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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 023 – Deliberation

Chapter 023 – Deliberation

At Wu Xuan’s words the elder shook his head and sighed, he did not bother to say anything more.

“G- grandmaster Wang Yu! Why have you come?” Wu Xian quickly got up from the floor and put his hands in front of him in greeting.

Grandmaster Wang Yu? Wu Xuan searched through his memories and found some impression. He’s one of the few elders with a different surname, part of the group of people who looked after the Elixir Pavilion. His ability to refine elixir was quite high, he had reached the point where he could refine Level 5 magic pills! This means he’s already a Level 5 alchemist.

To be able to make it as a Level 5 alchemist could already be deemed as amazing. However, this man was also referred to as Grandmaster, which indicated that his position within the clan was not ordinary.

As for his true identity, Wu Xuan was not at all surprised. From the time he first saw this Grandmaster Wang Yu, he knew that this man would not be simple. The only unexpected part was that he came from outside the family, and was put in charge of looking after the registration counter for the Elixir Pavilion.

In the Shaolin Temple, it is said that the floor sweepers were even more fierce than the masters themselves, so it was not surprising to find a grandmaster looking after  registration.

Grandmaster Wang Yu nodded, “Fine someone to get these two over for some medical treatment, ba!”

Once he was done giving orders, he turned to Wu Xuan saying, “The fault of this matter does not lie with you, however, I’d like to say that you’re certainly a good youngster. I still remember that first time when you arrived here after breaking through to the first level, and here you are at Level 5. On top of that, you’ve also somehow mastered both Metal Palm and Inferno Berserker Fist. More importantly, you’ve also somehow managed to change the elemental attributes of both techniques, care to explain to this old man what happened?”

Wu Xuan said neutrally, “I merely modified one part of the technique, with that modification I was able to channel my own attribute through the attacks.”

At these words, Grandmaster Wang Yu’s body jerked a little, a powerful wave went through his heart, he did not care how rude Wu Xuan was being with a slightly trembling voice, he asked, “Is this true? That you’re able to change parts of the movements and incorporate a different elemental attribute.”

Seeing how excited Grandmaster Wang Yu was, he grew wary, he back pedalled a little, “I can’t say for sure, I just did what felt right…”

He hadn’t been untruthful, he’d performed the entire kata imprinted in his mind perfectly, the only ‘change’ was when he executed the technique, the elemental attribute changed.

“Is that so…” Grandmaster Wang Yu nodded, he was too experienced to allow disappointment to show on his face, however he still sighed a little, “Young people nowadays are too reckless, nevertheless, I do believe you’ve gone overboard…”

“Still speaking this kinds of words, if they hadn’t touched my trigger point, none of this would have happened.” Wu Xuan was still comforting Yue Xin’er as he spoke with the grandmaster. “Grandmaster Wang Yu, if there’s nothing else, thing one will leave to look after my magic herbs.”

Wu Xuan did not forget to pick up his magic herbs, after registering his collection, he did not bother to be overly polite as he left. Grandmaster Wang Yu stared at his disappearing back. Once the young man was out of sight, he turned and headed for the Hall of Elders, all the while muttering to himself, “We’ve truly found a gem this time, I have to inform those old fogeys and consult them immediately!”


“you’re saying that Wu Xuan can change specialized martial techniques to suit his own elemental attribute? Moreover, he managed to breakthrough to Level 5 in just 1 month?”

Within the Hall of Elders, aside from those elders who had some important missions outside, all were gathered here. Sat facing them was Grandmaster Wang Yu, he had just reported the matter related to Wu Xuan, which sent most of the elders into a contemplative state. The second elder could not help but questioned this.

They have all seen this Wu Xuan before, the ninth elder had personally investigated Wu Xuan’s body many times and came to the disappointing conclusion that he could not cultivate. In a blink of an eye, one month can’t be considered long after all, this Wu Xuan had gone through some earth shaking changes.

To achieve Level 5 cultivation was not something that’s too surprising, it could be considered as something simple. This level of achievement was not something that could be considered the work of a genius, the thing attracted the elders’ attention was his ability to change the elemental attribute of the martial techniques at will. This ability to fully utilize different martial techniques to his advantage was the most important fact!

Moreover, there’s the question of how he was able to gain knowledge of said martial techniques? Did he secretly enter the Sacred Book Pavilion to steal the martial techniques? However, elders agreed that this could be ruled out, the Pavilion was a place that held many of their Wu Clan secrets guarded by many masters, even a fly would not be allowed in! With Wu Xuan’s ability, don’t mention sneaking into the Pavilion, just going upstairs would be difficult.

Finally, they could only conclude that Wu Xuan must have gained his knowledge by secretly watching other disciples as they trained. Staeling their techniques that way! On the other hand, just visually watching someone train would not work if you do not understand how to activate the cultivation behind the moves. Whatever martial technique learnt this way would inevitably be incomplete.

However, Grandmaster Wang Yu still firmly maintained that not only Wu Xuan had mastered martial techniques, his attack power was even more powerful than Wu Zixin’s! Wu Zixin’s cultivation may have deteriorated, however, one could not dismiss his proficiency with Inferno Berserker Fist, which added to their incredulity.

Grandmaster Wang Yu waggled his eyebrows and dropped the next bombshell, “Ever since Wu Xuan started cultivating, he’s taken two different sets of magical herbs, the first time is two sets of herbs for Body Refining pills, the second time is two sets of herbs for Muscle & Bone Strengthening Elixir. We have no idea whether he had been taking these herbs to someone for refining purpose. However, I can tell you that the from the information I’ve gathered, Wu Xuan rarely leaves his room, has no alchemist friends… therefore, could it be possible that he’d been refining the pills by himself?”

To be able to steal martial techniques, alter their elemental attributes, moreover pill refining! These three bombshells rang loudly in the elders’ ears.

“For a Body Strengthening Class Level 5 cultivator to refine level 2 pills, surely you’re joking? Moreover, his elemental attribute is ice, how could this be?”

The Ninth Elder’s face twitched a little, but he said nothing. He naturally knew the basic principles of alchemy. Like Grandmaster Wang Yu, he’s also an alchemist, more importantly, he’s a level 5 alchemist! There had never been an ice attribute alchemist as far as he knew! This thought lead to that funny, yet not funny incident where Wu Xuan had treated a magic herb like a common vegetable and cooked it for his dinner!

The Ninth Elder never even imagine that Wu Xuan would be able use cooking skills to successfully achieve alchemical products. There had never been anyone who was successful in drawing out the magical attributes of magic herbs via cooking after all. Rather than believing in this nonsense, he would rather believe that Wu Xuan had somehow managed to get someone to refine pills for him to achieve these breakthroughs.

“However, there’s something I’m rather concerned about, that child’s killing is very strong, too violent! What does everyone think about this?” Grandmaster Wang Yu put the another question to the them.

The elders looked at each other with dismay, it was then that they realized that they knew very little about this clan member of theirs. None of them have any idea how he would have gained such powerful killing intent.

“Well, this is uncertain. Could it be that the killing intent came from being insulted over the years? No, that’s resentment… could it be possible that some able person had taken an interest in him and taken him in as a disciple?”

When this suggestion was given out, the elders went silent again.From someone who could not cultivate to a person who could cultivate, to have access to pill refining, mastering martial skills he should not have privy to, and his killing intent! The only explanation for all this would be that some powerful master had taken an interest in this young man and have been training him in secret!

The Wu clan have no objection to having powerful outsiders accepting their clan members as disciples, in fact, they were ecstatic! There were plenty of clan members who had been joined other sects, interact with all kinds of powerful individuals and brought in many benefits to their clan.

Though Wu Clan was considered a good family clan, it was nothing compared to actual large sects! Naturally, not anyone would be sent out, for those with exceptional talents they would of course be nurtured at home on special clan techniques.

“Should we observe them? Investigate the person behind it?”

One of the elders suggested, and the rest of them nodded in unison. They would investigate and find out more about the situation before making a decision.


[Translator: Uwooh! The plot thickens! I like how the elders weren’t stupid, but made reasonable conclusions from their limited information!]


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