Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0120

Chapter 120 – Though He’s Ugly, He Could Sing


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“Hehe, Klaus, do you really think I’m anything like that stupid dragon? I’d advice you not to ruin my good thing. Otherwise I’ll seal your decrepit old body in a block of ice.” Julian sneered, his voice sending chills up one’s spine.

“Irina?” Mike frowned, he repeated the name to himself silently. The name felt really familiar… his eyes brightened as he contemplated the two wizards who looked like they were about to sink into a brawl again.

Within Klaus’ information packet, it was mentioned that he hoped to take the elf princess in as a disciple 20 years ago, but for some reason nothing came out of it. However, from this little performance in front of him, it looked like it probably have something to do with Julian. This Irina was probably that elf princess.

“Yi? It’s Charcoal, where’s Green Beans?” Amy hopped off her chair and cheerfully greeted Charcoal Black. Ugly Duckling watched Charcoal Black with predatory eyes, he opened his mouth and gave a loud mew, it looked like he really wanted to pounce forward.

“That thing’s too lazy, she’s still sleeping.” Charcoal Black said a little absently, still keeping a wary eye on Klaus. He took two more steps backwards. He had never seen such a scary old man, that old coot really exuded danger from his pores.

“Okay,” Amy nodded, she then turned to look at Julian and Klaus who still looked like they were about to start a fight. She said suspiciously, “Grandpa Tortoise, Halfsies Beard Old Man, are you going to fight? You can’t do that in the restaurant, you have to be good here.”

“No, no, we’re just chatting.” Klaus smiled widely, shaking his head. His expression perfectly innocent.

“Yes, no fighting.” Julian hesitated for a moment, then forced a little smile on his face as he nodded minutely.

“Not going to fight?” Amy looked unexpectedly disappointed, in a slightly suggestive voice, she said, “ Actually, if you really want to fight, you can go outside and fight it out. That way, I can watch too.”

Klaus and Julian were both rendered speechless. It’s one thing if the little girl did not bother to mediate the fight, but to think that she would actually recommend them to fight just so that she could watch for entertainment’s sake. Immediately, the same face popped into their head. There was also a certain girl they encountered in the past that liked to egg them on to fight for her entertainment.

“Is there something you’d like to talk about?” Mike smiled as he stroked Amy’s hair. Though he was really tempted to see these two great wizards battle it out, now was not the time. If he was right, the two of them were here for Amy, otherwise, there was no way that either of them would lower their voices and plaster on fake smiles smiles just for a restaurant owner like him.

“Boss Mike, I’m here because I wish for the little boss to be my disciple.” Klaus quickly jumped in to put his words in first. At Mike’s frown, he quickly raised his hands. “Please don’t eject it outright, you’ve said that you do not wish for the little lady to leave your side, and I have given this matter much thought. There’s no need to travel to Lot City, I have already made plans to build a magical workshop here in Chaos City. In the future, I shall train her in magic, right here, I believe that within Chaos City, no, within the whole of Nolan Continent, there will be less than a handful of masters at my level.”

“So, you’ll stay within Chaos City, is it?” Mike’s eyes brightened, as Klaus had said, what he had against Klaus most was his insistent on taking Amy to the Magic Tower. However, if the wizard could stay within Chaos City, and was as powerful and reputable as this morning’s information indicated, he would be hard pressed to find a more powerful teacher for Amy.

Klaus looked at Mike’s expression and knew that he had struck the man’s sweet point. These past few days, he could see that Mike held the final decision in deciding Amy’s teacher.

“It’s true there are less than a handful as powerful, however, one of such wizard is right here.” Julian drawled, he looked at Mike with a smile, “Boss Mike, if you allow the little lady to learn from me, I already have a magical workshop available. If you wish it so, we may start training today. His magical workshop still hasn’t been built, not to mention all the study material had to be sent over from Lot City. There is no way that everything will be up and running within a month. In that time I shall have the little lady learn all the basics, and more than three types of magical skills. Time wise, it makes more sense to get started as soon as possible.”

“This is true…” Mike stroked his chin, looking very thoughtful. In fact, he was feeling very good, here were two extremely powerful wizard doing their best to sell their good points to him for the sake of taking in his beloved little daughter in as their disciple.

“A magical workshop is no problem, someone starting out on magical learning wouldn’t need a highly advanced magical workshop. All I need to do is speak to the Grey Temple and they would allow me to borrow their magic workshop to teach beginner’s magic.” Klaus waved his hand and took out a scroll from his chest pocket and spread it out on the table. He smiled at Amy, “Moreover, I have especially designed the new magical workshop with Amy in mind. There will only be one such workshop in the whole of Nolan Continent. The main colour will be purple, it’ll also have swing sets, a rocking horse… and all other fun things. Once you’re tired from learning, you can have fun.”

“Wow, that looks really fun!” Amy hugged Ugly Duckling as she approached, her eyes sparkling as she stared at the wonderfully beautiful magic workshop, the swings, rocking horse and other toys. The purple walls and ceiling were adorned with tiny little stars, it certainly looked like a little girl’s dream room.

Mike looked at the drawing with some surprise, this was certainly a very detailed and rich drawing, he really hadn’t expect Klaus to spend so much effort to get Amy to become his disciple.

“What’s the use of having all these frou-frou stuff around.” Julian raised his head to glare at the drawing, his face looked slightly twisted. A glance at Amy and his heart sank, “That old Klaus is unexpectedly shameless, to think that he would be so prepared. That time he also used a similar tactic, who would have thought he’d recycle that old method again. Also, that little brat has none of Irina’s worldliness, she’d surely be lured in by these cheap tricks, ba!”

His eyes fell upon the birdcage in his hand and brightened, he beamed at Amy, “Amy, if you learn magic from me, I shall give you Charcoal Black and Green Beans, how about it? You can play with them everyday, it’ll be really fun.”

“Wah! Old fart, you’re going to just sell me out like this! The thing Amy has with her is a cat!” Charcoal screeched, hopping up and down agitatedly in his cage.

“Miao!” Little Ugly Duckling bared its fangs at Charcoal Black, an eager expression on its face.

Charcoal Black grew even more terrified, though that fellow was still a kitten, if they actually got into a fight, he had no real confidence that he could win against a natural predator.

“I don’t want them. Ugly Duckling is pretty ugly already, Charcoal Black is even uglier. What if Amy’s face gets influence by them and become ugly?” Amy gave Charcoal Black a glance, dislike clear on her face.

“That’s right, just a look is enough to tell that that bird’s no good, if you like birds this grandpa will catch a beautiful golden peacock for you tomorrow.” Klaus who had been worried that Amy would somehow be influenced by the offer was instantly cheered by her answer.

Julian’s face grew rigid, he gave Charcoal Black a grave look. Certainly its bare featherless body covered by just two slightly withered leaves made it looked a little unsightly, but how could he just give up at this crucial point? He gave a forced little laugh and said, “Even though Charcoal Black is a little ugly, he can sing very well. He’s really fun. Go on, sing us a couple of songs.”

“Really?” Amy looked at Charcoal Black with disbelief.






Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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