Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0122

Chapter 122 – Tasting Sample


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“[Beancurds]?” Klaus and Julian looked at Amy with puzzled expressions.

After some hesitation, both retracted their killing intent. After all, this was still Boss Mike’s restaurant, if they accidentally damaged this place they can kiss their chances of having Amy as their disciple good-bye.

Both exchanged a cautious look, though they would never reconcile their old grievances, the most important thing now was to find the best way to make Amy happy. Once they’ve become her master, they could find time later to settle this old score. Moreover, their combine aged totalled above 200 years, no matter what, they still know how to conduct themselves with patience and were still quite alert to their surroundings.

“Boss Mike, is this [Beancurd] thing a new product?” Klaus looked at Mike’s smiling face questioningly. It was actually the first time he had heard this word.

Right now they were having trouble besting the other, under this kind of situation, the choice to be Amy’s master might well rest in this man’s hands. Therefore, the easiest way to win this battle was to win over Boss Mike.

“Since Boss Mike’s business is always so good, your cooking must be good. I shall have one portion please.” Julian was not slow in his reaction either.

Naturally, Mike was aware of these two old man’s thinking. He had no intention of selling [Beancurds] today, but since Amy already mentioned it, he also became curious over which type of [Beancurd] Julian and Klaus would favour.

After some hesitation, he said, “The [Beancurd] is this our new product, however, we haven’t started selling it yet. If you wish to try it, please consider it as a tasting sample. We have savoury as well as sweet version of the [Beancurd], which one would you like to try?”

“Host, the [System] strongly advise you not to let customers eat for free! The [System] does not run a soup kitchen, the cost of ingredients for a bowl of [Beancurd] is as follows…” the [System’s] voice immediately rang out in Mike’s mind.

“Cut that out, just give me the total cost, ba. In the future, one of these old guys will be Amy’s magic teacher, so what’s wrong with treating them to some [Beancurds]? moreover, since [Beancurds] are such delicious things, how could they bear to eat just one bowl? I should be able to break even with the second bowl.” Mike smiled as he retorted, “[System], if you persist of looking at the world with such narrow eyes, your world will become narrow, oh.”

The [System] sank into silent contemplation. Finally, a line of words floated across Mike’s mind’s eye: Cost of ingredients for [Beancurd], sweet or savoury: 40 copper coins.

“If the cost is 40 copper coins, I should be able to sell it for 200 copper coins per bowl.” Mike thought, after all, this was the ultimate [Beancurd], perfection itself. Moreover, women would go definitely go crazy over it, putting too low a price on it will devalue the product and making its effects seems like a scam.

“I’ll have the [Sweet Beancurd].”

“I’ll have the [Savoury Beancurd].”

Klaus and Julian both voiced out their choices at the same time, then glared at each other before sitting down at two separate tables.

“Oh, they picked different ones.” Amy’s eyes brightened. Daddy’s cooking is so awesome, sweet or savoury, they would definitely like it, ba.

“Sweet is the most delicious, this old wizard certainly has great taste,” Abbé Mia thought appreciatively as she looked at Klaus.

“Very well, please wait a moment.” Mike nodded and turned towards the kitchen. An odd expression on his face. Who would have thought that these two guys who never had [Beancurds] before would have such different preference.

The two sat in stoic manner in their own seats, neither seemed eager to get on Amy’s good side any more. The conditions they gave were fairly similar in value and their magical power more or less similar. Both knew this to be true from their altercation 20 years ago, therefore did not bother to quarrel, choosing to remain calm and expressionless for the time being.

“Just what kind of food is this [Beancurd]? Boss Mike’s [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] is certainly delicious, and lots of people seemed to like the [Juicy Burger]. Since Little Amy recommended it, it had to be pretty good. It would be wonderful if it’s something sweet.” Klaus looked towards the kitchen with some anticipation.

Recently he had been coming to the restaurant almost everyday, aside from attempting to persuaded Amy to become his disciple, the other reason had to be the beloved [Yang Zhou Fried Rice]. This was actually one of the major reason that convinced him to spend his winter years in Chaos City. He would not be able to eat such wonderful dish once back at Lot City.

Julian looked around the restaurant curiously, though the place had been opened for quite a few weeks, this was the first time he came inside. The decorations within the restaurant was not bad, though of course it was nothing like the splendour of the palace, this type of design with its lack of frou frou-ness actually suited his taste better.

His eyes eventually fell upon the menu, Julian remembered what Amy had said about wanting him to pay for her meals at the restaurant, and set the birdcage down. He picked up the menu and studied it with shocked eyes. Who would have thought that such a grand looking menu only had two lines of dishes on it, when his eyes made their way over the pricing, his expression became even weirder.

Just one portion of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] cost 600 cooper coins, one [Juicy Burger] cost 300 copper. The potions mixed by him only sell for 10 gold coins per bottle, which couldn’t even buy him two portions of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice].

“Could it be possible that… they are all in this to trick me?” Julian eyed Amy for a moment. He had seen the lines forming everyday in front of this restaurant, and thought that they probably served all kinds of delicious food at a reasonable price. Which would explain why the restaurant would suddenly gain so many loyal customers in so short a time. To think that this restaurant actually only has 2 dishes, and expensive ones at that, was really unexpected. Just how did it attract so many people with this kind of combination?

“Whatever, if I can gain a good disciple, what’s a few thousand copper in terms of food cost. I can always sell some high level potions to cover the cost.” Julian quickly dismissed the matter from his mind and looked towards the kitchen. A fresh and delicious fragrance was floating through the air. Alongside the gentler scent of beans, a heavier smell of meat permeated its way to him. The fragrance of meat was completely different from other type of cooked meat he knew, and somehow it piqued his interest on what’s coming.

“Miao miao~” Little Ugly Duckling eyed the cage set down by Julian with eager eyes. He licked Amy’s hand and mewed a few more times at the cage.

“Ugly Duckling, you want to play with Charcoal?” Amy asked in a low voice.

Little Ugly Duckling immediately nodded, happily clawing the air with its little claws.

“Come at us if have you the guts, ah!” Charcoal Black stared back at Ugly Duckling a little agitatedly.

“Miao miao!” Ugly Duckling got even more excited.

“Okay, you two play nice, alright?” Amy bent down to let Ugly Duckling onto the floor after that little warning.

“Sweet Princess Amy, would you tuck me in your arms, just for a little while?” Charcoal Black eyed the lithe and graceful body as it prowled over. When Little Ugly Duckling bared its fangs, he grew even more terrified and pleaded Amy for sanctuary.

“No way, you’re completely featherless, I don’t want to.” Amy shook her head with immediate rejection.

“[Sweet Beancurd] and [Savoury Beancurd], please have a taste.” Mike came out of the kitchen with two bowls of [Beancurds] and placed them in front of Klaus and Julian with a smile.


[Translator: Oho, who saw that coming?]



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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