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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 032 – It’s Called the Illusion Breaker

Volume 1 Chapter 032 – I Call this Illusion Breaker!


Translated by Pill Bug

Edited by Gumihou

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A big man was blasted down by Wu Xuan’s move. Although he did not suffer any serious injuries, his Qi and blood were already churning, making it difficult to continue competing.


Wu Xuan wiped a handful of sweat from his forehead as the martial skills in his head continued to fuse. He didn’t expect to encounter quite that many experts at the eight level of the Body Cultivation Stage, who were all quite a bit stronger than Wu Qian. They were not being blown away by just one move by Wu Xuan and were able to spar with him for quite a few rounds.

But in the end, they were still blown away. His opponent’s martial arts skills kept fusing in his brain, breaking down move by move and fusing into a new martial arts skill.

The more he sparred, the clearer his new martial arts fusion became. Wu Xuan thirsted for more martial arts to fuse and perfect! The Muscle and Bone Strengthening Elixir in his body was being absorbed faster and faster until it was almost completely gone.

The most eye-opening thing was that Wu Xuan had already defeated six experts at the eighth level of the Body Cultivation Stage! The crowd’s gaze gradually changed from disdain to surprise and shock.

To them, Wu Xuan was no longer a loser, nor was he a maverick relying on luck, but a strong winner beating people up with his own strength! He had overwhelmed his opponents and the audience through real strength!


Wu Xuan shouted once more and found that there was no one stepping onto the stage. Everyone was looking at him with a strange expression on their faces. If it was a few hours earlier, those greedy for the Breakthrough Pill would have eagerly leaped onto the stage. Now, although everyone was still eager for it, they discovered that Wu Xuan was not an idiot, and it wasn’t that easy to obtain.

The Wu family disciples who went up with the hope of winning were all heavily blown off the stage by Wu Xuan. The more he fought, the fiercer he became, moreover, he did not show the slightest sign of tiring!

Wu Xuan feels that he is still a little short of breaking through. By now, the Muscle and Bone Strengthening Elixir has been completely absorbed, and his martial arts aspect is becoming more integrated and more powerful. Wu Xuan still does not know what kind of point this martial art has reached, and he wants to perfect it.

Unfortunately, no one else is coming up. This sensation of being stuck halfway made him feel uneasy.

“Anyone at Body Cultivation level nine can come up, the prize is the same!”

Wu Xuan threw down a challenge, Body Cultivation level nine! Body Cultivation level eight opponents cannot satisfy him anymore, send in the Body Cultivation level nine opponents. He is not afraid of losing today!

“Good! Then let me, Wu Qing, test you!” An expert at the ninth level of the Body Refining Stage jumped out with a smile and said, “No matter if you win this time or I lose, I, Wu Qing, will not ask for your Breakthrough Pill! I admire you for having the guts to challenge so many people, let’s spar! Since a while ago, I really wanted to spar with you!”

Wu Xuan smiled back and said, “Then thanks a lot, but I won’t change what I said. If I lose I will offer the Breakthrough Pill to you with both hands!”

Competition maniac!

A title emerged in the crowd’s mind! This Wu Xuan just wants to compete, he doesn’t care about the Breakthrough Pill at all!


The two people quickly faced each other with a move. The ninth level of the Body Cultivation Stage is the ninth level after all, with a difference of two levels, the difference in power is also extremely wide. However, Wu Xuan did not retreat, but fought even more fiercely.

After time spent fighting was enough to make a cup of tea, Wu Xuan’s eyes flashed as he flung his hand forward, blasting out a new martial art, shouting, “Break!” At the same time an extremely strong wave gushed out from his dantian, and the attack he threw out was instantly magnified several times.


Wu Qing’s direct attack was broken and his entire body was blown away. After retreating several steps continuously, he was full of shock and said, “This, this …… my move was broken, and… you actually broke through?”

“Breakthrough! He really broke through! He actually broke through to the eighth level of the Body Cultivation Stage in the middle of a competition! This is really too abnormal, right?”

“This breakthrough speed is really too abnormal, I wonder how it compares to that Wu Family top genius Wu Yuxin?”

“It seems that Wu Yuxin is more abnormal, right?”


Wu Xuan retracted his Qi, and surprise appeared in his eyes. That’s right, right in the middle of the spar with Wu Qing, he really broke through thanks to the Muscle and Bone Strengthening Elixir having been completely absorbed into his body, boosting him soundly to the eighth level of the Body Cultivation Stage!

Today’s harvest is not just that.

Wu Xuan now truly understands the meaning of “Illusion Breaker”! While absorbing the martial art, he also analysed its weaknesses and vulnerability! As long as this weakness is analysed and found out, the move could be quickly broken resulting in an easy win.

Of course, this could only happen after he had completely absorb the martial skill and fused it in his mind.

“This new martial art …… I’ll call it ‘Illusion Breaker’!”

Never-ending absorption of other people’s skills, power soaring after fusion of the skills and revealing the flaws within martial skills!

Thus, it is named Illusion Breaker!


The whole room, which had been thrown into silence after Wu Qing’s loss, once again erupted in an astonishing volume of cheers. Mockery and contempt has now been switched to respect and worship!

As long as your strength is enough, getting respect and admiration is certain!

Today, Wu Xuan’s performance had shocked them too much. One person challenged the entire field by himself, defeating all the powerful Wu family disciples, and even daring to cross fist with the higher level Wu Qing! Many people dare not even imagine this kind of recklessness.

“You are very strong, I have lost this competition.” Wu Qing smiled and left the venue.

“Who else wants to compete with me?”

Wu Xuan smiled and looked at the crowd, still wanting to fight. Just as he finished speaking, he saw a petite familiar figure appear from afar. He laughed awkwardly and said, “Sorry, I’d better stop competing today, it’s getting late.”

After saying this, he ran towards the petite figure, leaving a crowd of curious and bemused people behind. When they saw Wu Xuan accompanying a girl, everything became clear.

Seeing that girl, Wu Zixin was trembling, not daring to say anything about Yue Xin’er’s mental state. Today, Wu Xuan’s performance was already enough to kill him dozens of times.

Wu Qian coldly snorted, he turned and glared at Wu Zixin before leaving quickly.


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“Elders, this is the summary of Wu Xuan’s situation, what do you think?”

Inside the Elder Hall, many elders gathered together, each in deep thought.

“In just one month’s time, he went from being unable to cultivate and breaking into the eighth level of the Body Cultivation Stage. Not only that, he was able to fight several disciples in succession and showed never before seen martial skills. Without a powerful master guiding him, I don’t think it’s possible for this kind of achievement.”

One elder’s eyes narrowed slightly as he voiced his thoughts.

“It’s good to have a powerful master, but if you don’t have the talent, how can you gain this kind of achievement in so short a time? Cultivation can be increased through artificial means, but the mastery of martial arts is not as simple.”

“Yes, I did not expect him to have this kind of talent. It’s still not too late to rope him in. The once every 20 year training period is coming soon and we still have available space. Shall we include him? ”

“We can give the space to him, but we also need to know if we have the right to do this. Call him over and question him properly before making a decision. His master might have some better plans for him. After all, we have not been able to do anything about Wu Xuan’s situation all this time.”

“Very well, call for Wu Xuan. Question him carefully first before making a decision. We must not offend the master behind him!”

Thus, without Wu Xuan knowing, he had gained a most powerful master!

Naturally, the Wu Clan look after their own disciples well. However, they were not at all concerned about their disciples entering other sect. The reason was simple, as long as they treated their young well, even tigers and wolves would have fond memories of their original homes! Once these little disciples became powerful masters, it would be too late to flatter them later. For a middle range clan family like them, building relationships was the most important matter. In the end, what could top a loving family after all?

Therefore, it was important to establish a good rapport with the young in order to reap the rewards in the future.


Volume 1 end.


[Gumihou: What an interesting sect. This is the first cultivation clan I read that operates like this.]





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