Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0026

Chapter 26 –


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Sally felt that she was thrust into a sea of fine food, and was filled with warmth and deliciousness.

The egg that covered each grain of rice was so soft and melt-in-your-mouth tender, the luscious ham, the savoury bamboo shoots, succulent green beans…. Each of the ingredients retained their own unique taste, but yet they combined in harmony inside the mouth.

She felt the taste of prawns. The taste of these scrumptious prawns slowly released their unique flavour in her mouth – it feels as if she had tasted the unique scent of the sea.

Within the Windstorm Forest, it is very difficult to have a taste of seafood. The prawns that were preserved using magic and transported to the Windstorm Forest were not as fresh as these prawns.

Even though she is a noble, she had only tasted prawns that were as fresh as these prawns once. That was when she was accompanied her father towards the seaside to the north of Windstorm Forest. Even though the prawns there were fresh, they were not as tender or as aromatic as the prawns that she was eating now.

Where did this human manage to get the fresh and tasty big prawns from? If he had transported these prawns from the sea to the City of Sin, just the price of one prawn alone is at least 5 gold coins.

This plate of fried rice definitely had more than one big prawn. But it is only sold at 600 copper coins. This boss…. Is he crazy? Sally could not help but think.

When the eggs coating the rice melted in her mouth, and she tasted the sweet taste of the rice, she was shocked, and opened her eyes wide.

This taste!

This is the taste from the spring of life!

Although she is not a member of the elven royalty, her clan is a n.o.ble clan within the community of elves. Therefore she had the chance to drink a cup of water from the spring of life. As a result, she is very sensitive and familiar with the taste from the spring of life.

However, right now she is in the City of Sin. How could it be possible that she had tasted the scent of the spring of life in a human operated restaurant? This conflict in her brain puzzled her a lot, and she began to rationalise these. Maybe she was homesick and somehow her brain was playing tricks on her?

After the rice, the various taste of each ingredient constantly bombarded her taste buds with the exotic taste. But in the midst of all these, the taste of the spring of life is so persistent, that she could not help but confirm her conjecture.

After swallowing the rice, a warm feeling immediately enveloped her whole body. The fatigue that she felt from being on the run for so many days was rapidly being cleansed.

This is definitely the spring of life!

Sally was very sure of that! Her brain told her that she should notch an arrow with her bow at that puny human, and force him to reveal where he managed to purchase the waters from the spring of life.

But …. This fried rice is really, really, really tasty arhh… She could not bear to do that!

The chef in her clan castle is the best among the various clans. She had often dined in the palace during the banquets. She had also tried the food that chef of the King of Luo Si country had cooked, when the King come to Windstorm forest as a guest.

But compared to this plate of fried rice, the food of these chefs are inferior and so tasteless.

This heavenly fried rice is actually made by a human, and a male human at that?

One more mouthful?

Sally felt that there is a demon in her heart that was tempting her, and making her unable to resist the allure of this dish.

The spoon in her hand gently knocked against the plate, and in the next moment, the second spoonful of fried rice was already in her mouth. She closed her eyes again, and focused on the taste of the various ingredients.

The waters from the spring of life? The duty of all elves? At this moment, everything was thrown to the winds. In her mind, she had only one word – Eat, Eat, Eat! [1]

As soon as she swallowed one mouthful, she could not help taking another spoonful. As a noble and a refined lady, Sally was taught from young to eat in a refined matter, and not wolf down the food. But right now, she had forgotten her upbringing as she threw all caution to the winds and just eat with relish. As well, whatever suspicions she had were all long gone.

Michael quietly stood aside and watched. He smiled. Watching the guest enjoying the food that he cooked is a form of pleasure. Maybe he loves the feeling of the food he made conquering a person’s taste buds. This is much more exciting than being with a woman!

Amy’s face was covered with pride. This dish is cooked by her father. Her Papa cooks the world’s most delicious rainbow fried rice! Even the elf sister could not resist it after trying one mouthful.

Sally finished the plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice. When her spoon clanked on the empty plate before her in hopes of getting another spoonful, she realised that the entire plate did not even have a single grain of rice left.

Sally was astonished, “There is no more?” She felt that she had just begun to eat. Looking at the bright, shiny, and empty plate, she was a bit embarrassed. How could she be so unrestrained in front of others and lost her dignity? Where are her refined manners and proper upbringing?

Luckily and thankfully, she managed to resist the urge of licking the plate.

This fried rice is so yummy, and one plate is definitely not enough for her. Sally looked at Michael and asked, “Boss, one more plate!”

“All right, please wait a moment,” Michael replied, and made his way to the kitchen. Even a proud elf could not resist the temptation of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice].

In his heart, he was very worried. The rice was cultivated using waters from the spring of life. If she discovered this, it would mean trouble for him.

“This is really delectable!” At this time, Moby put down the spoon. His face was filled with satisfaction. Two plates of Yang Zhou Fried Rice is exactly just nice. As well, all the fatigue he felt had been removed, and he never felt better and fitter. This feeling is really top of the world!

“Grandpa Dwarf Moby, do you still want 2 more plates?” Amy asked with puppy eyes.

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Moby looked at Amy’s puppy eyes, and almost did not resist her adorable looks and agreed to purchase 2 more plates. But he quickly waved his hands and declined her, “No. Tonight just two plates are enough. After I go back, I can drink some beer. This is a really a good day.”

“All right, then 2 plates is, 2 times 6 is 12. Altogether 12 gold coins” Amy was a bit disappointed, but she quickly recovered. She leapt down from the chair and walked over to Moby with her hands outstretched, “Pay up!”

“En, tonight, you counted very quickly!” Moby was surprised, as this afternoon Amy took much longer to work out the price and even had to call Michael for help. He took out 12 gold coins and placed them in Amy’s hands.

Moby got up, and spoke towards the kitchen, “See you again, Boss Mike!”

Then he looked at Amy and said, “See you again, young ‘un.”

“See you again!” Michael smiled and returned the greeting.

“1, 2, 3…. Goodbye Grandpa Dwarf Moby.” Amy’s eyes were focused on the gold coins and she did not even raise her head when she greeted Moby.

“This…” Looking at his scene, Moby felt like it was Déjà vu. He shook his head, smiled, and walked out of the door.

“Who is this man?” Sally looked at the figure of Michael in the kitchen. Although she can only see the side of his face, he earnest and serious look when he was cooking is really attractive.

The grand restaurant with crystals, superb fried rice, fresh prawn, waters from the spring of life…… and also an adorable half-elf daughter.

This normal human being, how many secrets does he have?

Or, does he have a story to tell?

Sally discovered that for the first time in her life, she was curious about a man.




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