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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 031 – The Way

Chapter 031 – The Way


Translated by Gumihou

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Wu Qian was defeated with just one move. In the eyes of the people around them, Wu Qian the Undefeatable, was now sprawled on the ground, moaning in pain.

No matter how Wu Xuan strained, he could never win against Wu Qian, supposedly. Right now, none of them could escape the fact that Wu Xuan had just won with one strike.

In short, they were quick to come looking for trouble, and was just as quickly kicked away.

The bystanders who had been prepared to gloat over Wu Xuan’s misfortune had instead witnessed an incredibly upsetting outcome. For a long moment, only the sounds of breathing was heard, intersperse with pained moans.

“You, you can’t be a Body Cultivation Level 5… that was too strong!” Wu Qian lurched to his feet. His eyes were bloodshot, his entire body trembling. Sweat beaded on his forehead. The defences offered by his so called Battle Armour might as well be scrap iron.

The Golden Battle Armour was a peak level martial arts that all metal attribute cultivators could use to strengthen their physical body, it was rumoured that not even powerful attacks could scratch the user’s skin. However, it looked like that was all exaggeration. Didn’t Wu Xuan manage to swat Wu Qian away like an irritating fly with just a qi covered hand? Reducing the Golden Battle Armour to Scrap Metal Armour with just one strike.

Wu Xuan himself was delightfully surprised. He had barely begun his cultivation journey and thought that his Ice Palm attack can’t be anything too amazing. However, everything was thrown way out of his expectations in the best way possible. He had intended to use Ice Palm to deflect Wu Qian’s attack and step back to observe and absorb his skills, before defeating his opponent with the newly absorbed skill.

Looks like there was no need to pull that card out.

“Apologies, I had been a Level 5 but that was already old news, I have broken through to Level 7, just one level lower than you.” Wu Xuan smirked.

“What? Level 7?”

Everyone gaped, Wu Zixin and his cronies too stared in befuddlement. This guy was only a Level 5 cultivator just a few days ago. For him to reach Level 7 in just a few days, surely this was too fast, right?! No wonder that Wu Xuan was so calm, his cultivation had already reached Level 7.

Though he was technically one level lower, it was not at all obvious. Everyone could tell from that one strike just how powerful this young man was, ah! But, just what martial technique was that? It had to be super strong to trash Wu Qian’s armour!

“I say, this means that I have won this competition, right?” Wu Xuan smiled as he approached, one hand outstretch. Obviously hinting at his promised reward.

Wu Qian’s face turned an ugly liver colour. Since he had made such a grand announcement in front of so many people, there was no way for him to retract his promise. How could he just throw his face away after such an obvious defeat? There was no way for him to continue fighting, he could barely stand! Wu Xuan’s palm strike was just too scary, now that his Battle Armour had been soundly defeated, winning against this youngster was just a pipe dream.

“Cousin, you’re really going to hand the pill over?!”

Though Wu Zixin hated Wu Xuan to his core, his arm was wrapped up like a dumpling. If he were to act recklessly, he might just increase his bed rest up to a few months. As for the others, well, now that their most powerful member had been soundly defeated, wouldn’t it mean offering up their bodies to be burnt to cinders?

“Do you expect me to go back on my word? Here! I can still afford this loss!”

Wu Qian stuck a hand inside his shirt and withdrew a small jade bottle, he hesitated one final moment as he looked down on the Breakthrough Pill before throwing it at Wu Xuan with an ugly expression.

Covetous eyes followed the bottle as it sailed through the air into Wu Xuan’s hand. This was the much sought after Breakthrough Pill, ah! It’s not something you can just get or even buy, you can only get them if an elder personally award it to you.

As for Wu Qian, well, no one bothered to waste their sympathy on him. He had lost because of overconfidence. He could only blame himself for recklessly wagering the treasured Breakthrough Pill. Wu Xuan himself only mentioned that he’d only fight if there were something in it for him, this idiot was the one who stupidly wagered away his treasure.

Wu Xuan took off the stopper, and a deep fragrance went up his nose. He eagerly tipped the bottle and let the pill rolled in his hand. He concentrated some spiritual power onto his palm to analyse the pill and found that while he could clearly see the name of the pill glittering over his hand, the composition of the pill remain a mystery.

A little disappointed, he returned the pill into the bottle. This was the first time he got his hands on a Level 3 pill, and it looked like he really couldn’t analyse it. Since he could not analyse it, naturally, there was no way he could gather the necessary ingredients to make this. Well, it’s not like he really needed to analyse the pill, the ingredients that made up a Breakthrough Pill was quite widely known. He would just have to exert some extra effort to get his hands on the knowledge.

On the other hand, he had some suspicion that he could only remake elixirs or pills he had personally analysed. Since every analysis consumes spiritual power, the very fact that he could not analyse this pill could mean that his spiritual power was not enough. He would need to be more powerful to properly analyse a Level 3 pill.

However, even if he was on the verge of breakthrough, there was no way he’d use this pill for himself. The reason was very simple, others might find 50 percent chance of success favourable odds, but not him.

Moreover, if he really wanted to get his hands on a Breakthrough Pill, all he had to do was buy one from Ten Thousand Medical Hall. With his ability to make dozens of special Muscle & Bone Strengthening Elixir (juice) with just one set of herbs, surely he’d be able to buy it with the money he made, right?

While at the Medicine Hall, he’d noticed there was an entire floor of special high grade elixirs for sale, however, since he was unable to tell what they were, there was no point going. Nor could he afford them either.

He studied the bottle in his hand as he let the new martial information absorb and integrate with his own ability. He had already absorbed quite a lot of spiritual power from the Muscle & Bone Strengthening Elixir into his meridians. He was delighted to find the rate of absorption had increased in time with the integration of the new martial technique into his body.

I wonder, he thought, what would happen if I continue to learn new martial techniques?

The thought excited Wu Xuan as a plan formed in his mind. Finally, he smiled hugely at the crowd, “As you can see, the Breakthrough Pill is now in my hands, would any of you like to have it?”

“What kind of nonsense is this? Who doesn’t want this Breakthrough Pill?”

“Tcheh, are you going to hand it over just because we say ‘want’?”

The room soon grew noisy at Wu Xuan’s provocative words.

“I have a proposal. Anyone with a cultivation level of 8 or below may challenge me. Anyone who win against me will walk away with this Breakthrough Pill!”

The moment the gauntlet was thrown down, everyone grew silent as they tried to process this information: Anyone with a cultivation of 8 or below may challenge Wu Xuan. The winner will get their hands on the Breakthrough Pill! Isn’t this the same type of challenge as before? Had he gotten addicted to challenging people?

“If that’s the case, I, Wu Gao, shall challenge you!”

In an instance, a Level 8 challenger has appeared. The others immediately cursed themselves, this guy’s reaction was too fast, they’ve just lost an opportunity, ah!

“Is, is this Wu Xuan crazy? Why is he challenging others again?” Wu Zixin could only watched stupidly with his mouth dropped open wide.

Wu Qian sneered, “I just want to see how long he can keep this farce up!”

Wu Xuan was not bothered by the stares of the people around him. He smiled at Wu Gao, “My request isn’t much, only, please bring your best technique to play. See if I can block it!” He was not worried about losing, only worried that his opponent’s technique was too poor.

“Of course!”



[Gumihou: Yeah, yeah, oooh, one punch. Whatever, can we please not spend half a chapter talking about it? Also, why do most of you side characters seem to have an IQ of 40 or below?]



Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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