Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0087 – You Might Die

Chapter 87 – This Fireball Might Actually Kill You


The conversation between Klaus and Amy once again drew the attention of the customers around them.

Some of the regulars were there when Amy’s used her fireball attack against Sargerass, and her little blue fireball attack actually managed to break down the natural resistance of a lava demon and hurt him. To think that Klaus was now inviting Amy to attack him, wasn’t it a little too excessive?

“Wait, take a look at that marking on his robes, it’s a gold and purple magic staff. If I remember correctly only consecrated wizards of the Lost Empire have the right to wear that symbol, ba?” a middle age man dressed like a merchant said, staring at Klaus’ left shoulder with some amazement. His eyes fixed on the thumb size symbol embroidered on the white robe.

“I see it too, could this old man be a consecrated wizard from the Lost Empire?” the man who shared the merchant’s table hissed back in amazement as he too eyed the symbol on Klaus’ shoulder. It was the highest honour a human magic user could attain, not something that anyone would just fake.

The conversation between the two was overheard by others, and very soon all eyes were fixed upon Klaus’ shoulder, though most of them have never seen a consecrated wizard in their life, news and rumours about them were everywhere.

Ever since the death of Knight Alex, the Empire have yet to see a Gryphon Knight that could stand up against a dragon on a one to one basis. These past few years whenever the Lost Empire were attacked by malicious dragons, the ones who came out to fight them were powerful wizards. Thanks to their effort in repelling the dragons to protect the peace, wizards were regarded with great awe and respect by the general populous.

Moreover, the Empire had dedicated a lot of resources to support wizards and magic users. Magic users who were accepted as part of the Empire’s Magic Tower were all Level 8 magicians or above. Each of them were outstandingly powerful and contributed greatly to Lost Empire’s defensive force.

If this white robe wizard really was one of Lost Empire’s consecrated wizard, he had to be at least a level 8 wizard.

Most other wizards alive would have to take their hats of in respect of this great elder. For him to taste defeat not once or twice, but three times under Amy’s hands… from what they have overheard (eavesdropped), it looked like this old wizard did all this in order to recruit Amy as a disciple. However, it would appear that this little girl really looked down this venerable old wizard.

“Just when did it became so difficult for a Level 8 wizard to find a disciple?” was the question in everyone’s heart. Amy’s ignorance of Klaus’ reputation could be excused by her young age. However, Boss Mike, the man who put together such a wonderful restaurant with materials and ingredients from all over the world could not be ignorant of the consecrated wizard’s symbol, ba.

Despite that, Boss Mike still continue to smile neutrally at Klaus’ recruitment attempts. It looked like he was really not at all tempted by Klaus’ offer. This kind of abnormal attitude really surprised everyone, which sprouted a whole new set of theories about Mike’s true identity and strength. For example: “Could it be that Boss Mike looks down on this old wizard? Could it be possible that he’s an even more powerful magic user?”

As for Klaus’ offer to take an attack from Amy, the rest of the customers no longer felt worried due to his identity.

After all, one was a wizard from the Lost Empire while the other merely the little daughter of restaurant owner. These two came from completely different worlds. Therefore their strength could also be said to be worlds apart, ba. Even if Klaus were to stand there and take her attack, surely Amy wouldn’t be able to cause him much harm, ba.

“A wizard who could defeat an actual dragon had to be above Level 8, right? He should at least be a Level 9 wizard, possibly even a Level 10 master.” Sargerass thought, that scene near Lot Capital really etched itself deeply within his memories.

However, when Sargerass looked at Amy, his expression grew complicated. Even if Klaus really was a Level 10 wizard, that little girl’s fireball was not simple. If it was anything like this morning’s, that man was going to suffer.

Amy, who had been listening to Klaus carefully, suddenly perked up. In a slightly disbelieving voice, she said, “Beardy Old Man, are you sure you can withstand my attack? My fireball my actually kill you, oh.”

“Of course I’m sure. Little girl, go ahead and use your most powerful technique, don’t worry about me. If I can’t even withstand your fireball, I’m only good for bullying little kids.” Klaus said confidently. He actually felt touched that this little girl was worried about his safety.

He was actually quite happy to hear Amy’s self confidence. Clearly this meant that despite her half blood status, she her magical ability was powerful enough for her to freely use. However, this could be due to her youth and childish confidence. No matter how gifted a person was, their learning rate would be limited. So, the best way to test her talent would be to get her to show her power directly.

“I’m just worried about burning up the tables and chairs.” Amy looked worriedly at the table in front of Klaus.

“… …” For a moment, Klaus really didn’t know what kind of expression to make. He really did not expect to have his safety be rated lower than tables and chairs. A little depressed, he said a little helplessly, “It’s fine, if it was really damaged, I’ll pay for it.”

“Okay, since you ask for it nicely, I’ll have no choice but to throw a fireball at you. Even though it’s really troublesome, it’s a customer’s request after all.” Amy nodded to herself, the expression on her face wasn’t the least reluctant. In fact, it was a little bit naughty. She placed Little Ugly Duckling aside and said to Klaus seriously, “If you really can’t stand it, please yell out loudly, ‘kay?”

“It won’t happen.” Klaus said as he shook his head, he looked perfectly relaxed, with an air of a benevolent elderly scholar.

“Well, here I come.” Amy looked over Klaus. After that little warning, she held out her small hand. With a little ‘fuh’, fire enveloped enveloped her hand, the blue-purple flame concentrating into a blue-purple fireball on her palm. Then, with zero reluctance, she threw the fireball at Klaus.

“This is pure magical energy!” Klaus stared at the flame on Amy’s hand. His eyes widened in surprise at the blue-purple flame. The magical power was incredibly pure, not at all effected by other elements. Though the fireball was small, there was a surprising amount of energy packed within it.

Naturally, this kind of little flame could hardly be called proper fireball, he could see endless possibilities within it.

To be able to produce this kind of result at three or four years old without any formal magical lessons, this kind of super talent was just the thing he was looking for

More importantly, the power she chose to display was a fireball. Personally, he had always preferred this simplest form of offensive magic. Klaus even dared to declare that when it came to the fireball, he was the fastest and most powerful, so much so that no one even dared to declare themselves second to him.

When it came to fighting dragons, his trusty fireballs would be called to action. Within the whole of the Nolan Continent, even dragons would rather scatter and flee before the might and speed of his fireballs.

In the short time he spent thinking about various things, the tiny fireball reached the end of his beard, and with a ‘foomph’ rapidly travelled up to his face.

“Damn it!” Klaus shouted, completely forgetting his earlier boasts, he jerked up and ran out of the restaurant, his beard flaming.


[Translator: … for some reason, I never expected this…]




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