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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0086 – I Want to Protect Daddy

Chapter 86 – I Want to Protect Daddy Dearest


Sargerass, who had been sitting by the door, snickered; hand over his mouth, his shoulders shaking from the impact of trying to suppress his laughter. To no avail as loud bursts of laughter kept snorting out.

If weren’t so concern about Klaus’ frighteningly powerful magic, as well as Amy’s unreasonable rules, he would have banged the table in hearty laughter.

When the other customers saw this, their own smiles drooped a little. For some reason, an amused demon was even scarier than a bad tempered one. Quite a few of the nearby customers shifted away from Sargerass’ vicinity.

Feeling all eyes on him, even Klaus with his tough old face could not take it any more. He laughed hollowly and was about to say something to mitigate his situation and somehow save some face when Mike appeared with a steaming plate. With a smile, he said, “Your [Yang Zhou Fried Rice].”

“Boss Mike, just how did you conjure up that little figure that dances and sing?” Klaus looked at Mike, his eyes bright. The purpose of his question was to first divert attention from himself, and secondly, he was truly curious about this little figurine.

He had a strong feeling that magic was not involved since absolutely no magical wave could be detected from it. However, aside from magic, what else could explain this little person’s ability to sing and move? Surely this was not actually a real little person?

The rest of the people transferred their gaze onto Mike, their curiosity thick in the air. Just what kind of person was Boss Mike?

Not only was his food delicious, to think that he could also produce this kinds of intricately made objects, could it be possible that he’s actually a powerful wizard?

“It’s not made from ordinary magic, there are other procedures and steps involved, you’ll probably won’t understand even if I explain it.” Mike said earnestly as he looked straight at Klaus.

“It’s… entirely possible that I won’t understand.” Klaus felt like he had been looked down by this person, and yet, after opening and shutting his mouth a couple of times, he had a feeling that there was a thread of truth behind this remark. He had, after all, spent his life studying nothing but magic and had very little experience with matters outside of his field of expertise.

He was especially bad with interpersonal relationships. Otherwise, instead of running about outside of Lot City looking for an apprentice, a word from a person of his status would have sent all kinds of geniuses over to the Magic Tower to beg him for apprenticeship. He wouldn’t have had to come out into the world at this venerable age to go looking for someone to inherit his knowledge.

He definitely should not be here, making a fool of himself trying to convince a restaurant owner to let him test his daughter’s magical ability.

When Mike saw that Klaus did not continue with his line of question, he returned to the kitchen. All the mechanical and electrical theories he had prepared in his mind were left unused, though to be honest, they were all remnants of what he had learned during his university years. While it was a little patchy, there was still enough information to freak people out. He had, after all, graduated from one of the top 20 Universities of Science and Engineering from his previous world.

Amy smiled sweetly at Mike for a moment, there was a sense of triumph in that smile of hers.

Mike looked at his slightly oily hands, since he was unable to stroke her hair, he smiled back Amy in a pampering way before continuing his way to the kitchen.

Amy’s performance today could be described as impeccable, she had completely absorbed what he had taught her this afternoon. With just a few quick slashes of her tongue, she had caused Klaus to doubt his position in life.

“Whether he’s a wizard or not, that Boss Mike is certainly an impressive person.” Harrison took a bite of his [Juicy Burger] as studied Boss Mike, the fat within his body vibrating vigorously.

“I’ll say,” Jacques nodded in agreement as his own fat shook like jelly. At the same time, he could not help staring at the music box in Amy’s hands. “I wonder if Boss Mike will sell this thing? If Palmer sees it[1], he’ll probably be overjoyed, ba.”

Nearby customers looked over at the two vibrating fatties a little pensively, a few of them nodded, they too felt that Boss Mike was not someone simple.

Sargerass managed to suppressed his laughter after much difficulty, he felt that the laughter just now had made him even hungrier, however, he remained seated, patiently waiting for his meal. He also did not pester Boss Mike or threaten to burn up the store.

After all, even a level 10 wizard could only sit there and take whatever insult from the little girl. Though he had a bit of a temper, the 50 years he had spent travelling the continent taught him some patience. In those years, he had never actually encountered any major crisis in his travel, but he still have some sense of civilization.

After a few mouthfuls of fried rice, he saw that most of the customers were occupied with their food, Klaus looked at Amy who was laying on the counter, one hand kneading the little cat’s head, both eyes staring at the little elf inside the music box, and his mood suddenly improved.

After thinking for a bit, Klaus smiled at Amy, “Little girl, let’s forget about all those earlier stuff. Do you know that Nolan Continent is a really big place where lots of bad things could happen? Whether it’s natural disaster or man made, only really the powerful could protect themselves and the people they love. I have worked very hard to become powerful magic user, are you sure you don’t want to learn magic? Surely you have something you wish to protect?”

“I want to protect daddy dearest.” Amy said after thinking very deeply, her eyes serious as she stared at Mike who was working in the kitchen.

“Miao~” Little Ugly Duckling raised its head, attempting to get Amy to scratch a different spot.

“That doesn’t include you.” Amy opened her hand and pressed down Little Ugly Duckling’s head.

“Miao~ Miao~” Little Ugly Duckling mewed twice unhappily, its voice unusually low, it seemed its feeling was hurt.

“That’s very good, but if you want to protect someone you have to be strong. If you learn from me, you will be able to master magic very quickly.” Klaus smiled as he nodded, doing his best to look like a knowledgeable and dependable master.

Though Mike had mercilessly refused his offer yesterday, he still wished to find out if Amy had any talent for learning magic. If she has true talent, he was determined to make her his disciple. He was quite prepared to satisfy whatever demands Mike may have. After all, he will die in two years, there was nothing he hold dear in this world.

“En, I think you’re right.” Amy nodded, however, before Klaus’ smile could fully bloom, she narrowed her eyes suspiciously, “but, Beardy Old Man, you can’t even walk without a stick. If you can’t even protect yourself, how are you going to teach me how to protect daddy? Am I going to learn how to fight other little kids like me?”

“This…” Klaus’ expression froze over once more. This little girl’s head was really one of a kind, it just shoots off into unexpected paths out of the blue.

“Also, what’s all this nonsense about fighting other little kids!” Klaus frowned, from the age of 18 onwards his opponent had been beastmen.

At age 24 was the first time he had mastered the use of his magic staff to the point that he was able to smash a dragon on the head. Granted, it was a low level Green Dragon. Nevertheless, from then on he’d gone from strength to strength, breaking limits and overcoming all kinds of obstacles thrown his way. Bullying children wasn’t something that he had ever considered.

“Looks like you really doubt my ability. Then, how about this, whatever magic skills you have, you may attack me with it. If I can’t win against it, I’ll consider it my loss.” Klaus patted his chest, confidence and magnanimity on his face.


[Translation: Someone’s asking to be killed…]


[1] I mistakenly thought it was ‘Pam’, Jacques wife, but it turned out to be Palmer. An Old English name. 





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