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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 010

Chapter 10 – Strange and Wondrous Ability


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When Wu Xuan took the [Body Strengthening Elixirs] out of the Elixir Pavilion, he encountered Wu Zixin again.


This type he did not try to fight with Wu Xuan again. But his eyes revealed his rage and contempt for Wu Xuan. He really looks down on Wu Xuan, and really wants to stop him.

However, the 9th Elder had already made his position clear, and Wu Zixin could not stop Wu Xuan either.

Hence, he showed his displeasure by using words. If Wu Xuan is provoked and picked a fight with him, then it is perfectly justifiable for him to ‘defend’ himself.

“Kid, this time you are lucky! Quickly take your [Body Strengthening Elixirs] and scramble off! Even if you have the [Body Strengthening Elixirs], you could not cultivate. This is probably your last time here!” Wu Zixin shouted as he sneered.

Wu Xuan did not even looked back and just walk back to his room. To fight with Wu Zixin is a waste of saliva, and he even retorts to fists as well. Right now, Wu Xuan does not have the ability to fight with Wu Zixin.

Also, Wu Zixin did not lie. His body could not cultivate. The 9th elder had diagnosed the problem, and had tried to cure him before, but could not do so. If the [Body Strengthening Elixir] can open his meridians, it should have been opened long ago.

And the original owner of this body had been continuously trying to practice the most basic cultivation skill – [Hua Ti Jue].

No matter how hard he had tried, he could not unblock his meridians. Therefore, he could not cultivate. The 9th Elder had said that this body had the ice attribute, and is one of the rarer attributes.

There are 5 main attributes, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Ice attribute is one of the mutated forms of water attributes. While people with ice attribute may cultivate, they are quite rare, and is not highly sought after.

In this world, the most sought-after attributes are fire and metal attributes. The fire attribute allows one to practice alchemy. The metal attribute had a very attack power and defence!

The Wu Family Clan specialise in the Fire and Wood attributes. Therefore, water attribute cultivators are rare, and the ice attribute is even rarer.

The 9th elder is interested in this rare attribute and tried his best to help, without success. Therefore, he had no choice but to give up and assign Wu Xuan to learn cooking from Uncle Wu.

Even if Wu Xuan were to unlock his blocked meridians, he is quite old to begin cultivation. He is already 17 years old. The earlier you begin to cultivate, the better the results.

When he returned to the room, Wu Xuan gently pushed open the door. The simple room appeared before him. It is quite clean.

Wu Xuan immediately heads out to find a large bathtub. He filled the bathtub with hot water, and when he felt that the temperature is just right, he took out the 2 [Body Strengthening Elixirs] that the 9th Elder had given him.

He opened the small flask which the pills are stored in, and a nice fragrant smell whiffed out. Without hesitation, Wu Xuan poured the elixirs into the bathtub. The elixirs immediately dissolved in the water. It may be two tiny elixirs that are smaller than a thumb, but it managed to turn the entire bathtub filled with clear water into a black colour bath. Wu Xuan was astonished at this sight.

This is more terrifying than the additives on Earth. Just 2 bits can turn a bathtub into a different colour. This is really concentrated.

Wu Xuan placed his hands into the bathtub and tried to judge the effect of this elixir-bath. As soon as he placed his hands into the water, a strange energy immediately flowed up his arm. It stings and burns, like the feeling of touching acid, and he immediately withdrew his hands in alarm.

After withdrawing his hands, he could feel that despite the stinging sensation, there is energy flowing up his arms. This energy is warm and comfortable, and it seems that this elixir is not only effective, but its effects are instant!

Wu Xuan immediately took off his clothes, and took a deep breath. Then he plunged into the water. As soon as he was submerged in the bathtub, the energy in the waters begin to work its magic, and flow all over his body. With this flowing of energy, he felt intense pain from everywhere. The pain starts from the skin not only stings but also burns. The warm sensation was replaced by the itch, pain and burns and it becomes a torture to remain in the bathtub.

The [Body Strengthening Elixir] is used to strengthen the body. It is suitable for most people with lower cultivations, but not very effective for high-level cultivators with a strong body.

To ease the pain, Wu Xuan gritted his teeth and tried hard to ensure the burning sensation. He closed his eyes, try to visualise the [Hua Ti Jue] and begin to practice this basic skills.

When Wu Xuan tried to cultivate, the spiritual energy in his body suddenly moved. It flowed towards the meridians and through his body. Suddenly, he discovered that some passageways in his meridian are blocked by a large block of ice. This should the meridians that are unblocked. Without opening these meridians points, the spiritual energy could not flow throughout the body, and hence he could not cultivate.

It seemed that the 9th elder is right. This is ice attribute body. The meridians in his body had already been transformed into ice blocks and blocked the flow of spiritual energy from flowing through his body. To direct the spiritual energy in his body to flow against the block of ice is like banging an egg on a stone wall. It not only failed to penetrate the wall, but the egg itself is crushed. If he were to keep trying, he could end up severely injured!

This is really a very troublesome issue, and hard to solve!

Wu Xuan opened his eyes. He muttered, “I do not believe that I cannot breakthrough!”

He closed his eyes again, and feels the energy from the body strengthening potion. Wu Xuan had a plan. He wants to use this exterior energy to help to break through the ice walls in his meridians!

Again he activated the [Hua Ti Jue]. For over 10 years, this body’s original owner had practised it time and again, so as to break through the meridian points. All men desired power and he is no different.

Even Wu Xuan could feel that the spiritual energy is very pure. If not for this, he could not get in sync with the spiritual energy so quickly. But no matter how pure the spiritual energy, if it could not accumulate in the Dan Tian, it would be wasted. To be able to protect this small shred of spiritual energy is not easy.

Under the directions of Wu Xuan, all the spiritual energy from within his body was directed to ‘attack’ the walls of ice blocking its path. The energy was like convicts that were attempting to break out the icy prison as time and again, it repeatedly smashed into the wall in hope of getting freedom.

This more the spiritual bang against the icy wall, the more he shook and winced in pain. His face was red from the exertion, and his veins were bulging. It looks as if he would go berserk from the pain anytime.

The strangest thing is the chilly aura emitting from his body. Each time he directed his spiritual energy knocked against the wall, some of the freezing cold seeped out from his body. The hot water bath slowly become frozen by the chill from his aura.

The worse thing is despite all his efforts, the ice wall held on. Under his relentless battering of the wall, he suddenly vomited some blood on the now frozen bath waters. Then he fainted.

While he was semi-conscious, a white colour ray of energy flowed from his hands towards his meridians. The funny thing is that the ice walls in his meridians are powerless against this white light energy! All the ice walls are shattered with but a mere touch, as if the walls do not existat all!

This ice blocked meridians could not be unblocked even by the 9th elder. But it was so simply and easily cleared by the white colour spiritual energy.

The semi-conscious Wu Xuan could feel this strange energy flowing through his body and clearing his head. He suddenly regained consciousness. When he checked his body, he was stunned, “What is this?”

At this moment, he could feel this white energy flowing throughout his body. It is very strong and mighty. Like the mighty rays of a shining sun, all the ice are melted.

Wu Xuan frowned, and immediately recited the [Hua Ti Jue] to cultivate. Who cares what this strange energy is and where did it come from? Having the ability to cultivate is a wonderful thing!

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