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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 030 – First Move

Chapter 030 – First Move


Translated by Gumihou

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There was not a trace of worry in Wu Xuan’s eyes. Though others might think he was concealing his fear, in truth, he was not afraid at all. First, he was already at Cultivation Level 7. That was only one level difference in their abilities, moreover, he had also gained a new martial skill. If they were to compare martial skills, there was still a chance he could win this.

Furthermore, he was feeling all fired up now. He was actually itching to test his skills against stronger opponents, to see how far he could absorb other people’s martial skills and improve his own cultivation. What’s not to be happy about?

All these thoughts did not appear on his face however, as he neutrally said, “Apologies, that’s impossible for me since none of it was my fault. Even if we compare notes, what’s in it for me?”

“Oh ho, are you saying that you refused to compare notes if you don’t benefit?” Wu Qian’s eyes gleamed. Killing intent burned in his eyes as he said. “Very well, if you want some benefit, how about this? If you win against me, I will give you a Level 3 pill. The Breakthrough Pill, how about it?”

A Level 3 Breakthrough Pill!

At Wu Qian’s words, everyone grew excited. Though it was classified as a Level 3, a Breakthrough Pill was considered an important, top-notched pill for cultivators. That’s because those who reached the peak of of their cultivation often needed an extra boost to help them to break past their bottleneck. Moreover, there are many different ways to breakthrough, what worked for one might destabilize the cultivation of another. In short, there are no two identical cultivators.

However, if one were to utilize this Level 3 Breakthrough Pill, one could break past the peak of Body Cultivation Level into Refining Level! Of course, the success rate was only 50%. If you failed to overcome challenge that came with taking the pill, not only will you fail to breakthrough. You would lose one level of cultivation. This was the price of using pills to breakthrough.

Those who wish to get their hands on these pills were prepared to face the challenges presented by this pill. Though the success rate was only 50%, it was still considered good odds and right this moment, in this training ground, the cultivators here were all at Body Cultivation Level. Everyone immediately coveted that Level 3 pill.

However, the thought of having to challenge a Body Cultivation Level 8 Wu Qian for the pill burst most people’s confidence. Whatever, it’s not like they were the ones being challenged to ‘compare notes’ with Wu Qian. Also, those with higher cultivation than Wu Qian would lose face if they challenge him for the pill.

“Oh, a Level 3 Breakthrough Pill!”

Wu Xuan’s eyes brightened. He had just randomly blurted out that bit about ‘what’s in it for him’, who would have thought that such a good thing would appear on the table. If he didn’t agree to this, he would be short changing himself. One must risk big to win big, let’s go for it!

He had heard about the Breakthrough Pill, of course. Even the Elixir Pavilion won’t simply hand out such things to their disciples. After all, it’s not easy to make this pill, the failure rate for pill making was too high, ah! Among all Level 3 pills, it was considered the the hardest to make. An alchemist had to be at Level 5 or 6 in order to even have a chance of success with this pill.

Not only was the failure rate high, the spiritual plants needed were also terribly expensive. That aside, how could a pill that helps cultivators breakthrough be anything less than a treasure? Since the Elixir Pavilion did not have this pill, the only way one could get their hands on one was to display great potential in front of a master and be awarded one.

For Wu Qian to bring it out, it was clear that he expected to win against Wu Xuan.

“Cousin, that’s crazy! To bet the pill granted to you by your master, if your master knows won’t he kill you?” Wu Zixin was frantic.

Wu Qian looked down at him, “Are you saying that I will lose?”

“Erm… I don’t mean it this way. Only, this pill is really precious. Also… that brat is tricky.”

Wu Zixin thought back to how Wu Xuan had used his own martial techniques against himself and trembled a little. Also, there was that explosive killing intent. Compared to the monsters he encountered during practice hunts for spiritual beast, it was even scarier. This kid was too strange, alright?

“Tricky? Just how tricky can he be?” Wu Qian sneered, he turned to Wu Xuan who had been standing there like a dumb tree and said. “Well? Surely this benefit is not bad, right?”

Master had bestowed this Level 3 pill for him to breakthrough to the Refining Level. If he really lose it, not only would he lose a good chance to breakthrough, master would definitely shout him into the ground.

Of course, there was no way he could lose, right?

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After some thought, Wu Xuan smiled, “Naturally this benefit is not bad. In fact, I’ll say it’s very good. Let’s compare notes!”

At Wu Xuan’s words, everyone burst into an uproar. However, there were plenty who gave Wu Xuan disdainful looks. A Level 5 against a Level 8, no brainer on who would win, ah! This was called seeing but no chance of eating, ah! It’s called asking to be beat up, ah.

Wu Qian grinned, “I am a great and generous man, there’s no need to compensate me with anything if you lose. However, let me say something first. My fists and feet has no eyes, don’t blame this brother if you get hurt.”

Since he threw this declaration out, it was clear that he intended to be ruthless. At the very least he intended to break arms and legs.

“Of course, of course.”

Wu Xuan laughed cheerfully. The people who came in with Wu Qian, as well as disciples at the training ground all formed a circle around them. All were staring at Wu Xuan with different eyes.

Some were sneering, others jeering, some were brimming with excitement, there were also those who stared on with curiosity. Not a single eye was anxious.

“Already know that your cultivation level can’t match up, still want to fight. There’s clearly something wrong with your head…”

“If it were me, I’d have run away. Better than lying on the bed for months.”

“Who ask him to beat up Wu Zixin? He’d just attracted a vengeful spirit on his head.”

“… …”

Wu Xuan’s gaze flickered. He quietly stood his ground, waiting for Wu Qian to strike first.

“Cousin, you must avenge me!” Wu Zixin got fired up as he cheered Wu Qian on.

“Naturally.” Wu Qian stood in front of Wu Xuan. “Well, are you ready? Since you’re cultivation is lower, why don’t you come at me first?”

Wu Xuan smiled, “No need, please go ahead and use your best trick. Let me see just how strong you are!”

Wu Qian was not at all happy with Wu Xuan’s aggressive attitude, “Since you wish it so, then I shall not hold back. Let’s see how long you can hold on to this act!”

Angered now, Wu Qian’s Level 8 aura erupted. Metal attribute power wrapped around his entire body. It was as though he had turned into golden god of war. A war god descended from heavens pushed his hands together and slashed at Wu Xuan.

The spiritual power behind the metal attribute strike was unexpectedly fierce. Wu Liang’s half baked Metal Palm was nothing in comparison.

“Isn’t that the Golden Battle Armour? For him to use that right away, Wu Zian must be really angry! That Wu Xuan is dead…”

“That’s a top grade martial skill, for him to use it immediately…”

“Look, that Wu Xuan idiot is scared stupid. How many months do you think he’ll lie in bed?”

“… …”

How could Wu Xuan be scared stupid? A sharp blue light enveloped his hands, he had been condensing his spiritual power all this time!


With a roar, power exploded from Wu Qian. In a flash, Wu Xuan’s hand flashed out like lightning. A faint blue light sizzle in his eyes.


A violent explosion threw both of them apart. Wu Xuan staggered back a few steps. As for Wu Qian, he was thrown clear away. He landed with a loud crash, his Golden Battle Armour collapsing. His injury was so grave that he actually coughed up blood.

At the moment of contact, a stream of information flooded Wu Xuan’s mind. The tricks and skills of the Golden Battle Armour were absorbed in less than half a breath!

All who had looked down on Wu Xuan were stunned. Anyone with eyes could clearly see who the winner of this battle was! With just one move, he had defeated Wu Qian.

The sneers on the onlookers’ faces all froze, their eyes were wide as they stared with open mouths at the suffering Wu Qian. Everything they had said just now were forgotten.

“Wu Qian was defeated in just one move, how can this be!?”

“I, I remember now! That move Wu Xuan used, it’s the same one as yesterday. It’s incredibly powerful. But, just what martial move was it?”

Wu Xuan himself was looking at his own hand with surprise. He really hadn’t expected that combining the two martial skills he had absorbed yesterday could be so shockingly powerful!


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