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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 007.1

Chapter 7 (Part 1) – Blame


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Wu Xuan followed Uncle Wu to the dining hall. This is not the first time that he had come to this place, but it is rare for him to be here. Most of the time, Wu Xuan stayed at the kitchen.


As he entered the dining hall with Uncle Wu, the elders seemed quite overbearing.


Wu Xuan saw that there are 7 elders in the dining hall. This is the first time that Wu Xuan had never seen so many elders – most of the elders are often away.


3 of the elders were busied as they go about their tasks, and will not dine here in the near future.


When Wu Xuan entered, the elders’ gazes were transfixed on him. The sharp glares of the elders were staring directly at him.


If it is another person, they would immediately lower their head and dare not face them. Uncle Wu had already bowed and dared not to look at them.


Their cultivation levels are not low. The grand elder had already broken through to the Huaxu level, and is very powerful. In Xuanlong City, he is highly respected for his strength. All the other elders are not weak either, or they would not be elders.


If the elders unleashed their overwhelming aura, Wu Xuan would definitely be unable to withstand the pressure.


Of course, the elder did not release their overwhelming auras. Wu Xuan is not an enemy.


Wu Xuan was not scared as he faced the group of elders. Regarding the elders, he was not as respectful towards them. After all, they had not helped him. Unless they have taken good care of him, he will then respect and hold them in high regards.


His carefree and causal manner made all the elders curious. Even those who can cultivate their martial arts skills would not dare to look at them in the face. But this kid, who could not cultivate at all, dares to do so! The thing that attracted their attention is the bandages on his head. It seemed that he was injured on his head and maybe his brain is not right. This excuses his behaviour.


“You are Wu Xuan?” The 2nd Elder was the first to break this silence. He was quite interested in this youth.


The 2nd elder had never heard of Wu Xuan before today. Today, he had cooked a delicious food, and made them quite happy and interested in meeting the chef. Just a wee bit interested – no matter how good the dish is, he is, after all, just a chef. In this world, chefs are considered a lowly bunch.


In their opinion, between a disciple that could cultivate and a top-level chef, they will definitely choose the disciple without hesitation. Cooking is very simple – as long as someone had the recipe, and with sufficient practice, anyone can cook!


Today they were just curious about this man. Plus, the food that he made is very tasty and had lifted their mood. They felt as if the fatigue from their body that was plaguing them for a few days had disappeared. But only this time – They reckon that they would never see this disciple again.


In this world where cultivation and power reign supreme, they were highly realistic.


“That’s right, 2nd Elder. I am Wu Xuan.” Wu Xuan had met the 2nd Elder before and could recognise him.


“En, your dish tastes pretty good. I hope that you can continue to put in an effort to improve. What happened to your head?” 2nd elder asked.


Wu Xuan replied, “I accidentally fell down from a ladder, and knocked my head when I landed on the floor. My head was bleeding.”


“Let me take a look!” 9th Elder Wu Xiao smiled as he stood up. Then he grabbed Wu Xuan’s hand and injected some spiritual energy into his pulse, and examined his condition.


Wu Xuan was not scared, and allow the 9th Elder to do as he pleased. The 9th Elder cultivation level is too high, and just one finger is enough to kill him. It is pointless to resist, so he cooperated.


A short while later, Wu Xiao frowned as he let go of the hand, “This body is the same as before. The meridians are blocked, and the Qi cannot flow through. And his body is the ice attribute. This makes it much harder for Qi to flow through his meridians. I had tried many times in the past, and I could not unblock his meridians.”


The Wu family Clan is not a heartless clan. When they have adopted Wu Xuan, they had discovered that his meridians were blocked. They did try all ways and means to unblock the meridians. After trying his best and spending some elixirs, the 9th elder was forced to give up. Nothing seems to work. In the end, the 9th elder surrendered and allowed Wu Xuan to work in the kitchen.


The most important thing is that it is no longer worth it to try. Even if he could fix the meridians, he needs to exhaust a lot of effort and elixirs. If Wu Xuan cultivation level is slow and did not progress quickly, it is just a massive drain on resources.


The Wu Family Clan had a lot of disciple, and there are many good ones with potential. Rather than putting in so much effort on Wu Xuan, he prefers to put in some effort on raising the cultivation levels of these good disciples. In the end, he considered the clan’s fortune as more important than spending all these resources on Wu Xuan. He had already tried and done what he could for Wu Xuan.


To be frank, Wu Xuan was quite grateful to the Wu Family Clan. After all, some household will not even adopt him or give him any elixirs to try to open his meridians.








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