Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0121

Chapter 121 – Sit Down and Try Our Beancurd, ba


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“Respect Fama Odin, his majesty shall never sing!” Charcoal Black lifted his head, a stubborn look on his face.

“Just what kind of song could this stupid bird sing.” Klaus sneered, looks like that old bat’s chances were dwindling.

Amy also looked quite disappointed, her eyes were drawn irresistibly towards the blueprint again.

“If you don’t sing, I shall have an extra dish tonight.” Julian’s voice went a few degrees colder, his eyes like chips of ice as they stared at Charcoal Black.

Charcoal Black shivered, and immediately applied himself to appeal to Amy, “Dearest Amy, just what kind of song would you like to hear? As long as you name the song I shall sing it, and sing it well too!”

“Can you sing ‘Mushroom Picking Girl’?” Amy said after thinking for a while.

“Mush- mush what girl?” Charcoal Black sounded bewildered. He stuck his head out between the cage bars, all the better to look at Amy.

“Mushroom Picking Girl.” Amy repeated her words slowly, perfectly earnest in her question.

Klaus looked at Charcoal Black, that song was the one sang by that little elf doll, ba. That time he had also been made a fool thanks to this little trick. Therefore when Charcoal Black ended up tongue tied after all its bragging, Klaus had a feeling of schadenfreude as he smirked to himself.

Abbé Mia stood on the side, puzzled by the spectacle in front of her. Just why were these two over hundred year old grandpas so cross this morning? Moreover, they were so eager to please Amy, just what is going on?

Mike could barely suppress the corner of his lips from twitching up in amusement, not many in this world would have even heard of the Mushroom Picking Girl. Therefore, of course Charcoal Black would not be able to sing this, Amy really had made things difficult for the poor thing.

However, it’s not like she was deliberately doing it. She only knew two songs from the music box collection and memorized one. If Charcoal Black were to ask her to sing his song of choice, she would not be able to fulfil his demand.

“Just what song is that! His majesty knows all the songs in this world, songs that this king haven’t heard of doesn’t exist!” Charcoal Black’s voice grew high pitched, he looked really flustered and angry.

“Stupid Charcoal, you’re the one who ask me to choose whatever song I want. My little person could sing it, ah. How could it not exist.” Amy looked at Charcoal Black with deadpan eyes, her face perfectly solemn. It was like watching a boss admonishing a particularly stupid employee.

“B- b- but… this king…” Charcoal Black looked even more anxious as he desperately searched his brain for something to say.

“Sing.” A glance at Klaus’ complacent face was enough for Julian to shoot an extra icy glare at Charcoal Black. His voice sounded like it came from the depth of a 10,000 year iceberg. Parts of the cage that touched his hand began to freeze over.

“M- mushroom picking girl… picked a giant mushroom, one bite one mushroom as she snack her way down the mountain…” Charcoal Black quivered at the voice, and began to sing and sing, his voice got louder and louder. The song took on the solemn and tragic march that wouldn’t sound out of place at a battlefield.

Mike frowned, Charcoal Black certainly has a good voice, however, aside from the very first line the rest were all improvised. He had turned a perfectly loving and sharing little mushroom girl into someone who ate all the mushrooms in the forest. Moreover, she ate one whole mushroom per bite.

“Pu–!” a laugh escaped Abbe Mia’s mouth, this was the first time she heard a singing crow, to be honest, it sang quite well too.

“Charcoal, I think you better stop. Your singing is horrible, too horrible compared to my little person.” Amy frowned at Charcoal Black when the song was over. She shook her head in disappointment as she went to the cupboard to fetch the music box.

The restaurant was soon filled with lively violin music, a sweet voice filled the ears of the attentive listeners. Compared to Charcoal Black, the elf doll’s voice was like a cloud in the sky against a mud puddle.

“That’s right, Amy’s little elf have the best singing voice. You have no need for a stupid bird as a playmate. All you need is a beautiful dancing peacock to complete the set.” Klaus said as he stroked his beard, feeling very cheerful indeed.

Charcoal Black eyed the little elf on the music box as he sank into deep contemplation, when it finished, he turned stiffly to look at Julian and said helplessly, “This song, even if you threaten this king with death, there is no way this king could sing it.”

Julian have also sunk into deep contemplation. He set Charcoal Black onto the floor and twisted his face into a ghastly grin that looked even more pitiful than a crying face. He said carefully, “Little Amy, if you learn magic from me, you only need to walk a few steps to reach your destination. You go home whenever you miss your father. For your three meals each day, no matter what you want to eat, I’ll pay for it.”

“You’ll pay, really?” Amy’s eyes brightened, then she questioned further, “what if, I want something from daddy’s restaurant, will Grandpa Tortoise pay too?”

“From here?” Julian was surprised, an odd expression on his face, he had apparently forgotten that his potential disciple’s family business was a restaurant business. However, if it was only food from home, though it was still a little curious, just how much could a little girl cost him in terms food budget anyway? No matter what, he should still be able to afford it. He nodded and said, “Yes, as long as Boss Mike sends me the bill, I shall pay it every month.”

“Waah, Grandpa Tortoise, you’re so generous!” Amy’s eyes brightened. In one day she ate three plates of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], three [Juicy Burgers] and now there’s an added cost of six bowls of [Beancurds]. It all cost a lot of money and here she was, worrying that daddy wouldn’t be able to pay for her upkeep any more, but this solution was just perfect.

“Shameless!” Klaus glared at Julian, who would have thought that this old bat would use gourmet food to lure the target. To think that his luring with food tactic would be pinched away by this shameless creature.

“If you’re unhappy, you’re welcome to fight me for it, ah.” Julian smirked at him, looks like Amy really likes eating. This way, even f Klaus decorate his magic workshop with more delicate frilly things, nothing much would come of it.

“Julian, don’t forget that 20 years ago I beat you till your teeth scattered!: Klaus was really angry, his white wizard’s robe floated ominously within a close room. Fire ignited on the blue precious stone on his staff.

He had come will full confidence of winning Mike and Amy over, who would have thought that on his journey of getting a disciple, this Julian would came in with his snatch and grab technique, it was too much like that time with Irina.

“Nonsense, if you hadn’t launched a sneaked attack, you’d never have gotten the better of me! For a great level 10 master to bash people on the head with a stick, how shameful! Furthermore, didn’t I seal you in an ice coffin. If Irina hadn’t rescued you, your old corpse would be rotting at the bottom Lot City’s well.” Julian’s face also showed distaste. Ice began to form under his feet, white frost spreading out in all four directions.

The situation between the two suddenly deteriorated to this extent, the battle between fire and ice magic once more commence.

“I think, Grandpa Tortoise and Halfsies Beard Old Man should sit down and try daddy’s super delicious [Beancurds]. It’ll make everyone feel better. No fighting in the restaurant, otherwise Amy will be angry, Amy can be super fierce!” a soft serious voice sounded, darkened blue eyes stared seriously at the two old man.


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Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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