towards the little girl, and reached out to wipe the tears off her cheeks.

“Looks like my little girl is emphatic.” Mike thought with some gratification.

The muscular man also heaved a sigh of relief, if this little girl could coax his daughter out of her temper that would be the best.

“Don’t cry, only my daddy could make this hair-style. Crying louder won’t do you any good, your daddy won’t be able to braid it for you.” Amy spoke earnestly as she withdraw her hand.

The little girl was about to stop crying stared at Amy with a stunned expression. She looked up at her own father, then at Mike, feeling even more upset, she tipped her head back and wailed with a loud “Waaaahhh!!!”

“This… what incredible kill technique…” Mike stared with surprise. Clearly he couldn’t use normal human logic to guess what his beloved daughter was thinking. He looked at the equally stunned man and grabbed Amy’s hand. With a muttered, “Sorry, sorry,” walked quickly away.

On the way home, Mike spotted a roadside stall selling Sweet Crispy Biscuits. There was a large cylindrical oven behind the stall, and a large basin of yellow dough possibly made from corn. The boss would occasionally grab handfuls of the dough, roll it into a ball and slapped it to the side of the oven on the inside. After a short cooking time, the Crispy Biscuit would be done.

It looked like business was not bad, there was a line of people waiting to buy his biscuits and most of them were little children clutching a copper coin or two in their fists in anticipation. There were also some children squatting nearby watching with yearning eyes and empty hands.

The technique was simple and crude, and though it’s cheap the cost was also pretty low, from the speed of the man’s work and the amount of dough, he could probably make about 1000 pieces a day. Similar to those idle looking uncles selling sesame biscuits in his past life, the Crispy Biscuit maker could probably make 30,000 copper coins a month.

A sudden memory pierced his mind, whenever Michael Alex came out of his house to look for Amy, he would often find her among those thin, yellow skinned children, squatting, starring with yearning eyes at freshly baked Sweet Crispy Biscuits. Mike’s grip on Amy’s hand tightened a little. Then, with a smile, he said, “Let’s go, it’s time we go home. Tomorrow, daddy will make [Juicy Burger] that’s a hundred times more delicious than Sweet Crispy Biscuit just for you.

“En, en, daddy’s cooking is the best.” Amy nodded her head emphatically, and obediently followed Mike home.





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