Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0088 – How to Beat Up Kids

Chapter 88 – I Can Teach You How to Beat Up Kids


Customers who had been expecting Klaus to simply diffuse Amy’s fireball watched as the white robed wizard ran out of the restaurant with his beard on fire. The air filled with the smell of burning hair, as well as an air of awkwardness.

“Aih, from now on Beardy Old Man’s opponents will all be little kids.” Amy dusted her hands a little helplessly. For a moment, it looked like she wasn’t sure what to do with her hands, then she waved at Little Ugly Duckling to come over.

Little Ugly Duckling had ran to the other end of the counter the moment the Amy made flames appeared on her hand. It looked around suspiciously before confirming that Amy had no fireballs around her before running over. It jumped into Amy’s arms and cuddled itself against her chest.

Customers who had been avoiding each other’s gaze awkwardly began to smile when they saw this cozy scene. To be honest, they were actually a little worried what the consecrated wizard would do if he got angry over having his beard burnt. With his status, perhaps not even the mysterious Boss Mike of this wondrous restaurant could withstand his temper.

“As expected, this child’s power should not be underestimated. Even a Level 10 wizard is unable to withstand it.” Sargerass was perfectly content as he nodded to himself in satisfaction. Seeing someone else stepped into the trap he had fallen into before was actually quite gratifying. The unvoiced itch in his heart felt lighter, especially when the fellow victim was someone much stronger than himself.

Mike looked towards the door, a slight frown on his forehead. Klaus was the one who had asked for it, he had been pestering them since yesterday to test out Amy’s magical potential so he was not actually worried about any kind of retaliation from him for this attack.

The only thing that worried him was that, having seen Amy’s true potential, that guy might actually kept coming over every single day to nag him about taking Amy away to the Magic Tower. But, no matter what, Mike had no intention of letting Amy be taken away from him.


The moment Klaus dashed out the door, he pointed a finger at his own beard and a fair size waterball burst out on his own face. The water ball enveloped his beard, putting out the blue-purple flames almost immediately.

[hua la hua la] water dripped down the front of his body. Dripping wet, with a half burnt beard and soot covered white robe, he was a sorry sight indeed.

However, the expected air of dismay was absent from Klaus’ expression. The man laughed out loud, an expression of delighted ecstasy upon his face. In fact, he looked kind of crazy laughing to himself outside the restaurant door. Customers who had been watching him laughed nervously with each other, a little scared what this crazy, sodden old wizard might do.

Surely this old wizard couldn’t have really gone crazy from having his luxurious white beard burnt by a little girl, ba. If a Level 8 wizard actually decided to show his temper here, it’s quite possible that the entire restaurant would be stomped flat. Just look at that extremely unstable attitude of his.

“That Beardy Old Man has gone crazy, ba. If I had known earlier I wouldn’t have targeted his beard. Who knows if he can grow it back.” Amy said as she looked worriedly towards the entrance. If he can’t grow it back, she would have to think up a new nickname for him.

Klaus’ weird bout of laughter did not last long. He quickly realized that it was probably bad manners to laugh outside like this all by himself. Face wreathed in smiles, he tidied himself up a little was about to stroke his beard in thought when his hands encountered empty space.

He lowered his head for a look, and saw what had been a 20 over centimetres long white beard have now been reduced to less than half its original length. The lower half of it was all crackly and covered in bits of ashes, frankly it looked quite sad now.

The beard had been with him for many tens of years. Everyday, he would carefully groom and trimmed it properly to a specific shape. His heart would ache when even a single strand was lost. So it was quite devastating to have it turned into this sad thing.

If the opponent had been someone else, say a dragon for example, he would have bashed the culprit on the head with his magic staff until at least three big holes appeared.

However, the culprit at hand now was Amy, furthermore it was he who had asked her to throw a fireball at him, with the solemn promise that he would be able to take it.

As such, he had basically dug his own grave and enthusiastically leapt into said grave. Though he felt wronged by the action, he had effectively cut off any way out for himself.

“Fine, it’s all fine, what’s a little energetic play between my beloved disciple and I. Such rare talent is almost impossible to find, in the future, even if she learns nothing but fireballs, her attacks could one day surpass mine. There’s no doubt about it, this is it. She is the one.” Klaus appeared to cheer up quite quickly from the loss of his beard.

When he thought about that pure magical fireball just now, his heart began to race once more. Ever since he started his travels from Lot City heading southwards, he had spent over half a year encountering all sorts of trouble and obstacles. He also knew that his time in this world was limited and could only afford to nurture one single disciple.

With a smile on his face, Klaus cast cleansing magic on himself, twice. His soot stained robe was once again a pure white. There was nothing he could do about the shortened beard, but at least it was now clean again. Then, he entered the restaurant.

“I’d have thought this old guy would value his beard more than his life. To think that he could still smile even after all that, looks like that little girl’s potential is not bad. I should act soon or that valuable object would be snatched away. It’s less troublesome to just snatch someone else’s disciple than to find one on my own. Furthermore that old coot’s eyes have always been good anyway.” at the entrance to Aden’s Square magic potion shop, Julian looked at Klaus’ antics as he muttered to himself, before finally disappearing into his own shop.


Those waiting within the restaurant half expected Klaus to start blasting the restaurant into pieces, or to at least storm in angrily and started screaming at them. However, contrary to their expectations, the expression behind the shortened beard was nothing less than a cheerfully smiling face Everyone was shocked, just what was going on?

“It’s ok, Halfsies Beard Old Man, I think I can teach you how to fight little kids. If you really want to learn I’ll give you a special rate for it.” Amy looked at the now seated Klaus and made her announcement before he could even open his mouth.

“Pu—!” seated all the way near the entrance, Sargerass who had just taken a sip of water spat it all out in a powerful jet. Laughter exploded out just as powerfully.

For a Level 10 wizard to be admonished by a four year old little girl, and to be offered lessons on how to fight off little kids. This was an actual powerful wizard who could fight off dragons using fireballs. In all his 50 years wondering about the Nolan Continent, this was the most hilarious thing he had ever encountered.

Aside from Sargerass’ uncontrollable laughter, silence reigned. The customers stared at Sargerass from the corners of their eyes. The two customers closest to Sargerass edged away quietly, none of them quite dared to sit near him.

Though most of them did feel that Amy’s words were quite funny, none of them dared to even twitch their lips in the face of a consecrated Lost Empire wizard. They all lowered their heads, instinct told them that if they even dared to hint at a smile, they would find a fireball in their face.

There were laws within the Lost Empire which stipulated that consecrated wizards have the right to punish those who insulted them. If an investigation were to happen, the wizards involved would not be punished at all.

Although the Sin City was not directly under the laws of the Lost Empire, there have been cases where other races would insult consecrated wizards only to be killed by them within the borders of Sin City. With the backing of the Lost Empire, everything would be wrapped up within the City without drawing counter attacks from outside.


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